Monday 14 November 2011

The winner is.....

so much to everyone who entered my 100 followers celebration giveaway - and hello to some new followers who found me as a result....I'm hoping to pop over and visit some new distractions soon.

I wrote out a list of entries and used a random number generator...but couldn't get it in my post so have copied and pasted! How base!
True Random Number Generator 10 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Which means the winner is Jane, who lives in Tasmania and also has a wonderful thought inspiring blog called Planet Baby
Jane...I'll be in touch and look forward to personalising your blocks over the next few days!

Now, what else has been going on? Well, Elvis has officially left the building! Kenzie's hamster Elvis died yesterday. Kenzie wasn't particularly concerned at the news - but then we have done the circle of life in a big way this year (already losing 2 hens to a fox, one hen to natural causes, one hen drowned, 2 ducks escaped through the hole left by the fox, and one other hamster!).
Since we gave GB's hamster BJ (yes, really) a mini gathering of thoughts in the back garden it seemed only right to do the same for Elvis. The ceremony will be tonight after school. It may be just me and Cleggy!

Ned the tortoise got put in the workshop fridge for the winter at the weekend. 
It always feels wrong to do it but after a successful hibernation last year we feel a little more confident this time round.
 Granny really doesn't like the fact he goes in the cold and asks me lots of questions (to boost my confidence about the whole thing!) like 'are you sure it's ok to go from the warmth of the house to the fridge without cooling him down?' Granny, he'll be fine!!! (fingers crossed)

 Speaking of The Granny...she is getting ready for her big trip to Israel next week. She and I went on a big shop for appropriate clothes a couple of weeks ago (I bet Gok hasn't had the remit 'capsule wardrobe for The Holy Land'!) so she's all ready.  

Well, I thought she was! She popped in last night to show me the wares she'd bought yesterday, from, of all places, Joules! I have to admit, I was a little green at the gorgeousness of them (and look forward to borrowing them on her return!)

I got a wonderful package in the post this week from a lovely customer Sarah (will show and tell her latest commission next post) who somehow knows me extremely well! It contained 2 fab old ladybird books ripe for chopping, a gorgeous collection of buttons (from her own collection- we all know how hard it is to share!!) and a bar of Green and Blacks Maya Gold. As good as any package gets - THANK YOU Sarah!It made my day, and the chocolate made my lunch!

One of the books was about puppies and kittens - which I MUST have had as a child as these 2 pictures in particular were very familiar:

My Chipper Nelly shop is nicely busy in the run up to Christmas. I had a great week last week so treated myself to a new glasses case (I know, last of the big spenders!)

It's from a fellow seller on NOTHS called Samantha who has a shop Pants and paper - her things are lovely - do take a look (here)

And finally here are the latest Chipper Nelly offerings:
A new block with bells on:
   It's made with Martha Stewart papers which I haven't used before but am liking. Quite Scandinavian
 A new size of Girl and Boy Blocks - available with any letter or number stamped:
 And a single Bird Block:
 Before I go and start the week, has anyone else felt their eyes well up just a little at the current John Lewis advert? The one with the boy counting down the days? And not because they've used one of my favourite Smiths tracks (that's OK with me BTW, I know there are some up in arms about the whole thing....aligning the genius of Morrisey/Marr with middle class shopping etc! I happen to think John Lewis is genius too, so find the combination perfect!)
Anyway, off to contact the winner!
Happy week to one and all, fee x 


  1. Doing a happy dance for my lovely friend Jane - I'm so pleased to learn that she is the winner of your glorious giveaway fee!

    Comimserations on Elvis 'exiting the building', it has been a doozy of a year, I hope it's a cheerier end for all in the backyard...and fridge!

    Biggest of happy hugs!
    x F

  2. Hi Fee....What a lovely post to help me with my well ingrained procrastination this morning! I'll just sit down for 2 minutes and check my emails I said.... and then you popped up... thank you :) I'm a bit sad about the giveaway.. I'm pleased for Jane, but now I have to take the Chipper Nellly Giveaway button off of my blog and it is so pretty! I'm a little bit worried about Ned too, but I shall console myself by reading about when he woke up last time! Have a lovely week :)x

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL THE NEW ITEMS FEE!!! And what a lucky winner!!

