Saturday 4 February 2012


Where did January go? 

No time for blues around here - thank goodness. Chipper Nelly love blocks have been flying off the virtual shelf, and there must be worse ways of making a living (I'm still feeling extremely grateful!)

 The 'I Love You More Than Cake' option came with the offer to substitute 'cake' for a word of your choice. I've made a good few 'I Love You More Than Chocolate' options as well as a pizza, snow, buns and custard tarts!


I also had some nice commissions - this big block was for my friend Janice as a gift for friends celebrating a silver wedding anniversary. I love working with silver leaf, but it's tricky, so I keep putting off making it an official product in the shop!

Our favourite girl Mabel also celebrated her first birthday last month! Can't believe it's been a year - Nelly and G Kisby have made fabulous parents and Mabel is adorable - we all love her very much.                              I didn't get many photos of the party afternoon - hopefully Nelly did (and will work out how to share them in her next post!)
I made Mabel some vintage style blocks as part of her gift - the images are really wonderful and free to download (here) from a great blog called Rook No.17, bursting full of inspiration. 

Unfortunately they are only for personal use - so they won't be finding themselves in my shop either!

We caught up with an old friend Joanna, who has recently moved to Switzerland. I met Jo when we found ourselves working in Monsoon Manchester 20 years ago, after finishing Uni...both waiting for 'real'jobs!She went on to get said job, I continued to work for the company for the next 17 years! 
 Incidentally, in those days we were 'given' an allowance to spend in the shop - free clothes that we DIDN'T WANT! It was a struggle to find something...really! How things have changed!
(lovely to see you Joanna!)
I made her a block for her new home - think a version of which might be finding itself in the shop since I'm still addicted to the old dictionary!

 We also visited the vintage market (Treacle) in Macclesfield last month along with Jane and her boys. It was a great way to spend a (very cold) Sunday morning, warmed by some hot spiced cider!

We even managed to sneak off for half an hour, boy free, for a little ooohing and ahhhing by ourselves (including a few 'we should be doing this' followed by some 'lets do some more research'!!)
It's a food and drink market too - worth a visit if you're anywhere local. There were some great photo opportunities - here are my favourite three:


Speaking of photographs (seamless!) Cleggy and I worked together this month as Bloomsbury commissioned me to take the photos for his latest book. It's called '50 fantastic things to do with paint'....or as it appears in my documents '50 things I'll never ever want to do again, with paint'!

Due to Cleggys workload we had but one morning to achieve said photographs, and of course it was the wettest, darkest day of the month. I can't believe I EVER thought I could be a teacher.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of kids (especially the naughty ones!) but trying to get a bunch of 4 year olds to do what I wanted was hard going. It didn't help that we got the exciting activity out, took some photos, then whipped it away again. Harsh!
Anyway - we got what we needed and look forward to the next assignment - 50 fantastic things I won't want to do with squidgy stuff! 
(Note to self: next time don't wear best boots!)

Here are some other WIP's filling my head space this week

First mothers day product

Some new 'Girl Blocks'
 And my current favourite, teeny tiny alphabet blocks. Ever since I made these chunky ones for a friend I've been trying to think of a way to make them viable and affordable as I love a set of blocks that can say words and phrases. These might just be the answer. Unfortunately they are fiddly to make, but the blocks are cheaper to buy in the first place...may well be available in the shop before too long...

 And finally - I decided about a year ago that I needed a new short haircut. It's been long for years and all I ever did was wear it in a (messy) ponytail. When I saw that one of my blogging pals had opened a salon nearby I decided it was a sign (?) and duly told her to do what she wanted with my hair.
Amanda's salon is a thing of beauty - right up my street 
(and probably yours too!) 

She also has a little pop up cafe and craft section - it's the dream hairdressers. I'll do a homage in my next post - as she is also stocking a small range of Chipper products - how exciting!
Meanwhile - here is cheesy grinning old me with new hair
(and my lovely Mum!)
fee x

I lo♥e my hair Amanda!


  1. Love Mabel's blocks - will definitely have to check out that artwork.
    And what fab new hair. I am so rubbish at getting my hair cut. I think I need a salon like yours round here. Sounds perfect.
    And as a teacher of small people I'm interested in Cleggy's book. Could do with some refreshing new ideas.
    Have a good week.

  2. You have been a busy bee.

    LOVE your hair! It really suits you - gorgeous!

    Those teeny blocks are wonderful - will definitely be keeping tabs on your shop for those.

    Happy weekend, Hx


    Oh my, where do I begin? Your work is exquisite and I so wish I could make a living making my birds, but only a few sales once in a while does not warrant quitting my day job !!!! LUCKY YOU! AND....those photos of the roughed up toys are just precious. I have a old bunny that I just might photography this way and I may do something with that...hmmmm!


  4. As always, loving all your blocks, but more importantly- your hair!!!
    I love it!!!
    Funny, because I went the chop a few weeks ago too, such a big change, but exactly like you I always just chucked it in a ponytail, or in a bun, I love mines now too, can't stop swishing my new short hair.
    Yours is beautiful!!!!
    Happy weekend

  5. Huh. Now I want little blocks and shorter hair too. Oh my word. This is NOT good! It's taken me a bleedinn' year to grow my head of cobwebs.

