Thursday 26 April 2012

Patient Update!

Thank you SOoooo much for all the supportive comments over the last couple of days - I was completely overwhelmed. And the love for Kenzie's buns made us both smile!

I'm pleased to report that his operation went well, they didn't find anything scary inside his head (!) and he is happily recovering beside me on the settee.

I realised right from the start of this journey that Cleggy would be better equipped than me to take Kenzie down to theatre (after sobbing uncontrollaby the first time - you know the real gutteral sob that you know is embarrasing even though its perfectly understandable?)

But I always insist on going to collect him - much easier.
UNTIL yesterday. It's never nice, but At least at that point it's over and everyone is telling you with confidence that he's OK.
Unfortunatly the relief, the heat and the horrible hospital smell all combined to make me woozy....and the next thing I know everything is swimming and I'm being lifted onto a flamin bed. With a cot side 'for my safety'.  

The SHAME!!!

Of course, there's always an upside. Cleggy thought this was hilarious (and promptly texted all family members to let them know...thanks). Fortunatly he arrived in recovery without his phone, so no nothing to show. I'm surprised he didn't ask to go back for it.

Anyway, after the inevitable sore few hours Kenzie was soon back in the room and enjoying a biscuit boost!
Unfortunatly his ear wasn't so happy - and he ended up having the full head bandage:
 The Giggle Doctors in the top photos are brilliant. They are paid for by a charity called Theodora Children's Trust and do their job in such a sensitive way, in children's hospitals all over the country.

They get a feel for how much a child wants to be included, and tailor their fun to suit the age and nature of the child. Far harder then they make it look!

They were very funny and we all enjoyed their company and the distraction. Cleggy enjoyed it a little too much!! (and I liked their shoes a little too much!)

So here we are...the lucky ones. We are forever grateful for our brave boy, for all the amazing doctors and nurses at our hospitals, and for our luck. It certainly stops you moaning about the weather....fee x


  1. So glad everything is okay. I totally understand your crying. My son had to have heart surgery at 3 years to close a hole in his heart and then again at 14 years to replace his mitral valve and get a pacemaker. I couldn't eat or move until everything was over and then I returned to the waiting room and sobbed my heart out. Today he is a healthy 32 year old, married and father to 3 of the most wonderful grandchildren in the world. Kenzie's smile says it all. Life is wonderful.

  2. Awww glad all went well. As a mum, it's all you want, to be able to take away pain and hurt of any child of yours. It's a hard thing to bear as a parent when illness does strike.....and it certainly puts a lot into perspective. You have a gorgeous family Fee, glad there are lots of smiles.....and shame Cleggy didn't have the phone on him to take a piccy!!!!!!! ha ha!


  3. Hi...I'm just one more out here in the wide wide web but so very glad for you and kenzie that everything went alright.

    Amanda xx

  4. Lovely, cheerful, happy pictures, glad Kenzie's ok. And don't they do a fantastic job, what a difference to the grim, Victorian hospital wards, of my childhood, where parents weren't allowed to stay, or sometimes even visit. Hope you're ok too, although you'll probably never be allowed to forget it! xx

  5. glad Kenzie is fine...and that you both (!) survived the least you made him laugh at a difficult time...happy healing Kenzie :) Hugs, Jill x

  6. What a fabulous relief for you all!!! The best news ever I expect :) so pleased for Kenzie x

  7. Great news for gorgeous Kenzie!! Beds with cot sides, now that takes me back...... oh the embarrassment!!

  8. So glad to hear that it all went well! :O)xx

  9. Yay, Happy Days!!!!! You guys will have a great weekend and all this nastiness will be behind you! SMILE! :-)

  10. So pleased all went well, have been thinking of you. How lucky Cleggy didn't have his phone so you dont have to steal it to delete the pics of you in a hospital bed! xx

  11. Oh my goodness Fee..I have just read your previous post and cannot imagine the worry you have had to deal with...So wonderful to read your post today knowing that all is well for lovely Kenzie...such a very brave and special young man..You do have such a gorgeous family!
    Susan x

  12. So glad all is well :) hope you didn't have to pop on one of those gowns whilst you were recovering.... Catch up soon xxxxx big hugs from us xxxxx

  13. I'm so glad everything went ok, bar the fainting fit. I've only had to watch one of my children being put under a general anaesthetic for a minor op and it was awful... So I can only imagine what you went through with Kenzie. The nurse told me that ALL parents cry watching their child go under the anaesthetic. Anyway, hope Kenzie's ear gets better soon.

