Sunday 25 September 2011


My (poor) family will testify that this is pretty much all that's come out of my mouth today. I have a bad case of the SHhhhh tourettes. Largely due to excess consumption of food and alcohol the previous evening. 

Now I'm having a mild case of the Sunday night blues because I know I have wasted a day. 

The cause of excess consumption? G Kisby's birthday. And a wonderful evening out it was, so at least it was worth it!

We also got some family time with Mabel - which we all love... Here she is with The Granny.

Other than that it's work, work, work around these parts. After a glorious summer off Cleggy and I are both playing catch up while we re stock the coffers.

I have some really interesting commissions on the go - including these blocks made for Sarah. Her OH is a policeman, celebrating his 40th next month. Inspired by my recent offering of ladybird blocks she looked out her vintage copy of 'The Policeman', which, as always was a treat to read - all about catching robbers, returning lost handbags and helping children cross the road! 
Like all good ladybird books it was full of beautiful familiar pictures - making a great set of blocks (with a personal message on the back)
I've loved making these and hope Mr Policeman likes them too 
(and doesn't miss his book too much!)

These next ones are 2 sets of 'you are loved' blocks...I'm hoping they inspire beautiful bedrooms in your new home Cathie
(fingers crossed)
And finally just some more ideas for future products - these are in the production stage (!) but I'm loving the colours

Before I go I must add that my brother's boys Sonny and Luca LOVE their new garden - and has promised some pictures of them enjoying it soon.

And feel I should explain the reasons behind my pledge to not buy any clothes for a year. I know Dottie Angel encouraged a similar thing but I wasn't blogging in those days and missed all that. Mine was made in typical bold, over excited, over ambitious fashion last year - you know the type of occasion. I probably had an audience and thought it was a clever thing to say. Everyone doubted me, and within minutes I wondered why I'd said it at all. I wanted to learn how to sew and thought the two would go hand in hand!

Anyway, I have pretty much stuck to it (I had quickly pointed out that it didn't include underwear or shoes) and have only relented on the cardy front as I couldn't make one (yet!)
I did make a dress (see here) and am half way through at least 2 more - got stuck on zips and lost interest - but will come back to it!

Now I only have three months to go I am most certainly going to stick to it. If nothing else it has shown me how little I need and I know I've saved lots of money. Cleggy has also spent less because he feels the unspoken pressure my raised eyebrows bring whenever he walks in with a bag!!!

Finally - we have lost another of out rescue hens. I need to give her the proper blog treatment she deserves so I'll save the story for next time. Ooooh, what a cliffhanger eh?
Fee x


  1. I love your blocks and I'm sorry about your hen. I knew the boys would be excited about their garden, you made such an amazing transformation! One of my grandmother taught me to always take an Alka Seltzer or two for a hangover, I find it works best with greasy food. Have a great week!

  2. I love those blocks, just gorgeous. Your poor hen!
    Anne xx

  3. Love the blocks, hope the hangover eases soon!

  4. Wow my friend...I am impressed with can you not buy any clothes...that is amazing! I know I could not do that.

    Love your blocks once again. xoxoxo HUGS

  5. Love your blocks, the ladybird pics make such lovely ones don't they? They really suit your vintagey style. Good luck on the clothes front, not sure I could have done it!! Saying that I so rarely buy clothes I may actually have nearly done it unintentionally! A 'no fabric or pretty things for the house for a year' and it would be a different story altogether! Hope you've slept off the hangover ;) Have a great week xxx

  6. Ah not a wasted day, we had some nice soup and an hour in the workshop together - ha ha!
    Was a lovely evening, I can't believe my luck at no hangover, I was expecting it to arrive all day yesterday and practically skipped to bed happy to have avoided the paracetamol.
    Really like those 'you are loved' blocks. I need to get my act together and order a load for upcoming birthdays,
    Nelly xxx

  7. Hello darling...owwww your poor new clothes for a year !! wowwww....good of you !!...i have had month that i buy nothing i have clean up my closet and buy some new clothes...i am glad with it......good feelings are good for me right now in my live...enjoy a happy week from

  8. I love cliff hangers!!!!! GOOD MORNING DEAR ONE.....oh, I must whisper...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and use my "indoor voice" as we teachers say!

    Your artwork is fabulous dear Fee. I am starting an esty shop soon and it is rather scary! So much to think about before I list my first few items! MANY HAPPY HUGS TO YOU and may your new week be quiet!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  9. You don't really chop up lovely old books do you? NO! You photocopy them or scan them right? Right?? Do I sound desperate. You knoe Gem will batter you for cutting up reall books so if she asks tell her no harm comes to a ladybird book near you. Ya?!

    I have to go and decorate a cake now. Got the fear. This one comes with A LOT of pressure. 3 tier wedding cake for a dear friend. Scary!!

    Poor Yick. Poor poor girl. I hope you didn't have to do what I did, although Cleggy might have loved that!


  10. ps too many embarrassing typos in the above. gah.

  11. Well done...three months to go. Seems you can do with out so much of what we think we need. Love those darling blocks! Sorry, too loud. Enjoy a nice quiet day and enjoy visions of many unnecessary outfits to come...smiles...Renee

  12. hey you, love your little play blocks....
    ps check out my balloons... you will know what I'm on about :)

  13. ooohh what a fab bloggy post. Glad you had a fab weekend and sorry it was over too soon. Great creations you have made (especially that dress - wow!). Well done of the clothes front, I don't often buy new clothes but really need some soon - getting a bit samey here :-) Ooohhh I wonder what your lovely new chicken looks like - can't wait to see. x

  14. Old ladybird books are the best. Do you really cut them up? Love the alphabet blocks.
    I think you need to persevere with the zips because that dress you made is gorgeous. Was the fabric from Leons because I can never find anything that nice when I go in there despite the fact they have about 100000000000000 bolts of fabric.

  15. I am typing this very softly so it doesn't hurt your head......I can't begin to choose which blocks I like the best, they are all gorgeous. Poor chookie, she had a blessed life for a little while tho.
    It's Tuesday, you should be over your indulgent weekend by now surely
    xx Sandi

  16. I'm sorry to hear of the demise of another hen.

    I do love 'The Policeman' blocks. I would love to have a set made for my daughter using her favorite childhood book 'Where the Wild Things Are'. She was terrifyingly good at growling from a very young age:)

    I have made a similar pledge about clothing. For me though, knowing my limitations, mine is to purchase only handmade and vintage clothing. I would like to sew some of my own if I find the time. I have ordered a few amazing Japanese pattern books I am waiting on. It would be nice as well to put my costume design education to use.

    I have found having dresses made especially for me is a rather delicious experience. They are simple as my taste is simple but they fit my tall and somewhat awkwardly shaped physique. For the first time I have yoga pants that don't look like I am waiting for a flood.(I am 6 foot tall) Boots and undies are also an exception for me.

    My reasons stem more from wanting to spend my dollars in a more responsible fashion. Here in America nearly every stitch of clothing available for purchase has been made in sweatshop or at the environment's expense. I am just making my own little personal statement against it:)


  17. Oh. That was very long. Sorry for hogging so much space.

  18. Hello friend! How are you?? I must say, those custom blocks, look AMAZING! The policeman order is too much! So charming! I love them all though - the colors from the "you are loved" collection are so pretty. Way to be making! I'm in a funk with the new house and remodel and such and don't have any inspiration mojo right now. Probably because I can't find a darn thing since everything's still in boxes! Ahhh. This too shall pass!



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