Monday 5 September 2011

Jolly hols are over....

Actually - I have to admit that I've found it the most tricky summer for a while. Not sure if it was the boys ages, the weather or just my state of mind but I feel like I've been more than usually grumpy! 

Anyway, since the grass in invariably greener I now don't want the summer to end. Cleggy has gone back to work today after a glorious 5 weeks working from home and I'm missing him already. Alfie starts High School tomorrow and GB starts can feel the nervous excitement in the air at Casa Clegg!

So, Kenzie, our gentle soul, reached double digits 
at the end of August.

And for the last week of the summer hols we decided to spend some time at one of our favourite places in the world - Gesail in Snowdonia. 

I think it's the 5th time we've visited - and as we cross the ford on the track leading up to the barn I feel can my shoulders relax. No TV, no phone signal, no internet, no DVD player, and normally we ban all electronic games - but this time allowed ipods. And have to admit there was more than once I was glad we did!

Cleggy and the boys loved building their dens and playing with fire (just kidding Granny!)

We've always visited Wales in the colder months before and were really looking forward to being there in high summer. Unfortunalty, it was as cold as ever for most of the week, although the sun did come out towards the end and tricked us, resulting in shiny red noses for Cleggy and I!
Nelly, G Kisby and Mabel joined us for a couple of days and cooked fab food as always (Nelly - was gonna include a picture of your marvellous jam rolypoly but it looked like some kind of grusome flesh injury!) and we managed to meet up with lovely friends for a day on Criccieth beach. Six chipper boys rock pooling for hours on end followed by fish and chips = happy days!

 The whole place is boy heaven - we found the top of the secret waterfall (thanks for sharing the secret Raynes!), walked for miles and the boys splashed in every bit of water we came across:
...although the walk home wasn't always fun!

The views are just stunning
 Thank you Raynes and Patrick for sharing - you know we like to think it's our ancestral home too! We had another fab week and can't wait to visit again.

 and thanks from the boys too!
 Oh, one last thing before I get to bed on this school night - at long last my first crochet ta daa. 
Thank you for teaching me Jane ()
 Like the socks? 
fee x


  1. I've really got to go to bed but... GORGEOUS photos. Sounds like it was a fantastic little break - enjoyed reading about it over at Nelly's too (but don't think I've commented there yet, sorry Nelly).

    Your crochet blanket is tres professional. Can't believe it's your first. Well done, that girl!

    Have a great week.

    Nicki xx

  2. God me too. Everytime I try to go to bed, another fab blog post comes up. Well done on the blanket you've totally overtaken me. I am rubbash (Vicky Pollard voice) and have put my crochet hook away and decided to look at it again some time when I have the time. Gulp. I NEVER have the time. I love the colours.
    I feel quite gutted that school is back on Wed....yet some days did my NUT!!!! I know what you mean!
    Must go to bed now.
    x x x

  3. Wow, looks so idyllic!! Glad you had a lovely time!!

    I'm not looking forward to my boys going back tomorrow either :0( - I'm quite the opposite to my sister who was delighted to get my niece back today and was complaining because nephew doesn't go back until Wednesday!!

    S x

  4. Love what you've done with your photos, great read. Can't ever remember being warm in Wales you know, always tons of clothes needed there, but good times.

    Hope first days go well in new schools. We've one more day and then we're back too.


  5. Fee what a gorgeous vacation. Just loads of outdoor fun for the boys. Lovely first blanket...smiles...Renee

  6.'t believe that! Your boys are sooooo cute, even when whingy and tired. Your holiday looks and sounds great, I could do with one myself, haven't had one for over 8 years :( (violin playing) Oh, oh, look at your blanket, it is gorgeous, a far better effort than mine, you picked a harder one to do.
    xx Sandi

  7. Loving the Kenzie montage. Pictures of Wales are fab, thinking maybe you should work for the Welsh tourist board with your ability to make cold rainy days look so adylic.
    Found your mojo? Just think how nice it will be to look back on posts like this in years to come...
    xxxxx (see you Fri)

  8. Your holiday looks ace Fee, great that you banned all electronic stuff for a few days (just like the olden days!)And your crochet!!! It looks great!!!!! well done for learning so quickly, the colours are fab together, really bright and cheery just as a crochet blanket should be! Good luck to your boys starting new schools and classes today, hope you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet without missing them all too much! xxx

  9. What a great holliday pictures...and now the normal life started today...where is summer ?? from

  10. AAh back to school blues - when the girls were little I used to cry when then went back to school - WHAT was that about? All gone back to school today yipee not that I dont love them and enjoy their company etc etc but my little space is restored today. I'm staying in cleaning (boring but not been done for um 6 weeks ish - True) and then rag rugging - another new hobby - as if i dont have enough. Oh yeaah HOME ALONE!!!!