    But, the weather, the weather.... Why does it always rain the hardest at 8:45am and 3:15pm?

  14. Thank you fee for the update. I would have been on the floor myself. In fact I have been many times. Thankfully my lovely husband is a physician and takes control in the bandage department very well. Good thing you can count on Cleggy for comic relief. Rest up Kenzie the animals are sure to need you soon...smiles...Renee

  15. So pleased it all went for Kenzie, he's a brave boy!!

  16. So glad it all went well for you my lovely. Not surprised it all got too much for least they caught you and there is no photo as evidence.
    Relief here at the coastal town for you all
    xx xx

  17. So happy everything went well and Kenzie is back recovering - and you! Hope you are fine now? Bet you're glad there is no evidence to show for it though ;) Have a lovely evening together xxx

  18. Great news!! So pleased for you all.
    Have a lovely weekend (at home?)
    PS cot sides...I ask you!

  19. I cannot believe you omitted to tell me in your texts that you went all wibbly! Bet you faked it just to get a little Nanna nap in ;oD

    I've shown my boys this post and they are so desperate to come and see Kenny. Teddy thinks Kenny will let him wear his bandage and Bill thinks the Clowns will be rocking about your pad!

    A biscuit boost. Oh yum. Though I prefer a star bar now. Get one of those down yer neck doll, that'll sort out your wibbles.


  20. So happy everything worked out. A Mother's achilles tendon are her children. I made " a bet with the Lord" years ago when I was a young Mother. I said you can do anything to me you like but please, please protect my children. He/She took me up on it unfortunately for me but my children are all still living and well and now I pray for the grandchildren! Will it never end? Just when you think you can can't...they have children and then your prayer chain grows even longer!
    I too passed out one time when one of my children were rushed to the hospital and I was in the ER with them sitting in a chair thank goodness so I didn't fall to the floor but it was so unnerving to all of sudden have the lights go out! I'd never fainted before in my life. I had a teacher faint once though and she peed in her pants and I later found out that when you faint you lose all bodily functions sometimes. So when I "came to" guess what I checked first! Thank God I hadn't because my "ex" was in the room too and that would have been just too embarassing. In my opinion that is why we seem to age faster as our children age....the job of Motherhood is the greatest and hardest responsibility you ever have. You are a trouper and you and your family are in my prayers. Let's face it....Mothers need all the help they can get! You both deserve a medal for bravery!

  21. Whew what a relief to hear your good news. Poor you - shame on you Cleggy.
    I promise I will not moan about the weather, not even once, for the rest of the week.
    Enjoy the rest Kenzie - no school!!!!! xx

  22. Thank goodness you're all done and out the other side. Poor old you, but I can imagine it. When Mike had his plaster cast cut off his leg Rosey watched too intently and then hit the floor. The technician lady said nearly everyone does that.

    Not easy handing your child over even though you know it's for the best. Millie had an emergency op and then another one later on when she was 3. I remember trying to be really calm for her as they were trying to save her arm so it wouldn't be amputated. When the anaethatist said it's ok she's gone now I lost it as those were the wrong words completely. It was shocking being on a children's ward and meeting one little girl of two who had lived her whole life there to keep her alive. Made me realise even more how lucky we were.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of fun Fee.


  23. Hi Fee,

    Just read your last two post. I am so glad to hear your son is ok! You must have been so anxious despite it being a routine operation. Kenzie looks like a very sweet and friendly little boy.

    Hope you are well know too? I have a brother like you...when he stays in hospital too long the temperature and smells get at him. He ends up in a hospital bed as well.

    Happy recovery to Kenzie!

    Liefs van Madelief x

  24. Well that's great news! I've been on pins today wondering how it was going! Not good with scissors in your clients will be so relieved.So Kenzie ..enjoy your time off school! Know that you are a babe magnet in your head bandage and Kenzie...milk it for all it's worth!!! Choccy biscuits and waitress service on the sofa with a big fat pillow and a quilt, I reckon! Tell your Mum I said so! Never mind all this wibbly wobbly malarky! xxxxxx

  25. So pleased to hear all went well - love the giggle doctors!
    Victoria xx

  26. So glad it all went well. I think you should have taken your buns with you Kenzie then your mum would have had something sweet to bring her round! Mums.........what are we like!x

  27. I'm so delighted all went well. Bless you for having a little 'impromptu lie down'. And breathe ...


  28. I am so pleased to see that everything is ok and that lovely young man of yours is home again.

    As for the taking them down to theatre thing - I hope its something I never have to do.

