Sunday 14 October 2012

Smiling, not smiling, smiling....

I've been struggling to find my normal chipper self this month - a mixture of feeling seriously hacked off with the hackers and feeling v poorly (I got a chest infection then lost control of my fun!) I actually contacted the hackers personally, using the email address they were sending all my mail to. Sounds like a weird idea, but I read about a journalist who did the same and the ensuing conversation sounded interesting.               Needless to say they didn't get back to me. 
My brother has also contacted me (or should I say the fee who is stuck in spain with no money) and arranged to meet up at the hotel they suggested. They didn't answer him either. Made us laugh though. Or wheeze, in my case.

So, I wasn't smiling, but after some rest, crochet, a break from the dusty workshop and a seriously high dose of steroids I'm smiling again. And can even see the funny side.

Here are some other things that have made me smile recently:

1) having Mabel here again for the weekend - though mostly downstairs with Granny.
Is there anything cuter than stripy tights?    

2) Making gingerbread cookies filled with sweets to 
hang up at the window
I was smiling less when I realised that hanging them above a radiator has resulted in cookies dripping with hot syrup, which has dropped all over the radiator cover!!!nice.
3) A wonderful surprise package from my blogging pal 
Helen - lets swap forever makes me smile wide to both make and receive!
4) GB's hamster Mr Bob Boblingson. You can't really see in the photo but he managed to cram a whole mini shreddie in his mouth - gross!
5) Lots of comfort baking. This cake was first introduced to us by my pal Emily
I didn't have any chocolate chips handy so threw in a packet of whole malteasers...which worked a treat
Recipe here

6) Sleepover brownies - a packet to send with the boy on the sleepover and a tray full for the remaining boys and the boy who filled the bed space! (3 x v tired boys today)
7)Return of the crochet mojo. The doctor prescribed full on rest... surely that doesn't include crochet?
I think this little scarfett would be better in a chunkier wool 
but I still like it.
pattern here
7)  a rare lunch out with my little sister. No photos, too busy catching up. Mabel's little sibling is due anytime now...can't wait.

8) working with Cleggy on a lovely fairy project for a future book. 
Amoungst other things (and with the help of the boys)we made;
pebble pets
Tiny fairy cookies
fairy doors out of lolly sticks
Garden baubles that sparkle in the sunshine
 and  ice pictures full of fruit and berries

9) receiving a photo full of smiles from my blogging friend Roos. Her man Kenji is currently well - long may it last....(sending love to you guys)

10) some lovely commissions. It's taken me a while to catch up with myself and my turnaround time isn't what it normally is... but enjoyed the making all the same.

A larger home picture
 Some blocks for a boys 18th...not always the easiest!
Home Blocks in creams, with gold leaf hearts
and finally a christening block in lovely new paper
   Here's to more smiling this week! fee x


  1. Oooooh how sweet of you to mention our smiles :-) And where's yours, hidden under your crochet project?
    The fairy door made me smile in abundance (your boys must have smiled too, since there's probably only one right way to save lolly sticks.. by eating the lollies first?!)

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better, and hope you get back to normal soon. Lovely post, as usual.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Oh that dreaded lurgy has been going around - hope you're feeling (s)miles better soon. Love your blocks as always, and your gorgeous scarfett, and had a little giggle at the thought of the drippy syrup on the radiators - that's the kind of thing I'd do too ;-)
    Have a good week,

  4. Glad you're on the mend Fee. Lovely post, made me smile - full of gorgeousness! That scarf is so lovely, do you have a pattern or was it your own creation? The cake looks scrummy too, will definitely be giving that one a go!
    Victoria xx

  5. So glad to hear you're feeling better! The hacking must have been a complete nightmare!
    Love the scarf, the fairy door (squeal) and the 18th birthday blocks are brilliant. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Ooh you've been very busy Fee! Glad you're feeling a bit better and that the awful hacker hasn't got the better of you. Those ginger biscuits look great, and I love the pebble pets too. Fab blocks too, as always!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

    Claire xxx

  7. Dripping ginger biscuits, warm beautiful crochet scarf, fairy doors and gorgeous brownies - fab post - makes me smile (always). x

  8. Glad you are doing better, Fee. Take care of yourself and get back on track. Glad you were able to smile. Boo to the hackers. Hope you contacting them makes them realize the jig is up! : )


  9. Oh I just want to open that little fairy door and walk in!

    Glad you're feeling a bit better Fee, you have had a pooey time.

    I love your 'scarfett' (is that what it's called? So cute!) and that 'home' picture is beautiful.

