Sunday 20 November 2011

All about Family....

What a busy old week...and a lovely weekend full of family, friends and food. Yesterday we had a visit from my little sister Nelly and G Kisby with gorgeous Mabel. 

I can't believe I didn't take any new pictures....especially since G Kisby is sporting a ridiculous moustachio for Movember. I HATE it (and am secretly glad Cleggy didn't know about it!) but it's for a great cause. 
I know lots of you will know someone 
 with a budding moustache but if 
you don't, and want to support the fight against mens cancer here's the link to

Every little helps.

Loved seeing you three x

And in the spirit of home and family, here are some 
new chipper nelly offerings (all available here):
These blocks are double sided - so they have a Christmas Home option on one side, then you can turn them upside down and back to front for a non Christmas version! Cool huh?
A set of 6 blocks spelling 'family'
And my favourite product of the season - some mixed sized blocks spelling 'family' which can also include an 'established' date and personal family name. They are made with my absolute favourite Tim Holtz paper - which took me 6 weeks to be able to cut up. Better late than never!


I also finished a couple of commissions:
This large wooden box for special memories was made for Sarah, to give to her sister-in-law. It has been one of my favourite pieces - but one I took hardly any photos of it.
I hope she liked it as much as we did Sarah!
The next blocks are for Renee who has the most adorable blog full of vintage eye candy...
pop over here if not already familiar!
The next set are for Santa to leave for three little girls who write him an annual letter - you can't see very well on the photo, but they are glittery too for extra girly sweetness:

And my little purchase this week? Well, since I didn't win one of Joole's little peckers in her giveaway I popped over to her   Etsy shop and bought me one! Actually, the little peckers were long gone - but I got my hands on Belle Bullfinch instead...what a treat!

...and here she is in her new home (our hall!)
 Thanks Jooles - she's adorable, and SO beautifully wrapped.

That's it...Cleggy has gone down south somewhere in preparation for work tomorrow - so I'm off to hunt down some chocolate to accompany my sunday night blues.
fee x


  1. Oh how I wish Mr Jam had faked it with his moustache! But unfortunately for me (and luckily for charity) he's doing the Movember thing. Yuk, yuk, yuk I hate it and have begged him to shave it off. I even offered £20 for it to go. Roll on December.
    Thanks for adding my giveaway button to your blog by the way.

  2. So much to love here (excluding moustaches, my husband has also done the Movember thing, which has made me realise I have a huge aversion to moustaches- bit of a bummer really!!!)
    Love the new blocks, and love most of all that memories box

  3. Love your new blocks Fee, I'm still in awe of your creativity. Did you find chocolate? I did, dark with almonds. Yum.

    Anne xx

  4. Fab new blocks I especially love the pink girly ones....I love sparkles!

    Belle bullfinch is very lovely and looks like she's settled in well.

    Hope your Sunday blues ar gone already and your enjoying your choc!

  5. How blonde am I....I almost had to read the top pic out loud to click......dear me....

  6. "Oh Wow!" I said when I saw your new header: awesome!!! :-)

  7. Hi Fee! Thought I'd comment here so all your readers would know how beautiful the memory box is in the flesh. You turned my idea into the most perfect and special keepsake and it was absolutely loved by Jo. It was such a treat to commission a gift from you and I'll be back again for future gifts. Sarah x PS Didn't any of your readers notice the faked choccy bar in your last post?! x

  8. 'Moustache' *giggle* very clever fi. My ex hubby grew a moustache last year, he now looks like an old porn star.............ewwww.
    As always I am in love with your blocks and your creativity.
    xx Sandi

  9. Oh Fee, you're such a marvel. Your creativity knows no bounds. I am in awe on your talent. Will get back to you shortly with my wishes! J x

  10. Loving all the action going on in your household, moustaches & blocks!! Movember is huge here, my husband normally grows an awful moustache to raise money for cancer research, more often than not he's in Afghanistan & to say his moustache efforts are tribal & nomadic (trying not to say extremist) i just loathe it. Love Posie

  11. More fab blocks! Love the family ones - great idea. Also, how much do I LOVE the blocks with the deer on... loads, I tell you. Gorgeous.

    Thank gawd that Andrew can't grow a moustache... he can only manage a bit of stubble before it stops growing.

    Did you track down some choc?

    Nicki xx

  12. Hi i am not blond but had to really look at the caption a lot before i got it when i did i lol-ed. My girls have a thing about moustaches and have made them out of needle felt and put them on sticks so they can hold them up bit like opera glasses - are you with me - if only they realised that when they are older they will have their own like me!!! note to self get to salon and get top lip waxed pronto. Love your blocks have nudged hubby your way but we will see if he actually needs a SHOVE! love your new header btw.

  13. Hi Chipper N,
    Thanks for stopping by. You did make me giggle this morning "makes a change from crochet"! We aim to please. I'm adding your wonderful blog to my Inspiration list. Loving your work and planning to add a little Chipper Nelly to my home!
    Have a great week.

