Monday 3 June 2013

Mirror Monday (again!)

So this time last year I took a photo of my fat face to link up with my blogging friend Roos, who does this every single Monday. Today she is celebrating 100 'Mirror Mondays' 
but also the journey of the last 12 months. 
Despite everything she is still strong, still sane, still funny and still chic!

And despite being faced with just about every bug going her man Kenji is here too. I'm not sure how sane or how chic or even how!

It's a good time for reflection this Monday morning thing - and thinking back over the last 12 months you (probably) know I have so much to be grateful for. 
SO much.

Between last years photo and this, a little friend lost her battle with cancer and died at home with her family around her. 
Lydia was an absolute inspiration - and so are her parents and big brother who, despite unimaginable grief, have shown us all what it is to celebrate someone's life, no matter how short.

Roos, and Cheryl, you are an inspiration to me. 
fee x


  1. You look fantastic, gorgeous photo.
    Anne xx

  2. What a pretty photo! :-)
    Wishing you a wonderful week.....

  3. ~Dear Fee. You do look lovely!
    Life is cruel for those we loose to young...
    I am sending thoughts out for your dear friend, Lydia....(love her name)
    ~ and am wishing you a week full of loveliness too..
    ~ with twinkles **** Maria x

  4. Hello Fee !!!..nice to see you today !! Roos her blog too...lovely week from me...x !!

  5. Lovely words Fee, and so true, we should always remember them xxxx

  6. Dearest Fee, it's (always!!) so good to see you! Talk some sense into your husband and hop on a plane please ;-) I love the picture and your gorgeous eyes.
    Big x x x Roos

  7. Lovely post. Lovely picture also. I agree. We have an awful lot to be great full for. Even when we think we don't xx

  8. Nice eyebrows Mrs! I'm always jealous of people with groomed facial hair.
    I pop over to Roos's blog every so often. she is certainly an inspiration.

  9. Lovely post and piccy :) xxxxx

  10. Everyone's right, you look fab!

    Jelly Jam may be jealous of your eyebrows but could I please have your chin, mine seems to have acquired a companion lately and it's so not the look I'm after ;)

    I'm another occasional Roos visitor ... so inspiring :)

  11. Gorgeous photo Fee!

    Love Caroline xx


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