Monday 19 December 2011


When Cleggy was headteacher (at the school the boys go to!) he had a pig, goat and some chickens to enhance learning (/for his own amusement). Ever since he left, about 3 years ago, he has been desperate for a pig of his was only a matter of time!

So, this week our own chickens and ducks were joined by Minnie the micro pig. 

Except she appears to be living in the KITCHEN!? Apparently this is short term...we'll see!

She's very cute and getting more mischievous by the day. If she could just learn where to wee me and her would get along just fine! Cleggy adores her, and as far as mid life crisis go I'm thinking it could be worse?

Meanwhile, we have all been making and doing some Christmas crafts...which invariably involves the boys starting with gusto...then sloping off to watch The Simpsons.
Inspired by Heidi on Pinterest I made this peg nativity for The Granny

Also inspired by this picture on Pinterest (Pinterest,how I love thee!) we made these baubles for the lounge, which this year is all white:

They were bit messy, but fairly easy to make

Inspired by this picture I made some new simple blocks 
for the fireplace

The rest of the house is red!


The stairs have been enhanced by an early gift from Cleggy...a little Northfield Primitive mouse(thank you Sarah...he's adorable)I plan on doing some major perusing of blogs over the next week or so...but just in case life takes over I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a very chipper Christmas and a fun packed 2012...fee x

(off to slurp some more mulled wine and pretend to be interested in Cleggy, who is reading me random pig facts!)


  1. oh goodness, I am having to hide this post from my hubby just in case he sees your pig and gets ideas. He has gone down the honey bee route so far - like you say I think it must be a midlife crisis thing - mind you i would prefer he got a sports car but I suppose bees are cheaper :-) Love the decorations, have a fab chrimbo xxx

  2. Wowswers!!!
    I love everything here today, not surprising, I leave your blog each time in awe!!
    But today in particular I love your pig first of all, and the nativity pegs- adorable!!
    And everything else.
    Hope you and the family have a great and relaxing Christmas, and that the pig and Turtle become friends. (I foresee the lady from Penguin contacting you about a new to be published story about a pig and a tortoise/turtle becoming friends and rampaging around the countryside)

  3. Helloooo Fee!
    Aaah, it's so lovely to be visiting your gorge blog again - it's been a while and I'm so looking forward to reading all the posts I've missed.
    Minnie? Uh, she's, like, uhamyzing. We had pigs when I was little - they were called Pork Lunch, Bubble and Squeak. (I've said it before - my dad's got a sick sense of humour).
    Right, I'm off to read your recent posts to see if I can catch sight of my ho ho ho blocks. Sorry I couldn't do last week - a post-Christmas shopping/coffee trip is def called for!
    Emily x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Christmas decorations in your house. Your photos could be in a home magazine.
    Anne xx

  5. Gorgeous deco!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Fee ♥

  6. YOU. GOT. A. PIG.

    And the dreamy Christmas decor????

    I'm on my way.

  7. OMG I LOVE MINNIE! I lost my cat this week and I don't want to replace him with any old cat or my dear departed dog with just any old dog, a micro pig might be the answer to my prayers! :)

  8. What a lovely post filled with beautiful things...i love Minnie !!!!


  9. I think our men would get on very well, both doing great things with vulnerable learners and mad as bats about animals. We have plans for sheep, goats and a donkey and are trying to get a friend to swap houses as she's got a paddock. I can't believe how grown up your house looks and know there's a pig in the kitchen - should look more like those daft old tweedy countryside birds house that French and Saunders used to take off.
    One other ramble - a friend of mine told me the other day that her dad won a sheep at a village fete years ago. Hit the bell and it was a £5 or a sheep. He took the money and then the three kids wailed all the way home so they turned back and chucked the sheep in the back of the volvo. Glad there's so many nutters out there and I class you very nicely in that camp.

    Have a very Merry Christmas Fee.

    Lisa x

  10. I LOVE Minnie, if I could I would have one too, soooo cute, went to Fiji many years ago and there were so many tiny pigs running around everywhere :) I would also have the chooks and ducks and a horse.......I love your peg nativity too, and your little mouse, that lady is quite the talent. Your home looks so inviting, can I come and stay a while, get a little hit of Chipper family in my life.
    Blessings to you and yours for Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
    Much love xx Sandi

  11. Minnie....oh my dear you will never eat bacon again. We had a pig growing up and she was just a dream. Miss Lucy. How I miss her. Your mantle is magazine worth. Well done....Merry Christmas sweet friend....Renee

  12. Your decorations are wonderful and right up my street. Merry Christmas Fee, all the best for 2012 xx

  13. Good morning

    Loving your decorating :) The peg nativity is a great idea - might have to pinch that - I think I've the paints & pegs somewhere.

    ??Is Minnie a pet or is she for something else??

  14. Nooooo!!!!... A pig in the kitchen?.. Yes! You lot are bonkers but I am absolutely loving your blog. What fantastic memories you are creating for your boys as they grow up. I'm a teacher too and I wish more parents were like you.
    Have a lovely Christmas!

  15. Loving your peg nativity! And micro piggy.....squeeee! Though not sure I could deal with a piglet pee right now as well as puppy piddle everywhere. It's driving me crazy!!!

    Have a super Christmas x

    Jo x x

  16. So lovely to see you again! :-)
    That pig just blew my mind with its cuteness!!! Miss M. immediately also wanted one...
    And then your window picture with the greens and the ribbons: sigh, so pretty!

  17. Okay, you have a very small pig ... in your kitchen!!! Too cute :D

  18. Good evening Fee! THAT PIG IS JUST SO CUTE!!!!!!

    Wishing you much love and joy as you celebrate together and just have FUN! Anita

  19. Your house looks lovely and a piggy in your kitchen - oh my!!!

  20. Oh. My. Goodnes!!! When I saw the photo of the pig, I just burst out into appreciative, adoring laughter! The kind of laughter that you do when something is so darn adorable and perfect and sweet that you just can't stand it...ya, that kind of laughter! Loving the piggy!!! My kids would flip out and just hug the heck out of that little fella! Awesome!
    I love your Christmas decorations! Everything is so charming and full of love! I absolutely adore your mantle! And..I'm not just talking about the decorations, I'm talking about the wood work on that sucker! Oh my gosh! How beautiful is that!!
    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  21. I LOVE YOU MINNIE! Well, Cleggy has done very well indeed!Lucky chap. Gosh your house looks gorgeous Fee - thank you so much for all the thrills and spills and laughter a visit here provides. Merry Christmas to you all,

    with love Sarah x

  22. What a gorgeous piggy! Oh she is a sweetie - hope you get her potty trained soon though ;) and I love those white baubles Fee, you've given me ideas, your house looks beautiful! Hope you and all the family have a very wonderful Christmas break, Jenny x

  23. Not to sound like mum but those photos look seriously good. Have I been there? Ha. Can't wait to spend some more time with Minnie, sorry, the family, over next week. Only wish g Kisby felt the same, about pig that is... X x

  24. Wishing you and the boys a truly magical Christmas and a very happy New Year. I look forward to the continuing adventures of Team B-C and the growing family of animals in 2012. With lots of love from Sarah @ Northfield Primitives
    p.s. Mabel sends a big WOOF to you all!

  25. Hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright dear one and you do not know how happy I am to see that you have a new family member...Miss Minnie looks as sweet as anything...happy dance. xoxoxo

  26. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that your new year will be happy! I have just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award - details at my blog... I Love your blog :)x

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