    I really enjoyed this riot of a post. So much in it. Mabel being one just blows my mind as it reminds me that Mini is one in 19 days time. Scary.

    Hot cider. oh now you are talking. My Somerset heart is beating.


  6. Hi Chick! Thank you so much for your kind words about my little salon! I'm so glad you like your hair!We loved having you in! The blocks are being muchly admired in the shop! Sooo Stop reading your comments and Get Back to Work!!! Make More Blocks!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Love all the new blocks, and the new hair is fabulous :D

    It is sleeting here and quite miserable ... one mention of hot spiced cider ... and guess what I've got on the stove!

  8. hey, glad you didn't put the swear word blocks on here.....obviously you know I love your's etc ...stay warm bbbbrrrrrrrr x x x x

  9. As always I love seeing what you're up to and i love all your blocks. Those little ones are indeed especially cute. What was (is) even cuter however is your hair!!!!! :-)

  10. Gosh what a fab post! You've been so busy :) lovely blocky creations and your hair is gorgeous! It really suits you muchly :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

    Jo x x x

  11. Owww so sweet you and your mom.....i miss mine

  12. Love your new hair Fee, you always look so smiley and happy in your photographs! It really suits you :) Love your new blocks too - not surprised they are flying out and those teeny weeny ones I bet will be so popular too - so cute!! I did a mock up of a 'I love you more than card in embroidery but I never got around to photographing it, duh!! So think I have probably missed the boat this Valentines, oh well! Congratulations on your new stockist, that's fantastic news! Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend - we have snow here, do you?? Probably will be gone by morning though! xxx
    p.s I used to work for Monsoon/Accessorize too - in my student days. Kind of miss my allowance - I still wear some of the things I got as 'uniform'!! hehe x

  13. Hi Fee,

    I enjoyed catching up with you! You have been really busy....Love your vintage style cubes.

    Your hair looks great and what a sweet looking mum you have! You have the same eyes and smile :-)

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  14. Love the new cut, Fee! Looks fabulous!!!
    I'm going to have to scrape my pennies together for some of your blocks - they are absolutely beautiful! You've really come up with quite a line and the Valentines ones are so cute!!! Really happy for your success with them! Saw your pinterest boards and I'm setting some time aside to go through them later - you've got a good eye for pretty things little lady :)

    (throat clearing) what sort of bribe will it take to get piglet on here again????

  15. Your hair looks fab! All the best haircuts come from Amanda Bloom ;)

  16. Lovely, lovely blocks. Your new hairdo is fabulous.
    Anne xx

  17. fee your hair is darling. What a cute cut. I am loving all your new blocks. I adore the blocks with the book titles on them. Fantastic work as ever....smiles...Renee

  18. Hair!!!!!!! You're looking mighty fine, lady.
    Emily x

  19. Oh Fee! Loving the blocks but especially your hair - just divine. What a stunner you are, you gorgeous girl. J x

  20. When I grow up I want to be just like you. x Thanks for the link to the freebie site, you're too kind. Loving the blocks (as I say EVERY time I'm on here and your hair's gorgeous too!) xxx

  21. What a lovely post. As always beautiful blocks, Fee. You just keep coming up with more beautiful designs, I;ll have to get myself some soon. In fact tomorrow is my birthday so perhaps I'll get myself a present! katie xx

  22. What an exiting post! I love the blocks of all varieties - so much attention to detail, as well as vintage charm. And finding a blogging hairdresser is just too cute - very nice results too. Thanks for your comment on my giveaway, and best of luck!

  23. You really are so talented Fee, I love the alphabet blocks, and it's funny, because whenever I see a vintage children's book at antiques fair/boot sale, I often think about you ' Fee would like these' I wish I could make blocks, but they are definitely 'your' thing.

  24. Phew! I'm so relieved, I could never access you blog on internet explorer before but I've just switched to Google Chrome and your blog has loaded up perfectly! Brilliant. :-)

    There are so many lovely thing's in this post to comment about, I couldn't possible write about everything but my favourite blocks are defninitely the small alphabet blocks, so sweet!

    Your hair looks gorgeous, don't you look like your mum!!

    Ashley xxx

  25. Seriously think I am going bonkers, really thought I had put a few words down here.......NOPE I haven't. Aaaahhhhhh, love your hair, although I think you would look great bald and dressed in a sack... some people just have 'it' and babe you got 'it'. Your mumma looks lovely too. Mabel one, whaa, she will be in school before you blink. This post was eye candy to the max.
    xx Sandi

  26. Yahoooo...I do love your hair!! Now you have me thinking I should chop of my ponytail! Your blocks are all so beautiful. Happy Thursday to you my lovely looking friend.

  27. Hi Fee, I'm so glad those vintage alphabet block images brought us together! I love your blog, your creativity and your style! All of your block creations are wonderfully artful, and your haircut is adorable! Looking forward to following your adventures and projects here at Chipper Nelly!

    I'm sharing a link to your post and blog on my Facebook page today.

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

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