Thursday 19 January 2012


So, this week I have so much to be grateful for. To start with I was able to enjoy wasting some time with my little sister Nelly. We had an (almost) whole child free day together, which we spent making and doing. It was also her birthday this week - giving me an excuse to play with my favourite things this month - wood, wool and paper (dictionary, naturally). I managed to get my head around Ravelry (yep, know it's not hard....) and find a pattern for crochet wrist warmers, which I ADAPTED!! (Get me!) 
They were part of Nelly's present, but I felt it was important to road test them first. I can confirm that they do work, and keep ones wrists surprisingly warm.
And here is her gift wrap and card. I think I might have exhausted the stitching around words options now - need to move on!
 I am also extremely grateful for a little package that arrived all the way from Kansas. I can not tell you how beautifully wrapped this gift was....and I can not show you because I was SO desperate to unwrap it that I forgot to photograph it.
Anyway - it's from a blogging friend Renee over at My Vintage Mending, as a swap for some blocks I sent her. I know I've said this a lot recently, but don't you just love blogging?!
These three beautifully made vintage fabric storage boxes now sit on the shelf by the front door, collecting keys, purses, phones...all the things I lose on an hourly basis.
Thank you Renee - they are perfect and I LOVE them.

I also received a lovely treat from my MIL! Cleggy returned from the NE with 2 carrier bags full of thrilled was I?! Thank you Grandma and Great Grandma - they will be treasured.
I hope I get at least one deserving daughter-in-law to pass them on to!
This one is called 'sweet pea'
perfect for a cup of tea in the Autumn sunshine!

I'm also grateful that my nursery blocks were featured in a magazine for the first time. OK, it's not Molly Makes (SO pleased they've found my clever friend Jane!!) it's the far less cool 'Pregnacy and Birth'....but it's a lovely full page and I'm not complaining!
And while I'm on products - here are some more valentines offerings (available here)
A nice chunky block of wood:

Some more dictionary print, which have been very popular. The only thing I have to be careful of is double checking the words that stand out on the blocks. I had to re-make some that included 'victim', 'devient' and 'alcoholic' (not what you want on a love block!)

I found 'beaver' on Nelly's gift - but left that on!

 And some smaller blocks that can come with mini initial tags
 Lastly my blogging friend Marjan over at Cow Road 'introduced' me to Roos, a fellow blogger who writes with amazing poignancy about the situation she finds herself in. She has 2 very little boys and her husband Kenji is perilously poorly, fighting cancer.

I'm not going to lie - it can be hard to read (I've admitted this to Roos!), not least because it brings back many memories of our own journey when our #2 Kenzie had cancer as a toddler. Roos lives day to day, sometimes hour to hour. Her life is on hold, and incredibly difficult.

Our boy survived, and I long for the day I read some good news for Roos and her family. When Kenzie got better I vowed to be grateful for each and every day. I know that the only thing that matters is that we are well. But I sometimes forget...and let the little things worry me. 

Visiting Roos takes me back, and for this I am grateful that she shares her story.

I took this picture of Cleggy's (beautiful!) shirts sitting in the ironing pile today before I read Roos' post about ironing.  They looked so beautiful sitting there - and I am grateful that my only thought was what I might make with the fabric when he's finished wearing them!

I think of you often Roos - and just FYI, I can't iron either!

fee x


  1. Lovely pictures and presents and beautifully written Fee. My day job makes me come hope grateful on an almost daily basis

  2. Love your new things and those lovely wrist warmers, ravelry is the best!

    Big congrats on having your blocks in that mag, they look fab!

    I can't imagine what it must have been like to be in your shoes or in Roo's now...I do hope that the situation turns itself around, I will certainly keep her husband in my's the only thing I know that works.

  3. Hi Fee,

    Just read your story and Roo's. Life can be hard and often difficult to understand. I hope Roo's husband will get better, just as your son.

    Your gifts look really pretty! What a sweet sister you have.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  4. Hi there Fee, What a lovely post, once again! :-)
    Two slight editing remarks: It is 'Roos' (means rose) and my name is Marjan with an 'n' at the end...
    I read her posts every day and every time my throat just tightens up more and more, so sad.... Glad to hear your Kenzie is doing so much better!

  5. Hello sweet lady, I just love that you have been hooked, and made something from raverly ( I think I may spend a little bit too much time there) Congratulations on being featured in a mag, you should be so proud. I am loving the china,and would treasure it in the same way as you will. Hope you are well and enjoying the new year xxx

  6. Wowee, well done you on your full page spread - it's FABULOUS!!!

    Roos' story is quite heartbreaking. Cancer is a such a cruel and random disease. Fee, I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for you and poor Kenzie. A girl in my son's class was diagnosed with ALL when she was 8 years old. It was an horrendous two year journey for her and her family. Thankfully she also beat the crap out of the vile thing.

    I love your papery blocks - 'my other half' ones are my favourite.

    Two last things ... I wish D would wear shirts like that and I still haven't got the hang of Ravelry. Am I missing something?!


  7. Goodness me, such thought provoking words Roos writes. I can't write much now Fee, life has come swiftly back into focus after reading that. Such lovely things in your post tonight...congrats on the magazine feature, how utterly exciting and the wrist warmers are gorgeous. So glad your son is now safe and well. I've a friend trapped in the middle of her son having treatment for at times can certainly be cruel beyond words.

