Monday, 31 March 2014

My name is Fee and I'm addicted to making doilies....

If there was a crochet doily addict support group I'd be in it! Or maybe the fact I'm making so many doilies keeps me from the support group I'd be in otherwise....

(they don't give knitting and crochet to psychiatric patients for nothing!!)

So, apart from travels here's what's been going on around here. Obviously lots of doilies. In theory I'm making a table runner - but only so I can justify making loads. 

I am drawn to the most complicated patterns - not sure why. I do love the outcome but its the doing that's the real attraction.

I also love the blocking. Weird, I know.

Of course I don't spend all my spare time making doilies....
 occasionally I go wild and make a scarf!!
This one was requested by Cleggy
A poncho...
 another scarf for me...
 and a little scarf for niece Mabel...
Don't call Childline - Wilf's home cut fringe has grown out now.....
When I eventually got round to taking the snowflakes down 
the mantle tree got Valentined up
as did the front door
  we got one last fire in before the weather finally cheered up
 As Spring approached the door then got the crochet flower treatment
 (but I couldn't put the hearts away - 
so they are staying in the hall!)
In other makes I've decided pretty much every piece of clothing
I own needs a heart on it More photos to follow!
 My little sister and her gorgeous family finally moved house - and are now back in the same town as us. 
We LO♥E having them so close again. I made a little minding using a ceramic house from 

I hadn't even got round to introducing our beautiful new ladies - unfortunately one of the local foxes managed to get in the chicken area a couple of weeks ago and killed all eight girls. We were gutted - especially as he did that annoying foxy thing of killing all of them but only taking one. It was the smallest too - a mere snack.
We'd had a couple of the Orpingtons for over 5 years and hatched them from eggs so were very fond of them. On the plus side it was ME who discovered the carnage - if it had been The Granny I'm not sure she would have recovered!!
We also know that they are only chickens. It's important to keep it in perspective.

On a happier note we caught up with my oldest pal (of over 30 years) and her family - including her MASSIVE dogs. The boys LOVED them. I too like a dog but I have to admit to finding these beasts a teeny bit scary!
This dog could fit my whole head in his mouth....
 (they are Newfoundlands - the biggest one was a stud! now retired)
Work wise it's been a busy few months - but all ABC Does type work - Cleggy's business.
He's SOoooooo busy these days that I made the (sad) decision to close my shop and work with him full time.

I know it's the right decision - but I still had a little cry. I'm hoping to get back in the workshop later in the year to make some commissions but for now the crochet is my creative outlet!
And I love working with Cleggy - especially when we can sneak off to a cafe for our business catch up!!
 Apart from spending lots more time together we also get some cheeky nights away. Cleggy's conferences are sometimes in lovely places - most recently Winchester.
 We'd never been before - what a beautiful place.
We stayed in Hotel Du Vin - also lovely.
 We held the conference at The Guildhall. 
Steeped in history and very atmospheric.
The King Charles Hall
I love this photo - from a teeny Flybe plane
One of my other jobs for Cleggy is managing the 
'Granny's Teeth' project. 
When our favourite old lady died last year we were given the job of clearing out her little bungalow - and when we found this (pristine) spare set of teeth we knew we'd find a good use for them.
(I was thinking leave them under The Teen's pillow)

Cleggy decided that they would be really useful in all sorts of education settings as a prompt for talk and writing so set up a separate page on his blog, now known as

The teeth are now traveling all over the country (and further afield) inspiring children and adults alike.
Lots (and lots) of settings have requested a visit - schools, playgroups, and nurseries as well as Bloomsbury (Cleggy's publisher) TTS (education resources) and others. They are currently in a forces school in Germany, after which they are going to the Welsh Education Department!

Once a setting has had them they send Cleggy some words and photos to share on his blog - sharing ideas.
It's been really interesting and good fun. So far they have belonged to The Joker (who came into a school in Salford to retrieve his teeth!) and Gangster Granny and have inspired posters, police reports, stories, and loads more.
 If you work with little people (anywhere in the world) do get in touch (details on Cleggy's blog here) and get on the list.

Our Great Granny had a wicked sense of humour - and we know that she'll be looking down on us and having a good old laugh.
Fee x


  1. Well Fee, a crochet addiction is much safer than plenty of other addictions! Your work is incredible. I can barely do a chain. Love the scarf for you and the one for Mabel. Good on you for working with Cleggy and being a great team. Perhaps you can take little breaks away to do your crafting. Hope you have a great week. Jane x

  2. I hope that you enjoy your new working arrangements and that you can at some point return to some work in your shop. Love the doilies, they are amazing and so intricate, but so perfect and they look beautiful when they are being and have been blocked. Great to read your catch up and see your different door arrangements too! xx

  3. You're quite the expert at the doilys, aren't you...they are lovely.
    Sorry to hear about your poor chickens. :(
    You certainly get about the place with that man of yours!!!
    V xxx

  4. Your doilies are amazing, I just wouldn't have the patience. I'm so glad you have a creative outlet now that your work is not creative. ENJOY!
    Anne xx

  5. Fee, as I began reading this post, I was all set to compliment you on your fabulous crocheting (and I do compliment you!) i continued reading, I began to have another response for you. And it is that you really are a must remarkable lady with a truly wonderful grip on life.

    Thank you so much for sharing so many facets of your life with the rest of us. It's inspiring, and entertaining, too! xo

  6. that is the cutest little diorama ever! always a pleasure to stop by xo

  7. Hey stranger! I'm so behind with everyone. Just catching up with your whirlwind life here, and thinking I still owe you a coffee :)

  8. I love your blog! I always come away giggling. I hope things have been well.

  9. The doilies look cute! I wished I knew how to knit something like those. Winchester is amazing, by the way. The city has this certain charm that would entice anyone to come back and enjoy the sights and splendors once more. I hope you enjoyed your stay at the hotel, it seems simple but nice. The best of health to you, Fee!

    Malinda @ Shippin Stone Haven

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