Thursday 22 September 2011

making, making, making...

Things have finally settled down a bit around here...big and little have settled into their respective new schools and middle is loving year 6. Meanwhile I'm resigned to the serious lack of an Indian summer (ever hopeful) and have dug out some winter woolys (?), always happy to cover up as much flesh as possible! I started a little internet shop yesterday til I remembered I am only 9 months in to my pledge to NOT BUY ANY CLOTHES for a year - what a stupid pledge that was....(what was I thinking???)

Anyway, nothing to report other than some makes....
Halloween blocks, 
or, as always, get in touch directly for a little blogging discount!

...and a sign for a wee flat
(hope you like it Jackie!)

...and lastly a treasure box I made for my very special Mum (The Granny) which I'd never got around to photographing

 That's it!
fee x


  1. What a nice blocks !!...and those boxes are wonderful.....enjoy autumn form

  2. Love the box for your Mum, what a lovely idea, love the sign, love the blocks as well, Love it all really!

  3. I set myself a challenge of only buying second hand clothes this year (ebay or charity shops) - I lasted about 5 months and then crumbled during a pre-holiday trip to Primark....

  4. As everyone says ALL your stuff is gorg! The Halloween blocks are fab, my god is it nearly October already! :)

  5. fee really not a good pledge to make. Next time give up something necessary like broccoli! Smiles...Renee

  6. Well hello, stalked you over from Gifts of Serendipty blog. I love Felicity Serendipity!!
    What a fabbo blog, really great, love all your ideas & family. I have the opposite 3 girls + a boy thown in at the end for balance, i think they're similar ages to your clan. Love Posie

  7. Oh Fee, your Mum's box is such a treasure. Your talents are extraordinary, my friend. J x

  8. Hi sweet one..chilly here too...fall is here for sure. Love your to visit your shop. Hugs.

  9. Fee,
    I received my block today. Thank you! It is ever so lovely. What a thoughtful lady you are. I wish I could have caught it all on video. I was so excited and my daughters were so confused. They couldn't believe someone had sent something for ME. Bettina is still reaching for it saying, "Mine!" It makes me smile every time I see it.

  10. I love the way you package your blocks, it's the little extra that goes a long way to catching a persons eye. They catch mine!!!
    x Sandi

  11. My fabulous and talented friend,

    I AM LOOSING MY MIND at school! Your husband is so wild and I cannot keep up with all the blogs...BUT I LOVE TO COME HERE TO RELAX and see what you have created from your wonderful MIND and heart and well, Anita

  12. I am lucky enough to be a personal friend as well as a blog friend of Theophanie's from Our Jubilant Nest. The block you made her is SO DANG CUTE!

    I'm a new follower :)

  13. I have often thought how clever you are to make those wonderful blocks. If I ever attempted to do something like that it would look like absolute shite! No kidding!

    I had to make a mad dash to the op shop the other day to find something suitable to wear to a funeral. I can't remember when I last bought any outer wear from a real store! I ended up coming away with two skirts, a jumper and a t-shirt for $20. I was very pleased.

    xXx Helen

  14. Hey Fee, lovely looking blocks, you're so talented.

    What on buying of clothes for a year...were you drunk when you made this outrageous decision, scrap that idea, buying clothes for YOURSELF is therapy and all about you, how about tweaking it slightly to no buying socks for a year, still clothing but opens it up more???? I am off to that horrid party I don't want to go tonight, butterflies in my tummy already and having a wardrobe nightmare, so popping over to Wincanton today as they have a lovely new clothes shop, seconds but best seconds, I'm looking forward to having a mootch plus I'm meeting up with gorgeous Kmmmms.

    The weather is supposed to be lovely this week so don't put the summer lovelies away just yet.

    Love Bee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Dude! Why have you banned yourself from buying clothes? This is not allowed you know. We have no girls to soothe our retail itch for pretty things so we must buy ourselves these lovely garments! GO SHOPPING!!! Go on!

    Crap blocks by the way, lame attempt.

    Ha haaaaa hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Back to the shopping thing, please can you do me a favour? I need something lovely to wear that will make me look and feel fab. I need it in your size and I need it to suit your colouring. Could you go get me something and wear it in for me, trial run it, test it out? I'll pay you back when I see you.

    Many thanks, yours sincerely, yada yada yah


  16. I packed away my summer clothes last weekend. Every morning and night is cold but during the day it's almost summer. A very odd time of year. I wish the weather would make up it's mind!


  17. Flipping heck, have you REALLY not bought any clothes for a whole year? What on earth did you make that little pledge for, are you bonkers?! I buy things in fits and starts - I buy loads at the beginning of spring and loads at the beginning of autumn and then nothing much. I think next year's 'pledge' that you make should be to buy as many clothes as possible, to make up for this year :-) Am impressed though, very impressed. Bet it makes you wear more of the things you already own.

    Fab blocks. I need some blocks in my life, I just need to work out what I'd like and then I'll be tapping on your [blog] door with my purse in hand.

    Nicki xx

  18. Did you ever watch Chocka Block??!! Makes me think of you...only cos you make blocks mind....oh dear.
    ANYWAY, the baby witch on the block is weird, yet cute. But I may possibly have a baby witch nightmare as often dream about one of the last things I see at night......hoping to see an image if Jon Bon Jovi before bed, that'll right me.
    Yeah sinus trouble nearly killed me this week. Never been so bad with it. Let me know your drug of choice when you remember the name of it.
    Til then, sniff sniff. Oh, that's for the sinus, not for the drug of choice ref. Oh dear....night night. x x


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