Saturday 16 April 2016

November and December 2015

Argh...will I ever catch up with myself? 
Here I am in April writing about last Christmas. 
But I just can't stop blogging - 
I love the diary with photos thing.

So here's what happened at the end of 2016.
We spent some time in Birmingham and Manchester - and saw the first signs of Christmas.
We also had a conference in London which we had planned around a boys day off school. Always nice to visit the big smoke and it's years since they've been.
We only had one day to play so we walked and walked - 
it looks sunny but it was BALTIC!
We met our good friends Elizabeth and Richard for lunch then walked some more!

Then finished the day at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. 
Where it was even colder!!

...and ice skating!

We all bought new hats!

Just before Christmas we found a little kitten was living in the front garden hedge - but not there all the time. She came in sporadically - then would disappear for days. 
We decided to call her Fanny. She wasn't a fan of Simon and not particularly friendly - but very pretty!
In December we had a much needed day out with our mates Jane and Rob- complete with a back seat picnic!
This time we went to Hebden Bridge
cold and grey - but still picturesque.
with tea and cake in a wartime cafe. Lush

Cleggy managed to purchase a taxidermy owl!
On first December we started the good old rusty buckets - this time if the boys completed a team challenge they got their treat!
Christmas bedding got put on!
And Christmas arrived!
I went short again...
the words Alf said to Cleggy when he sang too loud at the school carol service!

I was in charge of table decorating this year - and went for personalised candle jars. 
A triumph!
and was delighted when my brother requested a knitted tea cosy for his christmas!

Geordie was delighted with his bearded dragon - nice that we can still surprise someone!

Last years pie day was such a hit we ramped it up this year and made it a competition. Cleggy surpassed himself with this gold trophy!

Granny took her judging responsibilities very seriously 
(and ate a lot of pie!)
We took the little to the Pantomime for their Christmas - 
it was ace.
Sometime back in the summer we had agreed to Alfie having a party for his 16th birthday - which was on 30th December. 

For some weird reason I then agreed (may even have suggested??!!) that he hold it on NYE. It's a funny age 16 - you feel so grown up but still can't really get in the pub. Not like in our day! 

He ran with the idea and decided he would host a proper dress up grown up dinner party- which we thought was a great idea! He kind of organised the music, games, food and room decorations. Kind of!

what he did do well was get his girl friends round to help him! 
It was a success - me and cleggy spent the evening upstairs with a bottle of champagne and they had a great time - made me wish I was 16 all over again.

Alfie with his lovely girlfriend Alice
So, 2016 was a good one. Lots of fun, all happy and healthy, some adventure and lots and lots of decorating! Plus a bit of making. Here are my top nines from instagram:

favourite house photos
Favourite trips
Favourite makes:

Fee x

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