Sunday 4 November 2012

W is for Wilf

Welcome new baby Wilf! No not mine....(I would have mentioned it!) but #2 for my little sister Nelly and G Kisby and a little brother for Mabel.
Here he is less than 24 hours old - and if you're thinking he looks quite large then you'd be right! A whopping 11lbs and delivered unexpectedly in the spare bedroom. If you like a good birth story (who doesn't?) then pop over to their blog.

I think we share the same double chin!!!

Our own #2 adores little people and was so excited to meet him - here he is having a hold,
then just holding hands...
GB is a little bit interested...
(how big is that baby?!)
And there are no photos of Alfie - 
he barely noticed there was anyone new in the room!
I've had a really busy first week back in business - thank you for all the lovely comments (and orders!) on the Christmas stock. 

I've had some wonderful commissions too but as they are for Christmas presents and December weddings I don't want to risk spoiling any surprises...

When not making blocks I've been making more Christmas presents for our extended family. I feel sure Great Granny doesn't read my blog so I'm safe to show you her newly finished blanket!

I finally managed to manage blanket stitch!! Man, I appreciate it's not hard (now I can do it) but it literally took me all night to decipher a simple instruction. I don't have much patience at the best of times (and almost felt a little teary!) but worth learning!

It looks rather lovely in the still tidy workshop...I'm going to struggle to part with it!
        Happy Sunday
                fee x                             


  1. Aw, what a gorgeous baby and an amazing weight! Lovely photos.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What lovely pictures of baby Wilf....he is the cutest! I was just reading Nelly's blog this morning, what an ordeal!

    Caroline xx

    PS. I showed pics of Freya's block in my recent blog post!

  3. Welcome to our new nephew Wilf. He is a chubby bubby. Love your blanket and well done on mastering blanket stitch.
    Anne xx

  4. Ouch! Isn't he gorgeous, and of course still tiny compared to your 'big' lads
    Congratulations on being an Auntie again.
    Sue Xxx

  5. Oh how lovely, love new babies, am going to pop over and read about the ordeal now ... I can sympathise, I had a 2 foot long, 10lb baby myself ... but 11lb is going a bit far! Love your blanket too! Have sent you an email Fee with an order, but don't know whether you've got it, and I can't find if it's been sent to you as I did it through your blog! Will send another

    Love Claire xxx

  6. WOW. WHAT A STORY! I just swung on over to Nelly's blog and the STORY! THE SURPRISE.....THE BABY BOY!!! Oh Fee, he is just darling and yes, larger than normal! BRAVO to your sister!

    It is so good to see you dearest, SO GOOD! Have FUN! Anita

  7. What a whopper!! Cute little Wilf :) Love the blanket, are you going to keep it? 4 days ago I sent you an email (or thought I did) and I had a reply from a friend saying "you want a Christmas block????" I actually sent it to another Fiona and she thinks ive gone potty! I will now send it to you hun xxxxxx

  8. Oh I am still sitting with my legs crossed and bits throbbing, still thinking of Nelly and the big mahoosive baby. What a story! What a sister you have! Amazing.
    You look gorgeous with little Wilf.
    That blanket is brilliant. How DARE you overtake me in the crochet stakes.
    Is anyone out there still as rubbish as me at it??!!
    Happy weekend Auntie Fee.
    x x x x

  9. Welcome Whopper Wilf...what a gorgeous bonny boy Auntie Fee! My eyes are watering at the thought ;0) Many congrats to all the family, there is a lot of cuddles going on there. Can't wait to get my decs...Happy Sunday,
    Jane x

  10. Totally adorable! And what a whopper :) loving the blanket too.
    Victoria xx

  11. Congratulations to you all!! Nothing beats some cute newborn pics (and your boys in them too!)

  12. Owww what a sweetie !! congratulations darling !!! from me...and for your sister !!!

  13. Congratulations all round, he's gorgeous!! Welcome to the world little Wilf. :)
    Love the blankie!
    Vivienne x

  14. He is gorgeous...oh boy for sure. Glad to see the boys all loving him...Smiles..Renee

  15. Wow he is a big boy, love the blanket too.sarah x

  16. Congratulations on the birth of you nephew Fee! What a joy to have a new baby in the family.

    Your blanket looks lovely!

    Madelief x

  17. Oh beautiful baby Wilf! Congratulations to your family! He looks so very cuddly too and what an amazing weight!! Your blanket is also beautiful, how clever you are to make those pretty hearts :)
    Helen x

  18. What a sweetie he is....congratulations to the new addition and to your lovely are getting very clever indeed! Happy really have inspired me...maybe in the new year I will pick up some needles and yarn? xoxo

  19. Wow! What a great story! He is a cutie. :)

  20. Oooh, another Wilf, and isn't he cute. I popped over to Nelly's and had a read, wow!!!! You look a very happy Auntie there, happy that you didn't give birth to him I bet, and happy to have cuddles and then hand back. The blanket is gorgeous, I have just finished one and now onto another, but have started a little knitting just to keep it interesting.
    xox Sandi

  21. New life always puts things into perspective- what a beautiful bundle of loveliness.
    I love your blanket, the hearts are simply gorgeous. I know what its like to get frustrated with something. Last week I tried for ages to master the 'crocodile' stitch, and just could get it, in the end I went to youtube and had to pause this blooming video several hundred times just so I could work it out- your perseverance clearly paid off for you- well done xxx

  22. Oh Fee, what an adorable poppet young Wilf is. No wonder you're so smitten. Now I absolutely adore your blanket, you clever minx. I want to make one now! Do you have a pattern for it? I haven't knitted for about 30 years but this could turn me. Truly. J x

  23. What to say! Well as per usual your blocks are fab (from next post), your crochet awesome, your tidy workroom gorgeous......but Wilf steals the show. He is just scrumptious, so lush. I feel clucky. That's a bad thing. I must pop over to Nelly and coo over there but I have been managing my time poorly lately and I haven't spent the time there I would like.


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