Sunday 17 April 2016

January 2016

January started with a new obsession - origami.
Obviously being able to make a five point star lulled me in to thinking I could whip up a batch of swans....I couldn't.

(although my mate Jane did yeah me to make a fairly decent Crane!)

 Fanny started spending more time inside - which ended up being a blessing in the future months.
 Some (more) pictures got hung!
 and some cushions bought...
 crochet blankets finished
 Alfie and Alice celebrating loves young dream!

 We looked after the littles so Nelly and Gaz could have 
a night away
There was a teeny bit of snow

 Cleggy and I spent a glorious Friday together West Kirby - 
blowing away the Christmas cobwebs

 a scarf and fingerless glove set was finished...
 Spring bedding replaces Christmas bedding
 We ran our biggest conference yet in beautiful Bristol- 
and managed to squeeze in a lunch here with Cuckoo beforehand!

 We stayed at Hotel du Vin - which was lovely. 

Our conference venue was in another beautiful historic building - slightly too small for our numbers but manageable.
 We bought a new yellow kettle!
 ...and a wee jug

 and spent some happy Sunday mornings at our local market...natch

 The tree in the lounge got a loved up revamp in preparation for the month of love

Granny went on a drawing course...
 ...and made us all laugh with her portrait of Judy Dench...
which GB thought was Voldemort!!

 Kenzie had an appointment with the Endocrine team at MRCH...who discovered that he had not started puberty and needed some help getting his pituitary glands working properly. This was something we always knew might be an issue after his years on Chemo as a toddler.
 He came with us to run a conference in Manchester on the day of his first appointment - he was thrilled as you can see:

And that was January!
Fee x


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