  11. I have cottage envy, didn't even take a pic of ours :) it's eerie quiet here today! catch up soon x x x x x jane x x x x x

  12. It is ALL fabulous Fee!!!

    I START SCHOOL THIS MORNING! So my hols are over too. It was splendid and meeting YOU was part of that joy.

    GOTTA RUN...everyone and everything is just BEAUTIFUL! Anita

  13. Well hello Mrs B-C! Wales looks amazing - what an unbelievable location, and Criccieth beach is like some kind of idyllic timewarp, isn't it? We've had many a happy hour climbing the rocks there and burying each other in the oddly black sand.
    Am VVVV impressed with the blanket - looks beaut and matches the socks soooo perfectly (go on, admit it, did you put them on on purpose because you knew they'd match?? I'd NEVER do something like that...)
    Am a bit wobbly-chinned today as my babies are back at school, though am also slightly relieved as they are just so full of energy (and noise)
    Emily x

  14. There you are!!! I can't help but be jealous looking at all the gorgeous pictures you took on your vacation! I'm trying to remember the last vacation Mister and I took....hmmmm, thinking I might need to chew on his ear about that one! Did I ever tell you that I did manage to make it overseas several years back and went on a roadtrip around Scotland for 2 weeks? We actually landed in Glasgow Airport about 3 hours after that nutjob drove his car strapped with explosives into the front door (didn't make it easy getting in and out after that). All your photographs take me right back to the adorable buildings and the High Streets. Makes me long to go back...

    And by the way - I LOVE the wonky blanket and the socks :)

  15. My memories of holidays in North Wales are that it was alway raining! Always! Lovely photos though.
    Hurrah for your first crochet blanket! And granny squares are always wonky - something to do with all the rounds being crocheted in the same direction. Well, at least that's what I say if anyone is cheeky enough to mention the wonkiness!

  16. Hey Fee

    Lovely post and, as ever, fab pics. Your holiday location looked stunning as does your crochet, I have been dabbling with Granny Squares this week (finally taught myself with a book and you tube, also managed to teach a friend!). Hopefully I can create something as lovely as yours.

    Loved the pics of your decade old boy, did similar for a school project for my nine year old a while back, lovely to see them grow! x

  17. Gesail Farm, what a beautiful place to stay! I just love the goodness! I really love the photos of the boots with the sand and seaweed, made me smile. Makes me want to go there. Wales, you say??? I don't think I will ever find myself in Wales...I'm lucky to find myself out of Pennsylvania from time to time!! LOL. looks absolutely gorgeous there!

  18. Gesail looks stunning, im going to google this as a possible next destination! Yes you have socks to die for x By the way you have great looking kids and your family unit looks so happy and contented - life must be good right now :)

  19. Hello Fee,
    so your the clever lady that made the beautiful box of cards!you have a wonderful blog, i'll enjoy popping by.
    i have a little boy and he is called Harrison, he's 10 months old and keeping me away from blogland! by the time my free time comes i am too cream krackered to post, tonight I have made an effort. i can't seem to add you, any technical tips or shoud i ask your sis!!X

  20. Your mosaics are wonderful, Fee. To cherish for ever.

    Seems like Fall has arrived, it has been very chilly and windy all day long and a few more to come. The first candles of the season are burning..

    Love xxx

  21. Oh Anita brightens my day, every day. I LOVE the comments, I love her blog, I love the images she posts. She is so enthusiastic about life (aren't you Anita!!!) wich is wonderful.
    I love the words she caps up, to emphasise the meaning. I LOVE Anita. I think she is BRILL.
    Hope all well, don't tell me you've lost Little Mikey Fee, I may not sleep tonight.
    The Prince won't sleep with any replacement Noo Noo. He puts whichever one I give him at the foot of his cot and just lies there looking sad.
    GOD WHY hasn't anyone found Noo Noo.....I am shutting up now, the husband thinks I am a loon for giving a damn in the first place.
    Must go, freelance writing awaits moi x x xx x x x x

  22. Your vacation spot looks gorgeous (even if cold). I love your blanket and socks! They are so bright and cheerful.

  23. Wales is the best.....God's own country don't you know?! Your blanket is really lovely, incredibly impressive for someone just started - clever you!

  24. Where to start?
    I love your lad Kenzie.
    I love the sounds of and the look of your holiday.
    I love the photo of whingy GB.

    Please may I come and stay with you when you go next? I have asked Nelly but she has avoided the question. I'm only slightly kidding!

    Did Alfie like his new room? I can't remember if you said he did or not in your post.

    I hope you are less grumpy now. I always think grumpy should have an 'n' in it. Grunmpy. It doesn't look right but it sounds right.


  25. aww, I love your wonky blanket, so pretty - glad to see you back, but Wales looks perfect - enjoy the peace this week x

  26. We go on holiday to a place with no phone line, tv or mains elect aswell, isn't it liberating! Love the photos and really love your wonky crochet blanket - gorgeous!


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