Tuesday 10 January 2012

♥ Love ♥

I was struggling to move on from Christmas crafting to doing some serious work so decided I would try and incorporate the two! I've become obsessed with how I can use dictionary paper (see banner!).

Now, Cleggy and I don't 'do' valentines day (he declared early on that 'every day is valentines day'...) but I love hearts (who doeasn't?!) so designing products for the day of love is a pleasure. 

Here are this years offerings:
(all available here)

The little tile is made from fimo (still addicted) and has a tiny key embedded into it.

This one can be personalised on the back - and has a tag with two cut out hearts. Good present for hard to buy for men.

I did make some with other papers:

I'm also struggling to wean myself off Pinterest! I've seen this idea stitched in a couple of places (pinned here and here) and just had to try it...

It was a fun photograph to play around with

It's a year this week since I started blogging - how glad I am that I ventured into this inspiring world!!!
H♥ppy d♥ys
fee x


  1. Lovely blocks as usuall .. great new header too ..just love this blog..
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  2. I love your Valentine blocks...especially the one "I love you more than cake"...that is so cute! I have to say that I am a sucker for Valentine's Day. The hubs and I don't really do anything or exchange Valentines...but I think we have on occasion...it's usually me that makes a handmade card to stick in his lunch box or something like that. But anyhow, to me, Valentines Day is more about those sweet little cards we exchanged as children in school, decorating a shoe box with foil and heart stickers, racing home through the snow with my box full of Valentines and lollipops, dropping everything in the middle of the living room floor as soon as I got in the door so I could open my box and read each Valentine very closely, and really hoping that I would find a Valentine from a boy in my class that secretly admired me and then my heart would be filled with joy...but...I never did get one of those. But, I can tell you, that the Valentines I got from the boys that I liked...I would read and re-read to try to see if there was any hint that he might have picked that particular card out for me especially. So funny to think back on that stuff. Those are treasured memories and that is why I love Valentines Day. To me, it's foil wrapped shoe boxes, I choo choo choose you train valentines, snow, mittens, lollipops, and the hope and promise of a secret admirer!

  3. Congratulations on your first year of blogging! Yay! Loving this post and the new header is super duper!!

    Jo x x x

  4. Yes love the header, and as always your work is fabulous! :) What an old romantic "every day is Valentines" (ha ha) ;o) A year of blogging, it's just great isn't it? I don't know what i'd do without it!

  5. Ach, everything I write sounds like a pun. I 'love' them. See?!


  6. Weeeee! My word verification was Spodula. That is fab!

  7. I once again Love, Love, Love your art Miss Fee!!!! You did it again! :-)
    And your banner is fabulous! Can I use any more exclamation marks?! ;-)

  8. Love the crochet makes - its quite addictive isn't it. Hadn't though of tealight holders - another reason to save pretty small jars then :)

    Love the hearty makes too :)

  9. Fee you're work is always soooooooooooooooo beautiful and so gorgeously presented, I love your new designs, especially the little stitchy heart and the key - so so cute! I've also had a day of designing for Valentine's - aren't hearts just the most fun thing to design with? I've only been using a simple heart motif but done quite a few different designs today (well OK they are all pretty much a variation on the one design really but it makes me think I've been more productive if I say I've done 4 new products, hehe!) Have a fab rest of the week xxx

  10. I'm glad you started blogging too - really enjoying reading!
    Love all the Valentines cubes. Mr Jam and I are a bit like you and rubbish at remembering anniversaries and the like.
    Happy making!

  11. Yes I'm so happy you started blogging too - happy anniversary!!

    I absolutely love these blogs. Will be placing an order at the end of the month (why is January such a dry month financially???! Ah, that'll be Christmas...)

    Have I 'wowed' at your crochet jar holder before or have you just nonchalantly thrown that in?! Get you! I remember you couldn't crochet about three weeks ago (or something)!! Lovely. Love the dictionary paper idea too.

    Nicki xxx

    PS please don't forget to answer my boring decoupage-y questions from previously!!!! :-)

  12. Oh my, LOVE them. Cake one is fab, nice new papers in red and do I spot a little something coming our way?
    I hope I do, oh yes I do, oh yes I do...
    (please don't be some new camera trickery)

  13. Fee! you are so productive! love the idea of the dictionary paper - looks great, and happy Blog Birthday! (p.s, yes, you must read that book I recommended on Vikki's blog - oh no, I'm nervous now!)

