Sunday 11 December 2011

Ho Ho Hold on a minute...

There is a serious lack of Elves in the chipper nelly workshop!
(oh for some Elves....)

It's been a busy old time - here's a brief rundown of the last couple of weeks...the nice bits anyway!

Firstly, you remember the lady from Ladybird who ordered the single '!' block (see here)? 
Well, she got back in touch to say that the people at Ladybird liked said blocks and would I like to begin discussions to acquire a licence to sell them legitimately!!
I'm sure it will be way too expensive but it's exciting none the less...

I have been in the workshop day and night of late - my biggest seller this year has been three little blocks that spell 'joy'. I now loathe them, and the irony is not lost on me!
To keep my spirits high I've eaten my body weight in mince pies and bought some new music for the ipod (not sure Kate Bush's '50 words for snow' was a good choice for spirits...!) and am only a few days away from starting on the snowballs immediately after the final school run of the day!

Cleggy and the boys made lots of produce for Christmas hampers earlier in the year - so we have been wrapping and making up baskets for the rellies we don't see at Christmas.

This year there is Windfall Chutney, Chilli Jam and Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar - yum!

I've caught up with some lovely friends, where I ate my body weight in dough balls!


...and won a fab giveaway  Not only an amazing bag, but some homemade soap and vintage buttons, all beautifully wrapped, of course...

(thank you again Helena - your gift, and your blog Blondie Blu are both wonderful!).

Of course, there have been plenty of festive shenanigans around these parts. For the last few years we have swapped a regular advent calendar for our rusty buckets. Each bucket contains a challenge, a quiz or a treasure hunt, sometimes leading to a treat, sometimes a trip, sometimes an activity.

This year, just before advent began, the boys chose to play a trick on Cleggy, and thought it would be funny to make him (inadvertently) eat 'stop and grow'. It was funny (come on did laugh, eventually) but it has backfired so this year we have the 
Rusty Buckets of Revenge

Now, if you are at all squeamish it might be wise to stop reading now. The first act of revenge was in the style of a bush tucker trial. 
The boys had a series of things to eat, including dried meal worms and actual crickets. All bought from the local pet shop. Cleggy assures me that he checked it was ok to eat them, and if you think otherwise, PLEASE don't tell me..It's too late!

 Being boys, they all ate every bit! Alfie even picked a cricket leg out of his teeth later on while watching TV. Lovely.
 Today was a face full of swamp. Cleggy enjoyed himself far too much making a vat of gloop - which seemingly included leaves, mud, coffee granules, pasta, yogurt and flour. He added some bicarbonate of soda just before serving for extra fizz. 

The boys had to dunk for pegs which had clues on - all sounded like fun until I pointed out that the amount of red food colouring would leave their little faces looking like they had a nasty disease! (it didn't stop them - but we did have to have a cloth handy. Kenzie still has a red nose - how appropriate!)
Hours of fun...and no one is enjoying it more than Cleggy!

I'm pleased to report that Ned is doing fine in the workshop fridge - I've opened the door each day for oxygen and weighed his box, to make sure he isn't losing too much weight. So far so good.

Finally, we also have some new additions at the very bottom of the garden!
Our friends Alison and Richard wanted to re home their last two chickens - so they moved in with the posh Orpington Ladies this afternoon. 
 Obviously, there's a new pecking order to be established...and when Cleggy went down to close the coop door tonight it became clear that someone is definitely bottom of the rung:
Don't worry Alison - Cleggy managed to get her into the coop!
More chicken antics to keep us all entertained.

My shop closes tomorrow (hooray!!) so once all the orders and commissions are safely posted I'm looking forward to a bit more time with friends - both real life and blogging.
Until then...fee x


  1. I have just shared your post with Mr Jam and we both shrieked with delight at it! Making a mental note NEVER EVER to come for tea at your house. Looks like they had a fab time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. How lucky they are to have such fun parents!
    Hope an elf or two find their way to you soon.