    Take care,

    Jo x x x

  8. Hi darling......lovely things as from

  9. You are a true sparkler fee....and looking at Cleggy's shirts I think you're a perfect match!

    Thank you for all that you share here, the joy and sorrow of life in equal measure, the big & little gifts, your inspiration and ours too.

    Biggest of happy hugs from afar~

  10. What a lovely pressie for your sis, she'll be delighted. And you don't have know how to wrap in your house!!

    Love the blocks, fabby.

    I didn't know you had been through so much with Kenzie, it's one of my worst nightmares and I can't begin to imagine what you went through.

    Will check out Roos blog, but hope I don't end up in tears like yesterday when I followed the link on Coco Rose to another poignant blog!!


    S x

  11. lovely :)
    you know me.. girl of few words but I'm thinking hard about this post x x x x x

  12. A great post yet again, a lovely story about your friend Roos, what a brave lady. Loving your blocks and the Valentine ones are fab. Also fab fabric boxes, what a great idea, and these are so cool. Your sister's pressies are beautifully wrapped, have been featured, what a thrill that must be :) xx

  13. well done and well deserved on the full page article. love the goodies from renee, she's the sweetest, isn't she? and so sorry to hear about kenzie, i'll keep them in my thoughts.

    i think i'd like ironing better, if our shirts were as pretty as yours, my friend.

  14. Sweet fee I am so glad they made it all the way to your home. Lovely gifts as always. I want to thank you for the sweet swap again. I adore mine. I am happy to iron Cleggy's shirts but they may come back as skirts! Gorgeous...smiles...Renee

  15. Hi Fee,

    Another beautiful post as always. Love your paper blocks and Nelly's sweet wrist warmers - get you altering patterns! I have enough trouble following patterns in the first place let alone altering them! hehe. Totally in love with the little stitched heart around 'sister', such a cute idea, bet she was really touched. Your story and Roo's makes you really think about life and to be oh so grateful. I was stressed last night as we were contacted out of the blue by a debt collection agency about a water bill on a flat we lived in 6 years ago!!!! Plus problems with Royal Mail as usual. But it definitely puts everything into perspective, we are (reasonably) happy and healthy which is all that really counts. Love cleggy's shirts by the way! And massive congrats on the mag feature, that's amazing, hope it brings you lots of orders. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  16. Everything and every moment MATTERS, doesn't it dear Fee? YOUR WORLD IS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL AND I AM GLAD I AM IN IT!!! I so enjoy your creativity.

    Big hugs! Anita

  17. Congrats on the magazine mention - that's brilliant news. Saw you as a featured artist on Folksy too - check you out!!!
    Yes defe need to do jl soon - I'll send you an email with my mobile etc
    Hope you're not getting washed away - it really is a bit grim oop norf today, isn't it?

  18. Blimey you have been busy :) Isn't it great when sisters appreciate your makes :)

    Well done on the magazine spread too - a full page is pretty good for your first one - am sure MM will be knocking on your door soon.

    Loving the vintage china - you lucky lady :)

  19. Beautiful post. Congratulations on the magazine- thats impressive!!

  20. Congrats on the magazine spread, Fee! I can't think of anyone that deserves it more! Now where's my piglet video??? ♥

  21. Oh Fee - how fabulous to be featured in that magazine! I am *so* delighted for you, my friend. So well deserved. Ooh, I love your dictionary blocks as well. Really, your talent knows no bounds. J x

  22. Congrats on your feature, let's hope Molly Makes find you soon too, they don't know what they're missing! x

  23. Dear Fee, many congratulations on the magazine feature! It is so exciting! This post is bursting with goodness and creativity. I'm so glad I dropped in.


  24. I knew it! I knew my blogger wasn't telling me about all my bloddies updates. I only knew Bee posted because she texted me and said. Gah...

    Oh what a post. So much to comment on. YOU ARE IN A MAGAZINE!!! You know MM is next don't you. It's got to be, surely.

    Oh oh ohhhhhh,those love blocks. i'd have "I love you more than crochet/knitting/wool/advocaat/amaretto/Maya gold (and sucking a square right now)

    Nelly's wrist warmers are lovely, great button choice doll!

    Weren't you lucky with your fabric bag swap. Tres gorjass (that's proper French that is)

    I can't go and read Roos blog. I just know I'll be in bits, I can't think about cancer right now what with the lumpy head I have (no news from quack as yet) I will have to go and have a read when I get my xray results. I'm too chicken now!!


  25. Oh you have been those wrist warmers and who would ever want to open such a sweet present...your sister is very blessed!
    I will have to follow some of your links...your exchange presents looks so darling. Congrats on the magazine ad...happy dance..that is wonderful news.
    xoxox HUGS for now

  26. What fun things you've been doing/making! And thank you for stopping by "my place" and saying hello! My belly is quite large (or so it seems to me!) but I'm doing well and feeling our baby kick and move all the time, which I LOVE. Monday I will officially be in the third trimester! We are coming down the home stretch! Eeek. So much to do!

    Love from across the pond to you dear fee!

  27. Hmmmm! My computer didn't tell me about this post - I just popped over for a look, as I hadn't been 'notified' of any posts recently. I'm very pleased that I did pop over - lots of loveliness to see in this post!!! I've tried clicking to 'follow' you again - I hope the computer will tell me when you post next now.....

  28. I'm falling for the blocks ... do you sell them? Love, love, love the vintage/retro ones. ;-)

  29. Hi Fee... Just popping by to tell you that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award if you would like to pop over to my blog and collect it...and the rules! :)x


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