Wednesday 7 September 2011

...this time it's personal

I decided I couldn't didn't want to focus on creating Christmas products just yet - and even if I start in October it'll be earlier than last year! (so you CAN take the girl out of retail!)

So, I set to with gusto, making a personalised version of my Vintage Nursery blocks. 
Available to buy here but always feel free to contact me directly if you ever fancy something. I'd rather give a discount to my blogging pals than commission to notonthehighstreet!

I also had a play with a home block - thinking it would be a nice little minding for someone with a new home.
more than a card...
but less than a present...

I've had this paper for a while and didn't want to use it because I liked it too much. I'll never be rich!

Now before I go I can confirm (Cuckoo) that Alfie did indeed love his new room, although not enough to keep it tidy! (natch)

Secondly, I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to lovely Theophanie, who, out of the kindness of her heart (and quite possibly some sympathy for me, a thicko) made me a button for my blog and sent me instructions on how to use it AND make a favicon. When I've learnt those things I'll share them, as I know I'm not the only technical thicko around here....! 

And while I'm here, a worrying thing happened to me today. 
I was unbelievably susceptible to the voice of Soreen.

As I was waiting patiently for the coffee machine to warm up I read these words on the packet:

'Squeeze me. Come on, don't be shy. There. Feel that? '

Makes me wonder how easily I'd join a cult or run off with the gypsies, if I so meekly obey malt loaf.
fee x
(it was squidgy though...)


  1. You are so talented - the blocks are super duper, and I only just bought a plant for a friend as a house warming gift last week. How original! Just to let you know, I did indeed try toasted Soreen and I think I prefer it untoasted with lashings of butter. But, I would always enjoy a scotch pancake toasted rather than cold, also with butter, never with jam. Just so you know. :)

  2. RETCH.....retch......blurgghhhhhhhhhhh.
    Not for the blocks you daft apoth (what DOES this mean?!) but for the Soreen. You know I hate it. It makes my throat itch at the mere thought of the smell.
    It's like licking a bovril flannel. Or something. Can't describe it. Just plain wrong.
    However, do share the lights of your next fondant fancy, I LOVE them!!
    Loving your blocks. Do you cut them yourself or re use children's wooden blocks? They are suddenly all the rage.
    I wonder how this all kicks off. Suddenly crochet and knitting is hip all over again, as are blocks.
    Yours are super stunning, very different to the others I've seen. Clever bird.
    By the way, I joined your blog late but believe you have a tortoise? Tell me all some time, it may be the only pet I can ever get because of my fur allergy. I really fancy one called Bernard. Or Andrew. Or Percy (the latter I wanted to call the Prince but no one would allow it, swines).
    Muchos lovos
    x x

  3. PS "lights" was meant to say "delights!"
    Bah, typin' too fast again. xx

  4. Ha ha, Squeeze me - fancy falling for that! The blocks are a delight - right up my street, i'm trying to think what I would like on a "personal" block, wouldn't mind having one myself, i'll keep thinking about that one :) xxx

  5. Hee hee chortle snort, just guffawed at your comment on my post re boys' pants!!!! Hee hee!!!!

    Just reminded me of something AWFUL...

    I went to a hen party when 36 weeks pregnant, 14.5 stone and unable to move much. I felt tres uncomfortable in my own skin and we had to play a game where each of us stood up and explained how we knew the bride to be.

    As I stood up, already feeling self conscious, one of the girls said ", is that a PAIR OF PANTS hanging out of your trouser leg???"

    I looked down and indeed there was. Obviously got caught up when I threw a loads of clothes in the washing machine.

    I could barely bend down to pull them out of the trouser leg. Much tumble weed swirling around the 25 girls who were sitting in a circle around me as I did this manouevre...and they were my worst pants. Mint green, fraying edges, size 18-20......MORTIFYING..

    Even the mere word "pants" takes me back to this moment....


  6. OK, this little note was going to be all swoony about your fabulous new blocks but then I read not only your baffling comment about Soreen but then all the comments that followed...what is it?

    Hoping your day is sunny and bright with lots of space for creative fun!
    xx's Felicity

  7. I think you are a little obsessed with soreen, I think you say that word as many times in a day as my #2 says lego !!! and that is a lot !!!
    lOvE your beautiful blocks as always x x x x

  8. What on earth is that Soreen product everybody seems to be talking about??? ;-)
    Love your blocks as always, but one stopped my breath: the one with the 26 Church Lane on it. That was our address in Sri Lanka! (or was it Church Road?) we left there 11 years ago and haven't missed it a second to be honest...

    Are those stamps you're using for fonts? Love them! :-)

  9. All these poor peeps from abroad who do not know the joy to be had from a loaf of Soreen. I can see an advertising campaign 'Soreen -the voice that must be obeyed!' Your blocks are just gorgeous and one day soon I may well contact you with a commission or two...

