Friday 10 February 2012

Family Show And Tell

Two posts in a week - I'm surpassing myself.         This week I had a lovely commission...from this point on I'm all over Ladybird blocks. Vintage Tospy and Tim is where it's at! (just kidding lovely people at Ladybird..there's room for both!) 
Jo over at French Knots asked me to make something using a beautiful old circus book for her brother who is soon to turn 40 (just FYI, I'm all over the 30's too...40 is where it's at!)
The paper was a pleasure to work with - already aged and such adorable familiar images. I hope he likes them as much as I do...
Meanwhile I've been working on some new baby blocks. The little images are also really cute (don't tell anyone...but one block features Noddy! The kindly people from Chorion might send P.C Plod over!)
I also found myself without any blocks for a couple of days so took to making my first perpetual calendar (why not?) 
...and mod podged up a birdhouse that's been calling me for a few months. It's now part of a display in Amanda's beautiful salon (more next post when I have some good photos to do her justice)
Now, around this time last year my lovely Mum (The Granny) moved into our basement. 

Don't misunderstand...a lengthy conversion took place first! Her gorgeous little 'garden cottage' deserves a large posting all of it's own, but here's a sneaky look at what we've been working on together. 

My Mum has never fulfilled her creative potential (I can hear her laughing as she reads this)....but recently she has unleashed the flair we always knew she had!

This old chair was rescued from a  a school Cleggy was visiting - it was heading to a skip. The wood was stained dark and the fabric was obligatory staffroom colours (orange tweed!). Granny has given it a lick of antique white paint, made some cushions out of a blind sample, and created this thing of beauty. Shame we don't have a picture of how it looked before!
I made my first cushion cover (of course that's a huge exaggeration...I make a rectangle of granny squares and Granny made it into a cushion with that lovely trim on the back!)

I also made a couple of jam jar covers (still obsessed!) to match, with beautiful wool from here - thank you Stocki.
Sorry about rubbish photo!
Here it is in all it's cosy gorgeousness. We have started the best bit of her new home - the finishing touches. I will do the big ta daaaa when the first room is finished...
It's no secret that I would have loved a few girls around these parts (in addition to the boys you understand) 
so imagine my delight when #1 appeared with THIS cushion from his design and technology lesson:
Better still he made it for his little nephews Sonny and Luca - it's coming your way boys!

So, we have packed our sledges (really!) and are off to (very) rural Scotland - with family Bryce-Kisby and the Granny too, for half term.
We use any long journey as an opportunity for a musical education! Last time was Michael Jackson past and present (not that present, obviously!) which went down very well with all boys. At some point we'll introduce Radiohead and The Smiths - but it just doesn't lend itself to the jolly hols vibe!!!

This time, with Granny in the car, we're going for The Beatles. So, think of us, skidding around on the ice, singing Yellow Submarine. Again! 
Heading here:

How bad can it be?!
fee x
(thank you Helen from 26 minutes past and Stocki for your generous award - I'll be following the rules and posting my 'interesting' facts on return from the hols...when hopefully I will have thought of some!)


  1. Oooh some lovely gorgeous creations here!! I so would love to have a go at creating a birdhouse with pretties. I too seem to have found myself obsessed with jar jackets this past couple of weeks....Mr Cupcake thinks I'll be crocheting around him soon. I've threatened to yarn bomb the little High Street here....Big Cupcake was horrified!! Which made me laugh but also want to do it more. Right I shall shut up! I hope you have a super week away accompanied by The Beatles with all your lovely family x kick back & relax!!

    Jo x x x

  2. Am texting you this instant. Be warned. Am PISSED! As in tipsy not cross


  3. Love Alfie's cushion- awesome work there!!!
    Loving all your new creations!!
    Strangely enough I have just posted about a perpetual calendar that I just won!!!!
    Which I love, so I would defs add my vote for making them for your shop!!
    So jealous of your rural Scotland half term!! Hope you have better luck than we did, in 2010 we got stranded in rural Scotland due to the snow and ice, and had to miss out on half the places we were going to, as we were snowed in in Tomich. Which I must say is a marvellous place to be trapped in, it looked like Narnia. Anyway, hope you and your fellow Beatles singing family have the most awesome holiday ever

  4. Your work always makes me so happy to look at, beautiful new blocks - loving the calendar too, what a fab idea! Also love your new header and all those gorgeous topsy and tim images - I loved reading topsy and tim when I was little - though the only ones I can remember are 'topsy and tim's new shoes' and also one about a gymkana! Enjoy your road trip - sure there will be lots of fun in that car journey, happy holidays :) Jenny xxx

  5. While i'm terrified of carnies & circus folk like clowns, i do love a good vintage picture book of carnival fun. The bunting over the calendar is so amazing, super cute, love Posie

  6. Oh please let me in on the next car trip. I would die for good music instead my hair band boys crap. The Beatles, The Smiths, The Clash anything but bad 80's hair band! Love these new blocks. Now don't get all wound up and post too soon again...smiles...Renee

  7. HELLO FEE!!!!!!! It is so good to see you post! And like always, your BLOCKS and other creations are a charm to see. Thank you for always presenting a bright and happy collection of art and family matters. I wish you a wonderful Valentines!! Anita

  8. Oh your blocks are lovely...I just adore the circus ones!As soon as someone I know that is close to me has a baby...I will be calling on you!
    Love to you dear one and enjoy your weekend...How is Ned doing? xoxoxo

  9. Have a super time chick! Your shelf looks great in the shop! In fact you have two shelves!!! I got a bit carried away xxxxx

  10. Dear wild, run free and have a jolly super time in the rural splendour of Scotland. I am sure the highland air will inspire yet more fabulous creations from you. Cockahoop to hear you are coming to the ball Cinders!!!!! It will be so good to meet you and your boys (?) at last.

    Michele xx

  11. The Topsy and Tim blocks are amazing, my brother is going to love them! You have chosen just the right bits of the book to make the blocks work brilliantly together. It will be hard to give them up but as they have his name on not mine I shall have to :)
    Enjoy your week away xx

  12. Oh my I LOVED Topsy and Tim as a kid. I remember our local dentist had masses in his waiting room.
    Ooh the basement is looking very very cosy. Bet Granny loves it. Must be so nice having her there. Balance out the genders a little more.
    You are tres clever with your blocks (gone back to my first par now) and they are stunning.
    One of the Laura Ashley blocks featured "Kate" wallpaper which is what I had in my room when I lived with my parents. I LOVED that wall paper beyond words.
    That's given me a lush flashback!
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently, always fab to hear from thee.
    x x xx x x

  13. Hi Fee,

    Your cubes look great! My favourite are the circus ones. They look so colourful. Hope you have a great time in Scotland with the family!


    Madelief x

  14. Loving the creativity from all three generations of your family this week, enjoy your week away! x

  15. I love vintage circus things...and the blocks you made are so cute! I also love the granny looks very cozy.

  16. Hi Fee,
    My bloggy-thingy stopped telling me when you'd posted for some reason - and I've missed out on such a lot of yummy posts over here!!! :-(
    BUT, I've said I want to 'follow' you again, so I hope the computer will do it's job properly now! ;-)
    THIS is a GORGEOUS post!!! What a lot of lovely gorgeousness!!! Of course, I especially love the Topsy & Tim blocks - they brought back some memories! I even had to go and get the Mister, to show him too!!!
    Oooh, and I'm loving the new banner!!!


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