Thursday 19 April 2012

GB is 8!

Brrrrr, it's cold here again today. Where has the sun gone?

You know how I like a random post - well here goes:

Firstly I made a purchase and have developed a new obsession...a slow cooker! 
While we were at featherdown farm we slow cooked some delicious stews on the stove. When I got back I had a comment from a new follower Sam who lives in Arkansas. I popped over to her blog say hello and found an interesting recipe for slow cooked pork. I took it as a sign (from who??!) and was on Argos online in a jiffy getting myself a crockpot! (£24 for a huge one...bargain)
 So, with  my little sister and G Kisby over for dinner the following day I set about throwing the bizarre ingredients (I didn't measure anything) into the pot and left it cooking for 9 hours. Yes, there was some questioning of my sanity ('pancake syrup? really?) but the consensus was that it was de-flamin'liscious!

Obviously I am now seeking out more recipes...loving the idea of putting dinner together after the morning school run - leaving me more available for the witching hour!
Last week I received 3 gorgeous packages 
(but have only photographed 2. Annie - yours has been cut up!!! see later)
The first was from Helen as part of a swap. A gorgeous monogrammed pin cushion in my favourite adorable?
Thank you Helen - it will be treasured forever.
Helen's current post is a visual feast of nautical colours...pop over and prepared to be inspired.

The second was a giveaway winning! Who doesn't LO♥E a giveaway?!
This pocket bunting is beautifully made by Jooles from sewsweetviolet blog, another of my all time favourites. It's currently hanging in my hallway - and already has treasure in the pockets!

This block is the last of the winners from Annie's giveaway. It was won by Lori from loritimesfive blog in California. Lori requested the word 'wool' on a winter white block. It was a pleasure to make.
Lori is a few days away from a massively exciting trip to Africa - which all came about through blogging! She has made some wonderful crochet pockets filled with little treasures to take with her as gifts for children in a himba village in Namibia - take a look. As if you need any more reasons to visit Lori, there's also a fab post on her knitted shawl (one for you Cuckoo!) here.

After the love shown for Mabels vintage Ladybird peg, and the gift of a duplicate book (Annie - I love them all! Thank you) I've been able to chop up the rest of my 'Puppies and Kittens' book to make some more pegs to sell here on the blog.

The first set of photos were taken before I made holes for the pegs!
 The pictures are sealed on to a block of solid birch 10x10x1cm and have a recessed hole for a screw (which I don't have!)
The wooden peg is shaker style and hammers in. I can either hammer it in before sending or send with the peg separately.

If you're interested in buying one please let me know which one you fancy - there's only one of each. Drop me an email ( so I have your email address to send you a paypal invoice. They are £15 each which includes wrapping and postage (If outside the UK then I'll add on another £1 for the extra postage)

I'm happy to stamp a message on the back if you fancy - I've done an example to give you an idea of space available. The best font is old typewriter as in the example, all lower case.

And finally, our littlest boy is 8 today. 
If ever there was a boy high on life it's our Geordie. He is NEVER still, always (very) dirty, mischievous, often highly strung, always funny, loves all of our animals (take that back - he has neglected to remember his own hamster Mr Bob Boblingson) and great all round entertainment. As third child he has to fight hard for his voice to be heard - and once he gets an opening he literally talks until someone stops him.

Happy days
fee x


  1. Happy Birthday Geordie! Blimey.. you've got 3 Very good-looking boys on your hands there. You must have good genes!! Not many years until you'll be meeting prospective girlfriends! :O haha

    I've got a little slow cooker which I need to try using more often, there's nothing better than a warm and hearty stew!

    I'm not jealous at all over you winning Jooles' beautiful bunting!! - it's bloomin' lovely. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  2. I love that last picture, it's a stunner.
    Happy Birthday Geordie! Have a lovely day xxx

  3. Isnt Geordie a sweetie! Ha ha, how to embarrass an 8 year old (or maybe not?). Too gorgeous pic of you and lovely Geordie, blow it up and get it framed :) 9 hours on a slow cooker? Yikes, mind your lekkie bill :( Great post xxx

  4. Hi there Fee, I just woke up to your lovely blog post. What a great way to start the day! :-) Anyway, here is a fun website for you involving lots of crock pot (that's what they're called here) recipes:
    And of course your pictures of Young Mister Geordie are fabulous!!!!! :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to your son, what a lovely birthday photo montage.