    When we've had emergencies with both boys - amazingly I've been calm and not the gibbering wreck everyone expected me to be - I saved that for later when the emergency was over - then I went giddy/shakey.

  29. brilliant news about Kenzie and I am very pleased he is recovering well. all the best

  30. Brilliant news Fi, well not you fainting, obviously, but the rest of it is marvellous :D

  31. Thank you so much for the undate...soooo happy to hear all is well. Boy can I ever relate to your to you all. xoxoxo

  32. I'm so glad to hear your little guy is o.k. and recovering well. As for fainting, it happens more than we like to think. I'm sure you will find an adequate opportunity to get Cleggy back in the future. :)
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  33. Think I am losing my mind, so sure I made a comment......glad to hear (no pun intended) that all is well, now you can breath a big sigh of relief. Onwards and upwards. I have never fainted, I get squirmy, but come the crunch I seem to cope. Vomit is another thing all together though!!!
    xx Sandi

  34. So happy to hear that all is well, and Kenzie is ok (apart from the big bandage). Sorry you felt faint and woozy Fee, though it's not a surprising reaction to all the stress. The children's entertainers are such a nice idea!
    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend now that ordeal is over!
    Helen x

  35. Yikes! In my blogging hiatus I missed the first post and now here we are with bandages, woozy fee's and bubbly clowns surrounding a brave little boy!

    Note to self, keep your peepers peeled for matching clown shoes to send to the Cleggy & Fee household, they can find the shiny side of any situation and need to be suitably attired.

    Happy weekend Gorgeouses!

  36. I'm so glad it's all over for you all now honey, did you fancy the dr, is that why you swooned ? Cot sides what a nightmare ... Am disappointed with al for not photographing the occassion... Having fun with your other boy, who's been so amusing tonight.
    Off to tell them to settle down.
    Night x

  37. So glad to read that your little one is ok, I missed the last bloggy post :-( Hope you feel ok now too, it really does get to you waiting for them to come out of an op doesn't it :-( x

  38. I'm not surprised that you ended up feeling woozy - after all you've been through in the past it must have brought all that intensity of emotion back with a rush. Glad that part of your wooziness was relief though and that you can all get on with the process of healing and getting back to normal life again. I'm glad that you mentioned the shoes because they rather caught my eye too! Love and best wishes to you all, Julie x

  39. DARLING FEE! I MISSED YOU ! What in the world did I do to miss your previous post and news about this shining little star of yours??????? LOOK AT YOU ALL NOW! All is well? YEAH!!!

    Thank you for your kind words today as you visited me. Oh, I am always sad when I let someone down. Teaching is tough and you can never please anyone but those two teens who came to see me were like angels that gave me the strength I needed. MAY YOUR SON RECOVER FULLY to spread cheer and mischief throughout the house!!! LOVE TO YOU DEAR FEE! Anita

  40. Fee - thanks for your lovely message, I'm fine, just lacking in blog motivation...sounds like you have been through the wringer this week, sending you all lots of love and hopefully you will now find somee closure xx

  41. Oh Fiona, i've missed the whole thing with my slow internet & swapping computers, honey bee, mega kisses from Australia for your Kenz, he's such a trooper. I can't imagine anything scarier than uncertaintity with a child's health, i'd possibly collapse from the 'coping' & be wheeled off too. Bless you, but what a happy & with your side show - entertaining conclusion, with success. Love & kisses, love Posie

  42. So glad everything went well I wish him a speedy recovery. Hugs x x

  43. I have just been reading your recent posts about your son and I have to say, it made my heart beat faster with hope that the next words you had written were positive... I am so relieved for you and your family that your son has pulled through such an illness and is happy and healthy now. I cannot imagine what you all went through and the rollercoaster of emotions that you must have felt. It has certainly made me look at my life and family and feel so grateful for what I have... life is so fagile and precious isn't it? I am extreamly happy to see the fab photo of your son and his 'buns'.... I hope he is feeling better after his recent op and you are feeling better too, I think I would have felt exactly the same!!

    I hope you are having a relaxing weekend... full of sticky bun fun :)

    HUGE HUGs to you all!!!!

    Louise xxx


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