  14. Your blog look lovely so !! you make such a beautiful them !!...seize the♥.. ♥... ♥....

  15. Oooooooh clever clever idea doing blocks that are both Christmassy and all year roundy too. You are a clever sausage.

    I think when we meet up we must MUST have snowballs with sooooooo many different decorations in the glass. I am rather partial to those wands with tinselly stuff on the top. And the plastic monkeys that hang off the sides. So cool.


  16. Did you find your chocolate fix dearest? I DID! I just finished it and I now have a chocolate mustache!!!!!

    Dear one, my next post will be on CHRISTMAS SHOPPING in blogland and Etsyland. Can I include you? I will provide a link to your shop and may I use a picture?

    Let me know...HUGS! Anita

    OH! That Mabel is SOOOOOO CUTE!

  17. I just LOVE all the Christmassy patterns you're using on your blocks!!! They're so cheery!!! :-)

  18. These all turn out so fantastic I don't know how you ever part with them...What you need is a set of hen and chick blocks....oh better yet a pet set. can you just see them sitting on the mantle. Have a lovely quite evening...I am thrilled to have my very own...smiles...Renee

  19. OMG craft overload, no wonder you have no time!

    My husband has a big trucker 'tache atm for Movember, it's come through ginger - double whammy! x

  20. Loving the cute bullfinch...not sure what that is, but it sure is adorable! Once again, your blocks are beautiful!! I just love the vintage paper! So, Nelly is your sister's name. Did you name this blog after her??? My blog's name was inspired by my sister! Just curious.

  21. Oh my I am seriously lacking in common sense. I read the 'must dash' thing out loud, thought ,"that is a bit weird". I read the comments, thought, "what are they all on about?" I was about to ask G Kisby (thank goodness I didn't). I repeated it in my head about 3 times. Ahhhhh, penny dropped.
    Bad times.
    Love the family est blocks, makes me wish we hadn't gone for the whole double thing, dam it x

  22. Hi Fee,

    Your new Christmas header looks great. So do your cubes!

    Happy new week,


  23. All are pretty, but the vintage mending blocks are just perfect.
    Glad you enjoyed your family weekend x

  24. Ohh, have to tell you, today I was browsing in a shop getting ideas for a few 'Kris Kringle' pressys for work and there were Christmas blocks, all painted white with just one word on them, nothing else, the other sides were all plain. So dear Fi, yours are absolute stand outs.
    xx Sandi

  25. Hihi, I didn't just happen to have concrete lying around, I had to buy it especially for my last 3 DIY projects ;)
    But I found out you can get them in 5kg. bags så then it's allright! Imagine having to buy one of those huuuge sement bags just for a candle holder and a jewelery rack :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  26. Beautiful blocks Fee, as always. Can't wait to see more, the glittery christmas blocks are just perfect. Katie x

  27. Look look look at all those blocks! Wowzers Trousers you are too clever! I thought the box for "Sarah" was so gorgeous. Yes, do join me here for a cuppa on the farm, I am channeling my inner "Barbara" sadly "Tom" has gone to work!

    Sarah x

  28. You my dear always amaze me with your energy!!! Your creations are always so beautiful.
    You were the lucky gal that won Jooles' sweet owl...happy dance...I love those sweet little guys.
    Sending you mid week hugs. xoxo

  29. Those block are simply stunning, I love them all! Have a lovely weekend:)

  30. A wonderful read. Your makes are truly scrumptious, and I do think chocolate sounds like a mighty fine plan. Love to you and your family xxx

  31. I love the Christmas blocks, Fee! They are beautiful! And your new ornament is precious! I'm going to have a stop by her shop :)

  32. My eldest daughter's ladies college all wore moustaches to school today to raise money too. She looked more serial killer with her 'bandit' mo & carrying a clever didn't help either!! Love Posie

  33. Good morning Fee!

    Dearest, I provided a link and a picture on my post for people to visit your Etsy shop. I have had several comments from people who love your blocks!!! I so hope you are doing well. Anita

  34. Oh precious Fee,

    Thank you for coming by and for also gracing my post page....people love your art work and so do I!

    I WISH YOU A HAPPY WEEKEND with much success and LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

  35. Your blocks are fabulous!!

    I've added myself as a follower to keep up with your posts - thanks a bundle for following me :)

  36. Hello, Fee! So wonderful to meet you! Saw the beautiful blocks you made for Renee, and she gushed about you so much, I just had to come and say hello!

    Love your beautiful creations! Looking forward to seeing more, so I'll be following along.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  37. Your blocks are so very beautiful, Fee. I like everything I see in your pretty pictures.
    Have a lovely time gearing up for Christmas xx

  38. I am a friend of Renee's and when I saw your wonderful blocks I had to come and say hello! They are are so colorful and vintage...right up my alley too! Please come by and say hello! It is really nice to meet you! Sandy @ 521 Lake Street.


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