    I absolutely adore my slow cooker and I use it all year round .. but my favourite dish in it is my other half's secret receipe 'beef ala surprise' don't know what's in it, he always makes it on his day off - I know it needs brandy but haven't got the full recipe!

    Have fun, Fleur xx

  6. Wonderful post that made me smile immensely :-)
    Happy birthday to you youngest son have a wonderful day

  7. I feel all moved when I saw the pics of Geordie Boy ranging from age 1-8 and then got a mega lump in my throat when I saw the last pic. HOW gorgeous is that one, I do hope you have it framed.
    I love the Puppies and Kittens book, I have that one (natch!). AM I being thick re the pegs. Not clothes pegs.....what pegs? I am seeing squares in my denseness.
    Well done on winning the bunting.
    x x x xx

    1. Gem! they are hook type pegs (why can't I describe them properly?!), so a block of wood with a wooden peg sticking out of it. I stupidly took the photos before I stuck the pegs back in so you could see the whole unadulterated picture - so totally realise why it would confuse you.
      I know it hurts you to see me cutting them up - but I least they are still loved!!! One day I'm going to sneak into yours and steal your whole collection. Chop chop chop...
      fee x
      (didn't mean that to sound quite so sinister!)

    2. Now I feel a right thicko as can see the wooden peg in any case. Oh Fee, now I am going to have nightmares, I tell thee. Do not EVER chop chop chop over at my gaff. I treasure my Ladybird books almost as much as my kids and my secret Jon Bon Jovi stash of pics (hidden in various recipe books so the Husband can no longer draw moustaches on his face).
      Hope your weekend has been lush xx

  8. Ooh, I love my slow cooker, just chuck it all in a let it do it's thing, perfect! Ah happy birthday to you sweet boy too. Love your blocks, such beautiful images you use.
    Victoria xx

  9. I've been toying with getting a slow cooker for an age. Still toying. Maybe for my birthday. Talking of birthdays, Happy birthday to Geordie. The last pic of you two together is gorgeous.

    Love your puppies and kittens' knobs (eek, that doesn't sound right!). The book was one of my daughter's favourites when she was little. xx

  10. Big thumbs up for slow cookers. We love to put a stew in ours in the morning, take a trip to the beach and then return a few hours later to a delicious dinner all ready to serve! Your boy is gorgeous (hope he doesn't read this or I'm sure he will be embarrassed!). I love the last photo, that is truly very special xx

  11. Ooh, where to start! So glad you loved the books. The pegs are awesome. Slow cookers ditto, everyone should have one. The contents of your other incoming parcels are so sweet. Lori, don't you just love her blog. Love that photo of you and Geordie, one to treasure! Happy Birthday GB x

    Phew, did I miss anything?

  12. Happy birthday to that youngest young man of yours.

    Hope he's having a great day.

    Today is special here - I've officially become the shortest member of the household and have taken over the nickname of SquidgetMidget - oh joy!!

  13. I love the way my slow cooker makes the house smell yummy and makes me feel all competant and housewifey!
    What super cheery photos, so much loveliness xx

  14. What a lovely post! You have been lucky to receive TWO such fabulous parcels!!! And I love your 'Puppies and Kittens' pegs. This book was my ABSOLUTE favourite when I was little (I still have it). I remembered ALL of the illustrations as I scrolled down your post. I love them so!!! :-)

  15. What a lovely post full of interesting things, Fee! First of all...a very happy birthday to GB! The photo of you together is gorgeous! Slow cooker....well how funny because I got one a short time ago after thinking I didn't need one and then seeing how useful my daughter's was...they are so good and mean you need never burn the dinner again.(I hope you find some nice recipes too to share). I loved your pictures of my add a new look to it!! (Loved the ones of Jooles gorgeous bunting too). And the adorable...would it be greedy to have one as well as my blocks??
    Have a great weekend, Fee...hoping for the sun to shine too.
    Helen x

  16. Happy days indeed fee!

    Love your GB collage - that cheeky smile is a sparkler!

