Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Favourite old jeans get pimped...

So, a couple of years ago I would have thrown away my favourite jeans when they wore out...but not anymore! I knew that if I had a little look on the blogs I'd find something suitable...

I found the perfect idea here at Betz White's fab blog - a post from 2007!  I wear an apron almost all the time and never have enough pockets so this will tick all the boxes.

Now, I wouldn't be so bold as to call this a turtorial as such...but here's what I did;

 and ta daaaa...wear with pride!

Betz added an extra pocket (beyond my capability) and ribbons to tie but the waistband serves the same purpose for me.

It's nowhere near as clever, or as well executed as Betz's but 
I still love it...fee x


  1. lOvE it!!! you know what i'm going to be doing now, you're so naughty with your distracting ways, especially love the little flowers on the pockets, x x x x x x x

  2. How cute is this...I too will be looking for an old pair of jeans...Adorable.
    Happy day my friend. xoxox

  3. Gorgeous pimping Fee, I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello, thank you for visiting me and for your comment! Love, love, love the apron, and those little flowers have got me thinking about hairclips and brooches....hmmmm.... Emily x
    PS - had a whole tube of Mini Eggs today, just to get even more into the Easter spirit - is that taking it just a little bit too far??

  5. Genius, you know full well I am upping my sewing practise for fear that I am falling behind...

  6. LOVE love LOVE!!!!!! Goint to add this as a link at the bottom of my post right now! Shame I hadn't seen this before hand. Arse.



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