Saturday 15 October 2011

Going to sleep until March...

No, not me (I wish!) but Ned the tortoise! 

After loving the unexpected sunshine a couple of weeks ago he's definitely started slowing down, has stopped eating and is getting ready for the big sleep. After a couple of weeks, when we're sure he has nothing left in his stomach, we'll put him in the workshop fridge for the next 12-14 weeks. 

We were thrilled last year when he survived his first ever hibernation. See here for more lovely pictures of our my favourite pet waking up.

The ladies have all started growing some winter feathers and have also been loving the sunshine this weekend. Apparently we have some more rescue chickens booked in to collect sometime soon! (knew it wouldn't be long)

The ducks continue to be a joy to watch - but hard work to put away at night. I frequently find Myrtle the black duck in with the chickens - but Bertie the boy duck refuses to get in the duck house unless she's out of there and back where she belongs! They are very vocal - I swear they are laughing at me trying to herd them in...

Other than that it's been more of the same in the Chipper Nelly workshop - lots and lots of Christmas makes!

Some vintage Christmas blocks


Some Santa blocks

Vintage hearts

Happy holiday blocks

Some more vintage blocks

And, my favourite, Ho Ho flamin' Ho blocks

These blocks are bigger than my usual ones (6cm). The 'flamin' block comes separately so that it only need come out when the festive cheer begins to wane!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my previous Christmas offerings - the Snowy Vintage ones are my favourite too! All available HERE!

Now, my blog has very nearly 100 followers (how funny!) which I think warrants a giveaway! See next post...
fee x
(providing I get the elusive 100th follower that is!!!)


  1. Can i also do a winter sleep ????...o my just what i needed.......hahaahah!! from

  2. My word verification was "onion". One of my most fav words ever.


  3. Oh it does sounds like fun at your house!! Maybe you should video yourself putting the ladies in for the night, give us all a few laughs too! hehe. Your new blocks are divine as ever, I really think I may need some in my life! x

  4. love ned's sign, isn't he the sweetest tortoise ever? hmmm, in the fridge, you say? my word.

    your christmas makes are the sweetest, too, fee. do you ship to the states?


  5. I didn't know tortoises went into hibernation. Why do you have to put him in the fridge? Isn't he o.k. going into hibernation himself in his gorgeous house? Just asking as I'm a curious sort of person.
    Every time you show your blocks, I swoon. I love the Ho, ho, flamin, ho set. Had me giggling while sipping my morning cup of tea.
    Ah, the joys of herding ducks or chooks (hens) for that matter. I'd love to be a fly on the wall watching your antics!! :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    Anne xx

  6. My grandparents had a tortoise for many years called Horace, we used to love waking him up after winter to see him again. Oohh sometimes I wish I was a tortoise, such a love of lovely sleep :-) Those ducks are little mischiefs, the look so sweet and innocent though :-)

  7. Well I never, popping a tortoise in the fridge, what a lovely way to wake up. Oh it just starting pelting with rain here, good old Spring weather (have the heating on too) I just became a follower, thought I already was!! well there you go. Blocks and hearts are gorgeous not to mention your little ducks.
    xx Sandi

  8. I just realised that it sounds like' popping a tortoise in the fridge' is a lovely way to wake up, I should have put an 'and' in there, as I meant a spa bath is a lovely way to wake up hehe
    x sandi

  9. OMG how I love you.

    BERTIE IS FAT! ANd yes, THEY ARE QUITE VOCAL. I used to live actually, close to a GOOSE farm and beside the STINK of it all, it SOUNDED LIKE A COCKTAIL PARTY! Oh dearest, you have a sweet tortoise that is going to sleep for a long time...sounds like a grand idea! AND...I LOVE YOUR BLOCKS:

    HO HO FLAMIN' that is hilarious!!!

    DO come over for a view of THREE of those peacoats you liked a while back....I have a new one I believe you never saw.


  10. I just LOVE all of your blocks Fee!!

    K xx

  11. FEE! I just finished some tags in my basement workshop and now I have NO idea what to price them at. I best do my research and see what other people price their things at, but my things are prints of my original illustrations with printing, I nuts or what, being a busy full-time teacher? teeeheee


  12. oooh I love the vintage Christmas hearts, Iove them. I also love the vintage blocks with merry christmas on them... Going to place an order very soon! xx

    PS Sorry I haven't commented in a while. Been reading and catching up but not enough time to type!! xx

  13. I adore your new blocks, and I desperately want to hibernate......not for too long, maybe just a week or two...

  14. I can remember you putting Ned in the fridge last Autumn (or were you taking him out?) Does that mean I have been following you for a year? xx

  15. Wow fee, I've just gone back and read all about Ned's first hibernation - what a dedicated mob you are and what a process.

    Waving from across the seas to my favourite crafty friend.

    PS: I've been having a bit of a hibernation myself - reading all about Ned's requirements for a safe wake up, I'm thinking that Captain V should run me a bubbly spa bath and lay out my favourite foods and drink to get me going again - I'm sure it's in the manual.

  16. Wow, sounds all go at your house! Love all your blocks. Gosh Christmas is fast upon us, I REALLY need to get my act together on that front! Well done on reaching your 100 followers!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  17. Hello Fee!
    I don't know anything about the tortoise life - how interesting that he goes into the fridge for the winter! When do you know it's time to take him out?

    Love all your Christmas makes! Sigh. It's kinda depressing actually - you're light years ahead of me. I wanted to get rolling on holiday stuff too but alas, the move and this house has taken over!

    xo xo!

  18. I can't stop laughing thinking about your tortoise in the fridge! I think you should put a tag on him that says Ho Ho Flamin' Ho, and take a peek at him on Christmas day.

  19. Dearest Fée! THANK YOU FOR THE LINK!!! I just got home from a wild day in the classroom, but THIS WILL BE MY HAPPY MOMENT to start getting ideas for my shop! CIAO! Anita

  20. Thank you for an update on your sweet Ned....I am so eager to watch his always kinda scares me a bit...but I am sure he will do amazingly well..all cozy and comfy in the fridge..tee hee!
    Your ducks are lovely and so happy to hear you are going to be proud step parents of some rescued girls ....pure joy.
    Love your blocks...xoxoxo

  21. Night, Night Ned, enjoy your slumber. Your Christmas stuff is making me panic, I've usually done my Christmas shop by now but I haven't even made a list yet!!!!

    That black duck is gorgeous btw. x

  22. Hi Fee,

    Thanks so much for sending me the link to Alfie's looks terrific!

    Your ducks are adorable...we used to have some, but like you said they're hard to get to go in at unfortunately they were taken in the night ;o(

  23. I just have to go and read your other post on waking up your tortoise. I too, am like...WHAT???? YOU PUT YOUR TORTOISE IN THE FRIDGEDAIRE!!?? Pretty interesting..but it really does make me feel oh so clausterphobic thinking about it!

    I am loving your Christmas blocks! They are beautiful!

  24. Hello there I have just found your blog - your blocks are gorgeous. I have some old ladybird books that I want to use for something. Could I email you for a commission. It would not have to be for Xmas its just for me, so I would be happy to wait until the New Year if you wished.


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