Saturday, 30 April 2011

The royal wedding post

Despite declaring myself 'not that interested' in the royal wedding I did of course find myself glued to the television from about 9am, and got cross when Cleggy wouldn't pause for me to make fresh coffee!

Needlesstosay, I had an opinion on everything, not least outfits of the rich and famous.

Here's my 3 favourites (apart from Kate's.... of course!)
Sophie Winkleman, Princess Máxima of The Netherlands and Miriam González Durántez (aka the other Mrs Clegg!)

...and my favourite image of the day? 

DID YOU KNOW....that you can view The British Monarchy's photostream on their official Flickr site?
Here's the link
Happy days!
fee x


  1. Ha, ha. I did pretty much the same thing.

  2. A lovely post, i too said i wasnt interested, who cares i thought? Me it turned out, i watched on tv and did enjoy it, It was really romantic when he told her she was beautiful at the alter.
    Nightwear - Lingerie - Pyjamas - knickers

  3. No other item of clothing is so steeped in history, tradition or superstition. It's the most expensive and least worn of dresses. Carefully squirreled away in the attic or the back of a Narian wardrobe. Handled with care and affection and nostalgia. Handed down through families and generations and ages. One-off, unrepeatable, loved moments of satin, silk and lace


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