Friday 12 August 2011

Coco checks out...

You're not going to believe  this...but Coco got got. She had just moved back in with Ned after her pecking order injury, and had been let out to enjoy the morning sunshine. The enclosure was completely covered in net and wire - and we have NO idea how that pesky fox got in, in broad daylight, with kids in and out the garden, but he did. 

We followed the trail of feathers up the garden and through to next door - then under the fence and off he went. I wouldn't mind but she wouldn't even warrant a small snack, never mind a meal.

So, in the last few weeks it's Mr Fox 2, Ladies 0, along with the 2 ducks who took off through the hole and the demise of BJ the hamster. The circle of life has been well and truly done this summer - so much so that the boys are becoming slightly blase about it all!

Meanwhile, I've broken my vow to never moan about the weather and moaned about the weather. It feels like winter here and the boys are driving me stir crazy! Bring back long hot summer days and tea in the garden. 

On an upside, Granny is back from her travels (sounds like we defo need to visit Prague) and we've had some lovely visits from much younger members of the family, including lovely little Luca, who was fascinated by my camera and kept attempting to climb my bosom on order to reach it 
(no mean feat)
Mabel in the background, eating a dinosaur (whole!)

We also took a trip up to the North East, where Cleggy's family are from. Grandma and Grandad took us to the Life Centre in Newcastle, where the current exhibition was all about Wallace and Gromit. It was indeed a grand day out (see what I did there?) and lovely to spend some time with them.

There was loads of hands on stuff to do  - our favourite being a challenge to build a marble run using the tray of equipment provided. Naturally my competitive streak kicked in (I fought it) and it became a mission. I embarrassed myself by asking the man in charge if mine was the best of the day, forgetting it was about the kids! (he said it was...obviously humouring me!)
In the evening we took Cleggy's Grandma (Great Granny Long) out for tea - she too was on great form! (and looking good for 91!)
And finally to this weeks makes - a large commission of Chipper Nelly boxes (much bigger than I normally do) for friend of a friend Nikki;

This one is huge and for her new goddaughter....
Nikki asked for two smaller boxes inside for Emilia's first tooth and for some magic sparkle dust (wishing I had a fairy godmother!)
I was really stuck on this Christening box until I had the idea to see if the Church in question had any defining features I could use to decorate the top. I was delighted to find that it was quite unusual and distinctive so made it out of paper. Good old google images!
...and among other things, a pencil box for a budding artist - how thoughtful. Would rather like it myself!
Off to Surrey tomorrow to wave goodbye to my beautiful Goddaughter Hannah and her fiance (also handsome!) Wade who are off to Australia to get married and start a new adventure together.
Happy weekend
fee x


  1. Ah man every time I think about Coco it makes me sad, she was so tame. Maybe it is time for a home made fox trap? I'm not talking death, just trap it for a while and make it think about what it's done?
    LOVE those boxes, still can't believe you made that church out of paper. Good work,
    Nelly xxx

  2. Darling Fee!!! Oh I am sick to hear of Coco's demise....that BAD FOX! But he is doing what foxes do I suppose! Your boys are surely getting a lesson in science and animal behavior! OH MY....that woman....your granny....91? She looks marvelous as so do you, you beautiful gal!

    FUN POST...always written with such passion and wit! Anita

  3. Wowzer, you are having a fast animal turn around! Bloomin' naughty little fox.

    Ooooooh I would have loved a Wallace and Gromit experience! I would have spent the day asking for 'more cheese' and REALLY annoying everyone.

    Loved the commissions. How fab are they! Gosh, I would have loved if someone had done that for me, what lucky kiddiwops.

    Have a fab time in Surrey and a super weekend!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Fee that's it I am send the bulldogs over. Although they would probably feast on the lot of them. Poor girls can't catch a break from that sneak of a fox. Perhaps a local feline might be the ticket. I knew something was up when we hadn't heard from you. I need a commission. Seems your art doesn't ship to the states..bother. These are beautiful. I hate to break it to you but my marble creation was the best! Ha! Kidding just a tiny bit competitive us mother's of boys....Smiles...Renee

  5. Those box's are so pretty x

    Leah x

  6. Poor Coco, I know it's only nature but it is upsetting! Great boxes as always. great Granny Long looks amazing for 91! Had to laugh about Luca trying to climb your bosom and little Mabel looks such a sweetie xx

  7. I like the boxes !! enjoy weekend from

  8. Thats so sad about Coco :(
    I love the boxes you made they're amazing- you are so talented!!!
    Hope the foxes keep away
    also, I LOVED that you asked if yours was the best!!!! awesome!

  9. Hi, I thoroughly enjoyed a good read then thank you! So sorry about the chuck though, that must be so upsetting. Love it that you have the competitive streak a la Monica from Friends, I'm a bit like that too hee hee. Di

  10. Wow, Cleggy's grandma look Amazing for 91!!

    So sorry about poor Coco, nasty foxes! :-(

    Your boxes are amazing, I'm very impressed!

    Ashley xxx

  11. wow, great boxes, how have you managed to get anything done during the school holidays? Shocked at the tenacity of that fox...

    I could just do with a little trip to Newcastle..

    hope the sun shines a bit this weekend! x

  12. Now fee you've got to know I do love a quick brown fox as much as the next gal but I'm not a fan of him chowing down on your girls of brown. Feather up ladies you need to get more bossy in your posse!

    On a brighter note - I'm totally in love with your gorgeous boxes and am more than a little envious of Emelia for having such a lovely godmother.

    Sending you a sparkling sunshine sprite from my home to yours,


  13. Lovely boxes, as always.
    I think the Christening one is my favourite.

  14. Poor Coco, what a way to go. I've just been reminded of a fish I bought once. I got it home and into the bowl then had to go out again for a few hours. Got back home to discover the suicidal blighter had leapt out of the bowl and suffocated on the carpet. I was a bit upset about that. Hope your boys are handling it well.
    xXx Helen

  15. Sorry to hear about Coco and all the other losses this summer, I too am craving warmer/drier weather, have loved being in our revamped garden with the kids this summer and for evening meals (less indoor mess!)

    Loving all the boxes you've been making and the church detail on the Christening box was a lovely touch.

    You're right, Great Granny is looking amazing!


  16. Not COCO toooo! Oh my maybe I do not want chickens after all. Such sadness!

    Our weather is the poops here too...all I want is fall to come...I have given up on this Summer business...cozy fall..bring on the sweaters and boots.

    Your boxes are so beautiful...hugs to you all.
    Glad Granny made it back safe and sound and no "man fox" carried her away. xoxo

  17. Poor Coco! It would break my heart.

    I would trade for your weather in a minute. Here it is so hot that just walking to get leaves me perspiring.

    Your boxes are beautiful Fee! Have a lovely Sunday!

  18. That's terrible about Coco, Fee - so sorry to hear it! Sounds like you've all been keeping pretty busy though! :)

  19. Wow...I see you have been visited by the foxes boys aren't surprised by it at all's starting to become a regular event here.

    Your boxes are so cute'em!

  20. Sorry to hear about Coco. xx


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