  10. teeeheeee....

    Oh Fee, I adore you. Your work is fabulous and expresses the CAREFREE and HUMOROUS spirit I suspect is yours....who could have boys, chickens, other animals, create such magic and not have a sense of humor....YOU! AND MY DEAR, tell your husband that HE IS NOT ALONE is being NOT TOO HAPPY about giving up the summer hols! OH I had too much fun in my quiet brick cottage, blogging, drawing, reading and writing poetry and doing other FUN THINGS! But now we are back, I have 49 children and I need to make sure their reading scores are at the expected level...and well document everything...oh dear, I am making myself tired talking about it!

    CHEERS TO YOU and tell you mum that I am delighted that she reads my posts!!!!! LOVE, Anita

  11. Your blocks are magnificent in every way my friend. Soreen....must give it a go sometime as we can find it here in Canada....Hugs. xoxo

  12. Adorable, gorgeous blocks. Sigh!! :)
    Anne xx

  13. Fee your blocks are gorgeous as usual, they would make such a lovely gift (thinking more along my christmas list lines rather than a gift for anyone else tho!!) Don't worry about not starting on xmas yet. The only xmas stuff I've been doing is my magazine commissions and Pingg designs - by now I'm fed up of xmas and prob wont get around to my christmas textiley bits until about November!! hehe. Same as last year then, I always seem to be way behind everyone least we'll be behind together, haha! Anyway have a super day, Jenny xx

  14. Oooooh so loving your block Fee. I love the idea of the new home ones with the name printed on it, what a lovely gift to give someone.

    I amazed myself yesterday as I went to the supermarket and left all the choccies and the fruit loaf on the shelves. I found a rather unflattering shot of me the other day, so I put a copy on the fridge and in the cupboard doors, so that everytime I was tempted to eat stodge, I reminded myself why I shouldn't! It is actually working! Mr H very sweetly said it was the camera angle but all I keep thinking of is that Monica and Chandler conversation............the camera adds 10lb............ah, so exactly how many cameras are on you!

    I WILL have willpower!


  15. Oh my, Fee! I *adore* your personalised home blocks and look forward to snaffling some once Planet Baby's finances allow ☺. I'd love to know where you found that 'home' stamp, too - I'm on the hunt! J x

  16. Soreen, mmmm. Better resist though as I've just eaten my own bodyweight in cream crackers with peanut butter and jam.

    Lovely blocks - the ABC ones remind me of a book of nursery rhymes I had as a child. x

  17. Fee...don't tempt me...can I get a set of those sweet blocks sent across the dear old USA. You let me know before I get all excited. I would love to have some of your sweet vintage art on my shelf...Smiles...Renee

  18. Well helloooo! What lovely, lovely blocks you're whipping out these days! And in such nice quantities! Bravo! Love the house ones...

    You're so funny! Squeezing malt bread probably doesn't mean you'd run off with the gypsies, but that could be fun! xo

  19. Yeah but, Soreen is good for you AND low fat innit :D

    Love your your choice of papers! Just gorgeous x

    Jo x x

  20. Lovely blocks. :) The nursery ones are my favorite, ever!

    I can't wait to see what you do with the button; you most definitely aren't a thicko!

    Happy Thursday!

  21. First of all ... Soreen, I gather, is malt loaf isn't it? Sorry but BLEURGH. Is it bread? Is it cake? No? What the hell is it? It's trying to be too many things for my liking.

    And breathe ... secondly, Fee your blocks are just gorgeous. So original. I've just nipped on over to your NOTHS shop to have a browse. Please may I order a personalised baby block? Do I qualify as a bloggy pal? I'm going to see if I can get hold of you through your message to me ...


  22. I had EXACTLY the same thing with a big old wodge of rocky road. Damn all this talking food
    Emily x
    PS - I love your blocks, obv - you know my plans to fill my home entirely with things you've made...

  23. And you think I've gone crazy Bahahaha.....I love, love, love your blocks, so very beautiful.
    Oh my isn't Gem a scream.
    I think I will leave everyone hanging (my blog post) because the reality isn't as good as all your wonderings :)
    x Sandi

  24. Loving those vintage alphabet blocks, remind me of story books I used to read as a child, slightly freaky in retrospect, but I turned out ok(ish).

    LOL at the Soreen! x

  25. Please, is it time to talk blocks? I WANT A BLOG OR 8 and will stalk you till I have some in me house. Arh reet???


  26. These are amazing!
    I had no idea you made such lovely things you talented lady you :)

    Hugs and enjoy your Saturday!

  27. Good morning dearest Fee,

    Thank you for coming to visit.

    Next week, my post will be on the more cheerful side, revealing some of my artistic do come by if you can! Thank you for your fabulous life....Anita


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