    Now off to work.....Anita

  4. ooh I thought I had won then..... then I realised I don't live in Tasmania :)....well done to Jane x
    poor elvis I'll be thinking of you tonight,
    ...John Lewis...I don't get it.. whenever I am in there (not v often) I feel like I have fallen into an episode of 'Are you being served' I know I am in the minority but I probably would rather be served by Mr Rumbold :) :)
    Tea? wed? x x x x x

  5. Well done to Jane, lucky lady!! I know it is a little late now but with the number generator you can't copy it directly but what I do is take a screen shot from my laptop then crop it and save it in photoshop - then just count down my list of names (without actually writing them out - am far too lazy for that!!) That must have taken you ages that list! Loving the new blocks, especially the red and white scandi ones, they are so lovely and Christmassy - am really feeling festive again today so right up my street! Love your beautiful new glasses case too, her work is always so pretty, what a lovely little treat! Right, gotta go, got to hot foot it to the post office in a min before it closes for lunch! Have a great week Fee xxx

  6. I thought it was just me that cried at adverts! I gotta say though, I cry at lots of things, and even admit to getting a bit odd with the m+s one too.....I just love Christmas and sometimes it all gets too much.....but then I think I may be a little unhinged!

    I do love your blocks and your new red and White ones are gorgeous, yay for you that you are busy, it's nice to know when a creative person gets rewarded for their us all hope!

  7. Lucky Jane, and Congrats to her.
    Now, I just wanted to check: Are you sure about Ned? :)
    What a bad puppy!! He has the soulless eyes of a serial killer- he's not going to stop at that doll!!
    All your new blocks are as always beautiful

  8. Except to say I am going to pinterest to look at your stuff and leave a message on the blocks I would like to order....

  9. ....can't believe you didn't rig it so I could win. Pah!


  10. Oh, poor Elvis. Give him a good send off! Children always seem matter of fact about these things I find - mine are always asking me if they can get a guinea pig when the cat is dead as if they can't wait for her to die!
    Grateful is right about that puppy. He doesn't look at all remorseful for what he's done!
    I loves your new Xmas blocks. Xxx

  11. Congrats Jane! (grrrr).

    That naughty puppy looks very familiar. Either I had the book as a child or I'm just seeing Elsie do the same thing.

    Never heard of putting a tortoise in the fridge. Hope it all goes well.

    RIP Elvis. xx

  12. Poor boys have had quite the morbid year. Best of luck to cold Ned. Lucky you for the gifts. Well done on the eyeglass case. It is just charming. Congrats to the winner and yourself for all the work. So nice to hear all is well. Smiles..>Renee

  13. aaahh sorry to hear about poor Elvis, we have had a few loses recently and it is still sad but like you say a good learning curve for the kiddies in a way. I hope your tortoise does well , I am sure he will. My grandparents used to put Horace up in the loft for winter every year and we all used to get so excited getting him down again. Love the piccy from the ladybird books, I remember the one of the kitten too - not sure what book it was from. Love your new creations.x

  14. Ned in a fridge (oo er) :) I love Samantha's shop to, it's been a favourite for as long as I can remember. Christmas blocks are lovely x Poor Elvis has left the building :(

  15. Congratulations to the winner !!! make such a beautiful things from me....♥.. ♥... ♥....

  16. Oh dear, poor Elvis!
    How lucky for Jane!!!! Hope she enjoys them.
    I had to re-read the Ned in the fridge! Sorry it really made me laugh, what a great way to hibernate.
    I have cried every time I've seen the John Lewis advert. I think it because you don't expect that ending, It's so cute.

  17. I recognise that book too ... not sure from when or where, but 'the naughty puppy' was a total blast from the past.

    Love the new bird block! Congratulations to Jane :) And RIP Elvis :(

    Shameless plug here, but I have my own giveaway going on at knitsofacto just now. Although it's nowhere near as exciting as yours ... your blocks really are the bees knees.