    Hoping that you get to enjoy lots of slow cooked deliciousness over the weekend,

    Biggest boobest hug from afar~ xx

  17. Love the sound of that recipe, am going to try it. I always cook chilli in mine. It great for about three days and gets better the longer you leave it. We haveit rince,on chips, on baked potatoes and when you are just about sick of the sight of it, it's gone!

    Enjoy your slow cooker!

  18. Late Happy Birthday wishes to your lovely boy. My pooter isn't showing the pics so I'm not being rude when I don't say things about them honest.

    Have a lovely weekend, sounds like the cooking is sorted.

    X Lisa X

  19. Hi, I'm a new follower and have found so many lovely things already! I really love the birthday boy collage, am inspired to make one for my girls now! PS-love my slow cooker too!

  20. Happy Birthday Geordie. WOW those gorgeous brown eyes of his...I'm a sucker for gorgeous deep brown eyes. He's gonna break some hearts. :)
    Anne xx

  21. fee...Happy Birthday to GB...It is so hard to see our boys grow up. Those pegs are beyond cute. You have a knack for picking the best images. Darling swap! Smiles...Renee

  22. Just popping back to say thank you so much for the links to me in this post...and I'm really delighted you like the pincushion....have emailed you about buying a peg too....I know I need one:-)
    Helen x

  23. happy birthday to your darling boy! and happy 'birth'day to you too! how pretty all your gifts are! thank you for all the kind words, and for my block, which i love so much, it is so sweet, and i just love looking at it everytime i enter my room.
    xox lori

  24. Happy Birthday Geordie, you are a heart melter, and I love that last photo with your gorgeous mum. I love my slow cooker too, I have my receipe book beside me ready to have a look through for tomorrows cooking. As always your blocks and now pegs are gorgeous.
    xx Sandi

  25. Loved your random post Fee, happy birthday to your lovley 8 year old - where does the time go :-( x

  26. Imagine my surprise when I came over to visit and saw my name there and that you had tried the recipe. I quickly scrolled down to see if you liked it! Whew! I'm always nervous when I post recipes as I go over and over my post to ensure I copied everything correctly! I laughed when you said you just threw everything in! LOL! So glad it worked for you. Another great recipe spot is I like it because they are reviewed by HUNDREDS of users and are star rated. I just use the 5 star ones....there's plenty of those. You can also search by ingredient and change the amount of servings and the recipe automatically gets changed and you can print it out in a myriad of forms and fonts. I have a few more I'll try and dig up for you involving the crockpot but only FAVORITES that get top billing! LOL!
    Happy Birthday to your big little man there! Wow! They do grow up fact I am a Grandma and have grandchildren your children's age. That collage of him every year is very sweet and you can see the big changes every year! What a cute little guy he is. I had 3 boys and one daughter and "rambunctious" was my favorite word for describing them all. I hope he has a wonderful birthday and that you survive! LOL!
    Your wooden blocks are gorgeous and loved the gifts you received and displayed. I need to go visit your friends now! You gals are all so talented! Thanks again for sharing all of it with us and wish that little man a very Happy Birthday and a whole year of happiness!

  27. the yearly birthday photos along with the newest birthday photo are just fabulous !!!

  28. Ah very Happy Birthday indeed Geordie boy! Enjoy being 8 - I loved it! As for the pocket bunting who knew! So cool,

    Sarah -x-

  29. Happy Birthday to Geordie, what a lovely collage of photos - love the last one. I wonder if I have enough photos of myself to make a similar collage?? Random thought I know - but I am rarely photographed so maybe not? Some years I would be lucky to find one photo! (Plus I've barely changed looks-wise in the last ten years - still look about 18, haha!) Those pegs are gorgeous, as is the pin cushion from Helen and the bunting by Jooles - lucky lucky you! Have a greaty week Fee, Jenny xxx

  30. Another gorgeous post. I think you deserve a prize...


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