  2. Toffee ( matthews ex chick...) The chicken on the roof!! Has always been a been a bit mental. Lucy is very timid and was bottom of our pecking order, so she must be elated that she's in the "in" crowd.
    Glad cleggy managed to sort out Toffee, hope she behaves better soon ... What a loon!!
    Love Alison xx

  3. Enjoy your day off darling...happy

  4. FEE DEAREST! I have missed you, but I so understand the absence! I spent all weekend in my basement workshop making theatres and birds! AND I SO UNDERSTAND starting to LOATHE the item you are working on! I am tired. OOOOOOOOO THE BOYS REALLY ATE THOSE THINGS???????????????? I CAN'T LOOK AT IT!

    You are so wonderful. You deserve a break and I wish you all the happiness and JOY EVER! Oh, those dough balls look delicious! Anita

  5. (Wo)Man, you are a very busy woman!!! It will be so nice and look back on it all once you're DONE! :-)

  6. Loved your tale of the joy bricks. Good to hear your voice and see you've not disappeared under a pile of blocks. No wonder your boys always look so smiley - mind you not sure if you two are having more fun than them.

    Enjoy the days after the closed sign goes up.

    Lisa X

  7. Oh JOY to you! What three letter word can you come up with next year? Your hamper treats look lovely and so wonderfully wrapped. So excited that you are nearly finished with holiday orders. How fun for the boys on the revenge advent...Cleggy included. enJOY your restful time and holiday treats...I will be eating my weight in cookies soon. Smiles...Renee

  8. Looks like your boys had a fab-tastic time with all that goo. A cricket leg???? (shudders with horror)!! So much for you to look forward to next year - bucket loads of JOY xxxxx :)

  9. Fee! so impressed by your industrialness (is that a word) sooooooo behind on the present front here, hope you get those orders put to bed this week
    Elaine x

  10. I love the rusty buckets of doom, and that you loathe the joy blocks!!!

  11. Your rusty bucket trials sound fantastic, they look like they are loving it. Love the rot balls!!!
    Your hampers look gorgeous, what lucky family members. I love the 'George's marvelous medicine' !!!
    Hope you manage to enjoy the festive time once your orders are finished.

  12. Grubs - delightful - i think they will remember all the fun they had forever. When they are grown up they will say happily 'hey remember the time mum and dad let us eat grubs - those were the days'. Have a very merry christmas.

  13. lol your blog does make me laugh! Love the new style advent calender. Aahh those chickens are cute. And as for ladybird, I still can't understand that by recycling ladybird books you are infringing their copyright - strange.

  14. I hope that Ladybird are realistic with the licence fee, for the size of business etc...such good news though!!

  15. Good luck Fee with the Ladybird license x Good luck boys with the Rusty Buckets of Doom!

  16. Love it. Only wish we were there to enjoy it first hand, I can see the anticipation and excitement on gb's face on that first picture.
    I think u should donate that lovely giveaway win to your little sister, maybe it's worth a swap conversation..
    Might pop over fri if u are about x x

  17. What an update! You HAVE been busy! Love all your good stories. The men in your life crack me up! Also - those jams and chillis and chutneys sound AMAZING! Wish I had my act together (and the know-how) to whip up some gems like that well before Christmas.

    Happiest Holidays dear fee!

  18. Well haven't you been industrious! Glad the Ladybird peeps have seen sense and I hope you can get a licence as your blocks are lush. I don't know where you find the time for all the gift making and fun shenanigans, puts me to shame (note to self to buy gross things for my kids to eat). x

  19. Does the fun ever stop in your home!!! Joy joy and you are a little elf my friend...your new giveaway bag is super to take a peek at her blog. HUgs and love to you....your new chicken friends are lovely...xoxoxoxo

  20. Hey Fee! Missed you! :)
    Holy cow, woman! I would give anything to live at your house during the holidays...wanna adopt me? It is all so pretty - just like out of a magazine :) I'm thrilled for you that they want to pick up your block line! Even if it doesn't happen, it must feel so good to create something that people want in their homes! When I opened my etsy store and people actually bought some items I was beside myself with joy! It was simply the best feeling in the world. And wow! You're blog is really taking off! All smiles for you on this end ♥


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