  18. I recognise the picture of the kitten hanging in the sock. Didn't they have gorgeous illustrations in those books. Your new blocks are looking gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear about Elvis, 'tis the way with animals.
    Anne xx

  19. Oh Fee, I am absolutely *thrilled to bits* in faraway Tasmania, Australia! Thankyou ever so much for this generous and gorgeous giveaway. Our 3 pixies under 6 will be beside themselves ☺. Now comes the hard part - choosing which ones, given I was a fan of both the 'Beano' and 'Ladybird' books when growing up.

    Thankyou, everyone, for your gracious comments as well - what lovely manners you all have ☺.

    So sorry to read about Elvis. You have had a bad trot this year.

    And what a gorgeous parcel of loveliness you received, Fee. Lap it up, my friend! J x

  20. A new banner you say...
    Have to admit I didn't realise Elvis was still alive - sorry I lose track
    Glasses case envy, best keep your eye on that one.
    See you Thurs
    Nelly x

  21. Oh, I love the blocks with the Martha paper. Especially since the paper does look Scandinavian! I am totally Scandinavian this holiday...well, I'm trying to be. My husband's grandmother is from Sweden and his Dad's side has descendants from Finland. I'm incorporating our Christmas cookies and tree decorations to reflect that side of their heritage. On my side of the family there's German, Polish and Irish. So, also incorporating those into our Christmas too. I'm having fun planning this!

  22. Oh how sweet are those Christmas blocks...and your eyeglass joy joy!

    Just made up the NED book for my students...what fun this will be...thank you so much for the are such a dear. xoxoxoxoxo

  23. Oh my GOODNESS!!! 'Puppies and Kittens'!!! That was my absolute favourite when I was little - my mom and dad actually had to hide it because they got so sick of reading it to me at bed time!!! :)
    I'm going to look for it in the loft next time I'm home! Thanks for reminding me of it! :)
    I LOVE the Christmassy blocks! AND your new banner is AMAZING!!!

  24. Ok, so a couple of things
    1) I thought the circle of life list would end with ...and a partridge in a pear tree! I think you should re-work the lyrics, it could be a fun family sing-along on Christmas Day, just before the Queen's speech?
    2) I love the vintage robin block, tongue hanging out!
    3) The Smiths are legends but it's totally cool to re-work the song except I am really missing the Balalaika.. and have resorted to the original on i-pod so net-net it's all good :D

    Love Sarah x

  25. Fee, love the holiday header! I still think there is nothing as funny as your turtle in the fridge :) Love your new blocks and wish I had empty space in which to put them... I guess it's a good thing I already spent all my money [you will see on what it was spent soon. ;)]

  26. Lovely blog, lovely blocks and a quite brilliant idea that you have followed through to perfection. Well done.

  27. So much eye candy & gorgeousness here, beautiful work as always. So totally thrilled Jane from Planet Baby is your winner, you will make her month!! Love Posie

  28. Oh how you've cheered me up...and I wasn't even blue before! :)
    Love the header, so so pretty!
    Im sorry but Im not sure if I laughed harder at the tortoise in the fridge or the hen that drowned (Im sorry I know it's not funny but I have a very black sense of humour)

  29. Hi Fee,

    Congratulations to Jane! She is a lucky girl winning your beautiful cubes. So sorry to hear about Elvis's death. Didn't know you could put a tortoise in the fridge for winter. Learned something again today :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x


    Now your holiday plans for gearing up in the spirit sound LOVELY!!!!!!! I am sitting by my fire TONIGHT to relax and muse over my holiday plans. THANK YOU for your chipper spirit and WOW do I love your header!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. Morning sweet one..just wanted to pop over and say all went well with the presentation on students love NED! Thank you for the images ....I made a little book for our Kindergartens...all 3 classes enjoyed your photos and words.
    You are the best...hugs and love...xoxoxo

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