Sunday 17 April 2016

Amsterdam February 2016

Cleggy and I visited Amsterdam for our 10th Wedding anniversary in 2003 and loved it.
So when he was asked to do some work there this year 
we jumped at the chance.

Originally we had booked an amazing apartment back in November through AirBnB...but unfortunately I had succumbed to a clever scam and in January found out that we had been conned out of £1400! 
(most of that was the so called security deposit) 
Long boring story - lessons were learnt!

Anyway - we ended up finding an equally special houseboat on the Amstel.
a little bit further out of the city but very close to the tram. 

We were very fortunate that the weather for the most part was sunny - although very (very) cold. 

Only on one day did it hamper our sight seeing - when we found ourselves on a little boat trip in the snow. NOT in one of the nice big touristy covered heated boats - in a teeny tiny open air boat with a very funny guide - and fortunately some blankets and gluwine!

Anyway - here are my favourite photos:

 winter sun
Sarphati Park
 My favourite canal - Brouwersgracht 

 Plenty of lunch/coffee stops (for a warm!)
Little Collins

Cafe in De Pijp
Cafe 't Smalle

Cafe Brecht

Cafe de Taart Van M'n Tante
 The day of the boat trip in the snow!

 View of the flower markets from the canal
bridge graffiti

 The dancing houses

View from the bedroom window - which was below water level
 different every day
walks along the canals - dreaming of owning a boat (natch)

Watching the skaters

 bike envy

 Walking along The Amstel

 Our last night - meeting Cleggy from work at the station and visiting the Red Light District - one of the most beautiful part of the city.

 Street art

 finishing with a glass (or 3, for warmth!) of beer in Dam Square

Then a final meal in one of the oldest restaurants in Amsterdam.
 It was a lovely 5 days - still love Amsterdam as much 
as we did 13 years ago.

 (favourite shop)

 The flower market

Fee x


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  2. �� The pictures are very interesting and I hope that you can come again in a warmer and sunnier month. All the luck �� of the world!!!!!

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