Wednesday 10 April 2013

Easter Hols part 2...Devon


favourite road in town
After we'd eaten our way around Cornwall we travelled round the corner to Salcombe, south Devon. It's one of our favourite areas in the world and we always plan our own 'escape to the country' while we're down there. 
 This time last year we shared a week with my blogging pal Cuckoo and her family...and had so much fun we decided to make it an annual event. Our 8 boys all get on well...leaving us to find time to catch up, indulge in some precious hooky and eat cake.
The weather was a teeny bit warmer - but I wouldn't go as far as to call it 'spring like'.
At least we had some sun.  
Most of the time we looked like this:
happily windswept!!
                          This year we stayed in a house on Coronation Road  - nice and toasty, really comfortable, reasonably priced and very close to the town (and our Mates!)

You couldn't see the sea from your seat - but you could spot it from the window!
The week was spent;
 We also ate a fair amount of Easter chocolate...
 ...and despite it being the Easter holidays we still found some nice quiet spots for lunch:
Mill Bay cove, East Portlemouth
We took a trip to local village Modbury - and found a shop 
selling wool (happy days)

With which I made another cowl!!
       We had a looooong walk to National Trust property Overbecks House
(it started snowing just as we got there 
but the view was still good)
 It looked like a lovely place for a mooch -but after sitting nicely for the cream tea we were on borrowed time with restless boys. We did manage a little look at the vintage toys
 (including original blocks!)
 When we took the tractor ferry home 
we were SO cold we didn't care what we looked like!!!
(Cuckoo managed to knit on this boat - she's hardcore man!)

We also spent a fair amount of time on the SW Coastal path - it really is amazing scenery. It's 630 miles long in total and goes all the way round the coast from Somerset to Dorset. We've been on lots of different parts of it over the years - and it never fails to deliver. This time we walked from East Portlemouth to Gara Rock
 GB found a little piece of sea glass 
and found a carrying stick for it:
Our last night was spent in a family favourite 'The Winking Prawn' on South Beach. It's very boy friendly (huge trunk of dressing up clothes and very patient staff!) and serves good food. Not to mention the fact it's on a beach.
 After a hearty breakfast at Island Street we said a teary goodbye and set off back up North to real life.

And as if to confirm just that, our #2 Kenzie goes into hospital tomorrow for, what we HOPE is the last time. I can't believe it's a year since I wrote this full circle post (how?!) but anyway, that operation actually failed - so we're back again for another try. As always, we are incredibly grateful for the fact that our visits are now so very routine.
fee x
(this time I will NOT be going down to collect him...finding myself passed out on a trolley ONCE was ONCE too often!!! your turn Cleggy)
ps Laura Burrows...I tried REALLY hard to find a way to contact you about the blocks after your previous comment - but you are a 'no reply' blogger so I had no way of tracking you down :(


  1. Love your pictures: watching them is already like a little holiday in itself :-) And I keep my fingers crossed that Cleggy has a stronger stamina than you tomorrow, ha!
    Good luck Kenzie with the operation!!

  2. More amazing photos Fee, I've seen so many lovely photos from that corner of the UK these past few days that I really need to go there!
    Sending Kenzie my very best wishes, hope all goes well for him and of course for you all!
    V xxx

  3. Hello lovely Fee! I have so enjoyed your two posts about Devon and Cornwall...two of my favourite places to stay :) Your pictures are wonderful, so many visual treats I might have to go back for another look at them all. And wonderful memories for us too, of lots of those familiar and fantastic views. I will be sending you something in the post soon.....hoping to inspire a bit of block making! I hope all goes well for Kenzie tomorrow x.
    Helen x

  4. Lovely, lovely pics and all the very best for Kenzie's op tomorrow, trust all will go well.

  5. Lovely holiday pics Fee, a great time was had by all by the looks of things!

    Wishing Kenzie all the best, and you all too xxx

  6. Firstly, good wishes to Kenzie, secondly, fab post, well written and a complete joy to read xx

  7. Such wonderful pictures, what amazing memories you are making for your children. Fingers crossed for Kenzie hope all goes well. Sarah

  8. Lovely pics, will be thinking of Kenny all day tom.
    Hmm new annual event you say, I remember that! And don't even let G Kisby see scrabble pic (ha)

  9. What a beautiful blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Helloooo ... here you are and I've been missing your posts.

    Looks like the best kind of holiday :D

    Good luck to Kenzie x

  11. Another absolutely gorgeous post about your holiday. I'm so glad you and your family had such a lovely time with your friends, enjoying lovely things despite the cold weather.
    The SW coastal walk sound wonderful. 630 miles, wouldn't it be lovely to do the whole walk. Methinks I've found myself a new goal. :) Is it doable?
    Have a wonderful day and good luck to your precious boy Kenzie.
    Anne xx

  12. Beautiful pics in your holiday posts Fee...It's a few years now since we've visited these parts and you've brought back lots of lovely memories (We've stayed in Falmouth many times and it's one of my most favourie places) I definitely need to go back soon!
    Best wished to Kenzie...will be thinking of you all,
    Susan x

  13. Best wishes to Kenzie.

    And many thanks to you for all the gorgeous photos and eating and staying tips around Cornwall and Devon. These are two UK areas I've yet to visit. These posts of yours definitely encourage me!

  14. Good luck to Kenzie. This time everything will work and he will be given the all clear. Positive thinking and all that.

    Wonderful time away. I loved all the photos. Devon and Cornwall look gorgeous.


    OK....wait....let me gather my enthusiasm.....

    You know, I am a Francophile...100%. BUT, since blogging and meeting new British friends, I have come to crave going to the English countryside, and your lovely photos here have confirmed it. Those sweet little buildings, the oceanside, the freedom of the space, I WANT IT ALL.

    You all look WONDERFUL and it is so good to see you! Yes, I took off my comments because I simply DO NOT HAVE TIME anymore for the social end of blogging, but after only two weeks of having no comments, I just cannot live without the human component of writing. You are all just too special to me.

    Enjoy your time back home, unpacking and regrouping! And you already have "that place" of which I is in your magical world of BOYS, CHICKENS, CREATIVITY! You make the magic already.

    MUCH LOVE! Anita

  16. Good morning sweet Fee! Thank you for visiting my little blue coat adventure....oh how fun it is to write, to remember, to SHARE. I bet your boys will have loads to write one day as they attempt one day to write, "I'm from....."

    Hugs sweet FEE! Anita

  17. Lots more loveliness! I'm sure the winking prawn is a place my brother has mentioned, they need boy-friendly places having three too.

    Hope Kenzie is properly on the mend now and that this time round was last time round.


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