Tuesday 30 October 2012

Back in the swing...

I'm pleased to report that I'm fighting fit and back in the chipper workshop, albeit with a new set of dust masks. Attractive!
And to prove it here are some of my Christmas products:
(sorry about the major photo tomfoolery...I can't help myself sometimes)
All available @ www.notonthehighstreet.com/chippernelly
 I'm also pleased to report that I have still got my crochet mojo on (completely addicted in fact) and amongst other things have started making a fair few snowflakes for the Christmas Tree 
 I bought some really cheap wool with added glitter and shading...looks lovely but man, it makes my eyes itch! 
Next step is to spray starch them so they hang flat....
 Other than that I've been playing with dried orange (like you do) and mod podging dictionary print on to leaves to 'Autumn Up' the kitchen.

Yes, I clearly fail to prioritise and put painting leaves before the washing pile. In fact WAY before!!!
When a kitchen needs Autumning up what can you do?

On a more productive note Cleggy and I have both been busy cleaning (in my case FINDING) our half of the workshop. It's such a lovely space and has been neglected of late. 
We still need some more storage so I can't share the whole room 
but here are the finished bits:
Cleggy's side
and my side....

I can't remember the last time I could see this much desk!
And now we have a new window I can see the chickens in the very back bit of the garden!
It's a Mummy and GB day today 
(big boys had their half term last week Grrrr) 
so we're off to see Madagascar 3 in 3D. Wooo hooo! 
I'm taking both chocolate and crochet!
fee x
[EDIT: although I am more than happy to accept orders through notonthehighstreet.com feel free to email me if you ever want to order anything. I can make things a little cheaper for fellow bloggers/readers... email me on chippernelly@hotmail.co.uk]


  1. your Christmas blocks are gorgeous and I like all the tomfoolery by the way! :)...that leaf looks amazing with print!!...oh and I want your workshop! ;)...vivienne x

  2. SOooo much loveliness in one post Fee.
    LoVe those new christmasy blocks and didn't know that I could buy through'Not on the High Street...(will check that out)
    Enjoy your movie, sounds fun, we are off to see the new James Bond movie this weekend....
    I like the tomfoolery and am wishing my self some 'work space', like yours !!!
    Love Maria x

  3. YOU'RE BACK!!! It is so good to see you again my dear one! I missed you and GEM....any word from her????

    Your wares and fabulous, and your workspace is as clean as a whistle! I shudder to think of every showing my ugly and disorganized workshop!!! I too have been so busy making shoe ornaments! And my designs are expanding now to a more modern shoe. HAVING FUN!

    Much love to you and glad to know you are well! Anita

  4. Great to hear your voice again Fee.

    What a wonderful space, all calm on one side and I like, then all jolly and busy on yours and I love. Mike who doesn't do DIY at all told me he's going to build a shed one day. I nodded smiling thinking that means never then. Love your stove in there too. Perfect. Enjoy munching and hooking in the dark.


  5. Glad to hear you're fit and well!
    I've just been DROOLING over all these Christmas goodies!!! Oh, and over your FABULOUS crafting room!!! I love a good nosey!!! :-)

  6. Oh Fee, what a lovely, vibrant post! Glad you're fighting fit again ... loving the chicken stencil by your woodburner, and the blocks, of course, and your workroom, the leaf, snowflakes, in fact EVERYTHING!! A visual feast, my dear

    Claire xx

  7. Love this sneak peak in your craftsroom! A shared one, how romantic :-D

  8. Glad you are on the mend :)

    Loving your workspace :)

    and as for those Christmas blocks so lovely - can you email me with a price for one of the gingerbread house ones please xx

  9. Love looking around your study, its quite funny looking at your side and then Cleggys side, you have a love of bunting, always makes a space look good I think. Like you I mod podge a lot of stuff, its a miracle product, it even mended one of my broken nails yesterday, and it's still holding fast after a hot shower. Glad you have your mojo back hun xxx

  10. Fee I would love to work in that space. No wonder you are so prolific....Everything tucked in just so makes you want to craft more and more....I am off to my room this morning for a much needed break...Enjoy the movie...smiles...Renee

  11. Beautiful Christmas blocks Fee. LoVe your work space!!
    Victoria xx

  12. I just love your christmas blocks....and am very envious of your workroom!!

  13. Wonderful post, Fee! I love your scrummy new makes....especially the adorable Christmas block, it is soooo pretty! It was fascinating to see your work space, I always love to see where people work, and your workshop is lovely with all that light coming in and the garden views...and the stove :)
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!
    Helen x

  14. So glad to hear you are feeling much perkier! Love the blocks - very special - and when I see your blocks it makes me think of happy family times! Loved the photos of the workshop - the two sides are so different!

  15. Wow! Have you ever been busy and it shows! I've been busy and have nothing to show for it except crumbs around my mouth maybe! Ha! Ha! Where do I start? Okay, your photos and Christmas items are GORGEOUS!!!!!! The crochet is beautiful too and I love that sparkly yarn and I too have had "itchy" eyes from yarn before! I thought it was just me or Fall or something but I think it's the yarn! You know I love Cleggy but I have to say I like your side of the room better! LOL! I'm always attracted to color and lots of it! I was probably a female bird in my last life. And the Fall decor...BRILLIANT, I SAY! I dried whole oranges that had been around too long...some molded but I got a few but yours are like jewels hanging in the window...duh, why didn't I think of slicing them...I'd have so many more by now! And the leaves with dictionary print....amazing! I just can't beleive one person can have so much talent. You Go Girl!

  16. Hmmm you seemed to leave out that you were actually 'Autumning' up the kitchen whilst we tried to make lunch for a family of 7/8 involving 2 different meal choices and a pesky toddler. I love that. When you have something in mind...

    I also love the picture effects and the fact I can now come and chat to you in the workshop and get a seat...

    Trying my hardest to get this baby out before Spain, sos it just isn't moving,
    Nelly xxx

  17. ahhh, everything looks so lovely - so glad you are feeling chipper again. We have just finished a 2 week half term holiday, so I feel your pain, I am now in need of another holiday to recover!

  18. I don't know where to start... The Christmas blocks... The mod podged leaves... The fabulous workroom...
    Glad you are feeling much better. Xxx

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous Christmas blocks!! So glad you are feeling better.
    Anne xx

  20. Your products are BEAUTIFUL! And your crafting space is TO DIE FOR! So much inspiration and goodness on your blog!
    Take care xoxox

  21. Oh I love your Christmas makes, could I buy a Seasons Greetings block please??
    Your studio looks fab, I bet it's so cosy when the wood burner is lit, just perfect xx

  22. Oooh Fee, I rather like those gorgeous Christmas blocks...might have to place an order! By the way, my sister adores her daughter's Christening block, thank you so much :)
    Love Caroline xx
    PS. Love, love, love your crafting room!

  23. I feel your house is overdue a photo shoot for a major magazine! Mine would more likely feature as the wild card in To Buy or Not to Buy ;D

    Haven't forgotten your laser prints m'dear, honest, just been hopeless about getting them to the post!

  24. Bloody love your workshop. I could sleep in there when I stay. Please.



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