    Heather x

  10. So sorry to hear how poorly you have been Fee and so glad you are starting to smile again. Lots of lovely photos as always. Take care and carry on crafting ;0)
    Jane x

  11. sending much love and lots of hugs your way xxx

  12. So many pictures love the stripey tights what a cutie, did laugh at the dripping cookies, love the fairy door and lovely blocks as always. Stay chipper x sarah p.s the scarf is lovely too I might have to have a go at that

  13. I received one of those emails asking for money, could see it for what is was. Stupid they think we are dumb?! (Shaking my head.)
    I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell, but glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back into the things you love.
    Oh dear, not so good to have syrup dripping on the radiator cover. The biccies look yummy though.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Anne xx

  14. Hope you're feeling better soon...all those things that you made are gorgeous! (the the food items all looks sooo good!)
    Take care,
    Sarah xoxx

  15. I forgot to also add....on the note of hackers and scams...our mobile phone has been being sent text messages lately telling us that we have one millions of dollars....we'd be very rich by now if it were true lol!

  16. Oh poor you. The hackers debacle sounds a right old pain and sorry that you've been feeling poorly. Love your pics (as always) and your scarflet is gorgeous. xx

  17. Life can be a real old arse sometimes can't it. Can't see what they get out of it other than being a moron. I'm losing my sense of humour fairly frequently at the moment too Fee with no heating or hot water.

    What a lovely mum sending your boy off with brownies. Oh and your grey scarf looks wonderful, really like it.


  18. The ice pictures are gorgeous. Really, really like them.
    So glad you're feeling a little happier. xx

  19. Oh, poor you! Good to hear you are on the mend. Baking always helps, I think! There's been some horrible bugs going around - my eldest brought one home for me that resulted in sinusitis and which I'm still not fully better from after 3 weeks .
    I love all those fairy things you've made, particularly the ice pictures full of berries/flowers.

  20. Sorry you've been poorly. I'm pleased that you're on the mend now, though. Don't forget to do lots of resting.
    I love the swap goodies! What a fantastic parcel!!! And the scarf. I REALLY want to give that a try, but am not convinced it's for a beginner. How tricky was it? I also NEED a fairy door!


    Dearest, I can SO UNDERSTAND how you must have felt from time to time; my new blog post is trying to convey the TRANSITIONS I am finding myself in and how I need to have a measure of grace to move through them smoothly. SO WHAT DO YA I am trying to finish my post, I get these vile messages saying that I have exceeded my limit in photo storage space. I get rid of Picasa, but I am still getting this message with only SOME my post is NOT as I wish for it to be and that gets under my skin!!!!!!!!

    However, I am in good health and though my business is not stellar at the moment, there is hope, I guess!

    Oh that those beastly hackers would leave you alone, and that your health would return quickly!!!


  22. Dear fee....such a lovely inspiring post full of your gorgeous pictures (loving seeing the ones you took of my makes too :)).... I also love our's to the next one :D....and despite you having been very poorly and wheezy and troubled by the horrible hackers you are still sooo creative. The pictures for cleggy's book are delightful...a fairy door and flowers in ice...such gorgeous ideas!
    Hope you are feeling much better today in every way!
    Helen x

  23. Ooh the wrapping on that pack of brownies is wasted on those boys, gutted I didn't gush more now since I would have very much enjoyed a brownie with a cup of tea right now.
    Enjoyed that post, lots of nice things to look at and love the idea of Mark arranging to meet the hackers.
    Hoping we can squeeze in another sisterly play date prior to baby BK making an appearance,
    Nelly xxx

  24. You've had a few highs and lows recently, hopefully things will start to settle down soon. Love the crochet scarf, very cute. And all the blocks are so pretty. Mabel is definitely a sweetheart, esp. in those stripy tights!! xx

  25. There was me, asking you in that email how things were, and I'd missed this altogether. Sorry Fee. But happy to hear this morning that you're feeling better.

    So many gorgeous things here! And even the brownies get the Chipper treatment. They look yummy :D

  26. fee...I feel your smiling issues although mine for very different reasons. Hang in there. Not like your drippy cookies but hang in there none the less....always a beautiful place to visit here.

  27. Hello Fee!...Such a beautiful post with all your gorgeous makes...Hope those steroids are still doing the trick..I didn't think about your workroom and all the wood cutting!
    The fairy door and ice pictures are enchanting.,,and those dripping cookies look the best!
    Love my blocks are so clever..hoping to give you another reason to smile soon...but it has to be a surprise!
    Happy weekend,
    Susan x

  28. I thought I replied to this but obvs didn't.....must be bonkers.
    I suffer from asthma and while it's pretty well managed, it has been horrible earlier in the year so I have every sympathy. love your ice pics, very pretty. hmmmmm, how does one achieve this! do you put pretty things in a flat dish and freeze it???
    hope all is well.
    x x

  29. You poor duck. How scary it must feel to be unable to breathe properly. I only experience an asthmary thing when exercising (so I avoid it) and going from hot to cold (can't avoid that so I have a blue inhaler). So glad I didn't know about this when it was happening actually as it's the sort of thing I'd have worried about.

    Holy cow bags. How lush is everything here? Those frozen thingies, the fairy door (wish I'd known about this when my once fairy obsessed God daughter was young). Toby would love that cake with whole maltesers.


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