Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thank you

Dear blogging, real life and friends who overlap the two....

Thank you so much for the following;

  • All the best wishes for my biggest boy. Alfie's arm appears to be healing nicely according to yesterdays Xrays, and the novelty of not being able to write has well and truly worn off.

  • The sharing of our joy at Kenzie being discharged from Oncology - it's nice to hear good news isn't it?
  • Chuckling along with my mean anonnymous comment! I don't think any of us should take it to heart and urge you to do the same should you get one. In fact I'm considering myself having 'arrived' in the blogosphere!

  • All the messages, comments, calls, texts and facebook notifications about my hacking! You are of course right...I am NOT in Madrid, have not been mugged and do not urgently need money to get home. 
I know that in the scheme of things having your email hacked is a very small problem. It was, however, a most frustrating way to start the day and hard not to feel a little violated.

The hackers have irritated friends and worried relatives. They have deleted most of my contacts (in both my accounts) and deleted every single message I have ever had/sent/saved. They have also deleted folders within which I had (the only copies of) insurance policies, flight details, accountancy info and a raft of other crucial stuff.
This makes running my little business very tricky - as I have lost quotes, information, conversations, addresses - just about everything. If you are one of my lovely customers expecting an email from me please do get in touch! 

It's also a MASSIVE lesson learned. I will now change my passwords more often, not use the same one for everything (!) and save anything important to my hard drive!

So, that's my thank you's done. You know I love blogging for all sorts of reasons but yesterday reminded me how many caring virtual pals there are out there! 

The photos are of some new christmas products I've been working on - I couldn't have a blog post without any photos!!
fee x


  1. So glad it wasn't really you who sent that email but very sorry you've been hacked. Just after that anonnymous comment too. Coincidence? xx

  2. What a nightmare for you! It's the inconvenience of it all especially when you are running a business.
    On the brighter side of things, your boys are healthy! :)
    Oh and I do love those 'Magic Keys'!!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. I had the very same thing happen to me over a year ago and it is very violating. You should see my password protection now! Sorry that you have to go through this. Know that when I saw this email I laughed a bit knowing these idiots were still out there trying....hang in there...we know you love your holidays but this one was a bit too close to the last....smiles...Renee

  4. I had a begging email from you yesterday afternoon and thought it a bit strange and then saw an article about the very same hackers on Watchdog last night. What a pain for you. Hope you get things sorted soon. M x


    I am so glad to hear that your son is on the mend...back to writing, Kenzie!!!

    OH YES, I too have learned to change that password frequently!

    And your wares are just colorful and beautiful my friend. I am also preparing for a show here in my city and have enjoyed making things for my shop. I will now take some tea, think of you, and the joy of knowing how much people really do care. WE LOVE YOU! Anita

  6. Glad to hear that Alfie's arm is on the mend ~ that was an awful break! And also such wonderful news that Kenzie has been discharged from Oncology. I also happen to think that your post about your family holiday in the lakes was lovely as are all your new blocks and keys. Hope you have great weekend :O)x

  7. Most importantly - hugs to Alfie and his arm xxx I know how you feel about the email hacker, I had one 2 years ago, I had to change everything, I now change my passwords (and I have a lot of them!) every few days, is it a pain in the bum? Yes. Do I get fed up doing it? No. It has to be done :) x

  8. Bet you just wanted to GGGrrrrrr very loudly! Hope it's all relatively easy to sort out.
    PS Loving those Christmas things

  9. Drat - you mean that £2000 I wired to Mr S.Cammer hasn't rescued you? Botheration ;)

    Do they really think we're that thick?

    Sorry about all the hassle connected with it though - hope you get that sorted asap.

    Loving that little sign :)

  10. wow your pictures are sharp...those snaps are fab :)....bother to all that hacking and nasty stuff...just glad you are ok x x x x x

  11. What a pain in the bum! I hope you have it all sorted out soon x
    love your Christmas goodies
    love jooles x

  12. So sorry you were subject to this random act of meanness, totally undeserved. Your post is so well put, and your pictures are gorgeous...hmm might need some xmas chipper nelly next....... have been loving my blocks today, turning them hourly :)
    Hope you get the lost stuff sorted and it doesn't stop you having a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  13. Hi Fee,

    So sorry to hear about the hacking. I don't understand why people do things like this.