  14. What a beautiful things....i really like the you complete me blocks !!!...love from me......seize the day...xxx..

  15. Your new blocks are GORGEOUS!! I'm in awe of how you come up with your different ideas, you must have a very creative mind.
    I'm very glad you started blogging too....'cos I get to see beautiful, awesome creations that inspire me. Thank you.
    Anne xx

  16. What...no animal update? Just kidding. Love love love those sweet blocks. Even my Miss Claire said she envied your sweet boys having a mom with such talent. Clearly I am chopped liver....I am in love with your fimo additions. Have fun with your boys...so glad you have this little blog...you make me giggle...Renee

  17. love your new makes, fee, especially the vintage valentine blocks and the crochet pencil catch-all. congratulations on one year of blogging. i, for one, am delighted to have made your acquaintance and continue to be so inspired by all that you do.


  18. Happy blog birthday!! So glad you decided to start a blog!
    Love the new blocks, love Cleggy saying every day is valentines day...awwwwww
    re the dictionary paper obsession, I am so hearing you- it looks great!! I am currently obsessed with ferreting out old atlases to make stuff with and am loving the maps, so can certainly understand the dictionary thing!!

  19. congratulations on a year of blogging Fee, and love your Valentines Day ideas :)

  20. DARLING FEE!!!!!

    Oh, I am sooo late. Cleggy would know what I am talking about here, but SCHOOL IS WICKEDLY BUSY!!!!! I woke up late this morning, HENCE not being able to catch all my favorite blogs' new posts! I LOVE THESE NEW BLOCKS and I need to get on the stick and advertise for my newest little Valentine's creations. Simply darling my friend! Anita

  21. Oh my, I am almost breathless.....you just keep creating the most gorgeous items I don't know where you get the time. Happy 1 year, I am so glad you started to blog, cos I wuv your blog (and you). Fimo with a key embedded and 'key to my heart' oh how I love thee.
    xx Sandi

  22. I really love cake too as well as your colorful cozy pencil case in the last picture.
    Have a lovely Thursday, Fee. Keep warm and cozy xxx

  23. Love is in the air ...your blocks are adorable! Such joy over here everytime I visit...hugs and love to you. xoxoxo And no I didn't buy a zoo...but it is something that has crossed my mine. I think you would have to join me on that adventure.

  24. You are once clever Missus!
    Can't believe it's been aaaaages since I've been here last- sorry 'bout that.

    Beautiful blocks- clever idea about using dictionary paper too.
    I love a bit of Fimo too- it's marvellous stuff, isn't it? Takes me right back to being a kid again..!
    Ahhhhhh, the good old days.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  25. love , love , love the valentines blocks , we dont do valentines either but you are tempting me - although lets not beat about the bush - i may buy them for him but we all know who they are really for ......?

  26. Congratulations on your blogaversary!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been getting stuck into some Valentine's crafting, I've already made my husband's card and crocheted a string of red hearts into a garland to hang in the dining room on the day.

    Loving the 'you complete me' blocks and the 'I love you more than cake' block, gorgeous. x

  27. Oh yes, all you need is LOVE!! Gorgeous, nice work!! Big fan of the L.O.V.E Wishing you many Valentine sales, love Posie

  28. I'm pretty glad you started blogging a year ago too! Your blog is g-e-or-geous! :)x

  29. GOOD AFTERNOON PRECIOUS!!! Oh, Minnie sounds like a good little piglet! They are rather smart, aren't they? I SEE YOU HAVE been up to good things in creating! I am trying to juggle coming up with Etsy wares while working as a teacher...what was I thinking when I took this ON??????

    PEACE AND LOVE AND MORE LOVE to you and Cleggy my dear !! Anita

  30. My boyfriend and I don't "do" V-Day either, it's just too expensive and busy for no reason. Instead we celebrate our 1/2 anniversary on Feb. 20th! It's always more fun than our real anniversary because 1) everything sappy is cheaper after V-Day and 2) there's no pressure to live up to the the perfect anniversary!

    I love the retro blocks!


  31. Hello dear Fee
    I have just been doing a bit of window licking as my dear mother would have said.. and think your new Valentine blocks over at NOTH are rather scrummy. The power of love is a wonderful thing!

    Love to you
    Michele x

    P.s Hope all is well with Ned? Any sign of him waking up yet?

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