    I am glad your son was discharged from hospital. Hope his arm will heal soon!

    Your Christmas products look lovely!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  14.'ve had a real up and down Mrs! Sending you big hugs and I think your Crimbo bits are your best ever! I LOVE them! I can feel a commission coming on! Shall I phone or email? xxxx

  15. Sorry about all the aggro Fee, what a pain! I had already got my cheque book open when I got that email ;0) We once had our bank account emptied...that was no fun either. Take care, look after your young man's arm, that was a nasty fracture. Love those keys and I always find Joy when I visit your blog.
    Jane x

  16. gggrr to hackers, I hope you get it all sorted soon. Hope your son is feeling better now too, just catching up with blogs after a very long break :-)

  17. How frustrating ~ horrible hackers! Hope you get it sorted soon ~ I would like you to make some blocks for my little niece who is being christened at the end of this month so I will be getting in touch :)
    Love your Christmas makes.
    Caroline xx

  18. How awful that you've lost all that stuff. What a terrible thing for someone to do! I hope you'll be able to sort things out without too much trouble.
    Sending hugs......

  19. Hope you got my e mail about a little sign i'd like. Hope everything issorted for you
    Liz Phillips x

  20. Hmm thinking about it does this mean that £2 (?) I owe you from Lucy has been forgotten due to lost invoices?
    I am off to change my passwords after reading all your comments.

    P.s We all love the idea of a magic key, hint hint xxx

  21. The email hacking sounds like a complete nightmare, very frustrating for you. Sorry to hear about Alfie's wrist, hope it mends quickly. it can be a horrible old time for them. My eldest broke his arm last year just at the start of the Summer hols, he missed out on so much the poor thing. Glad to say its well mended now.

  22. I love your blog, I've just had a good look around and it is really, truly lovely. (found you via knitsofacto)
    I'm so sorry to hear about the hacking and everything, your poor duck! I broke my wrist when I was 11, and was most heartbroken as I could not knit for 6 weeks lol! Hope Alfie's arm continues to heal well xx
    Your products look lovely, I think I will have to do a second round of this special blog...
    I hope you enjoy the weekend,
    Sarah xoxo

  23. OH FEE!!!!!!!! I so hope you will share about Cleggy's new book! HOW EXCITING! AND that there is glitter involved???? Oh how I love the stuff...faeries, glitter, collaboration, FUN!

    Thank you my dear for coming to see my ornaments. FUN TO MAKE!

    Big hugs across the pond, Anita

  24. How awful to have lost everything in your email account! I hope it doesn't take too long to get it sorted out. Your son's wrist x-ray looks exactly like my son's when he fell roller blading at the same age. We lived in the country, so it meant I had a long drive to the local hospital. I remember thinking I would pass out on the way, and I have a strong stomach. It still makes my spine feel all weak to think about it, and that was over 15 years ago!

  25. I am guilty of not commenting as often as I should these days. I haven't seen the anonymous comment you received but think you're taking the right attitude towards it! I'm so glad all is ok with your boys.
    V x

  26. Lovely Fee...your ship has to sail into some calmer waters now I'm sure after the last couple of weeks...It's so horrible to have someone hack into your email account and then all the inconvenience it causes....Best thing though...your boys are all happy!
    Love all those Xmas lovely!
    Susan x

  27. Hi Fee..Just called back to let you know that I received the emails that you sent this morning and have sent another reply so I hope you receive it this time!..These are strange goings on, aren't they? (I'm in love with my blocks of course!)
    Susan x

  28. So glad your boys are doing well. And sorry about the hacking - dirty dogs who do that kind of thing! Bah! I had my email hacked in January it was a total pain.

    I didn't know you had a nasty anonymous comment. What is wrong with people? And funny how the nasty ones are always too cowardly to at least post with an identity.

    Upward and onward! Lots of love you to you Fee! And thank you for your sweet comments on Oliver's blog. I love reading them and feel so special that you want to check in on the happenings of our little guy from time to time. And hooray for Mabel's little sibling that's on the way soon. Hope all goes well for your sister! Can't wait to hear the news when the babe arrives. xo


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