Tuesday 16 August 2011

To and from Australia...

2 blocks...one each... but only work together!
This weekend has been full of 'goodbyes' and 'hellos'...and I'm definitely preferring the latter!
On Saturday we went to visit our Surrey family. 

Beautiful Hannah has made the decision we all knew was coming (we just don't like it!) - and is moving to Australia with her fiance Wade. They will be living near Rockhampton, Queensland (see, I was listening Wade!). 

Fortunately we all lo♥e Wade, and hear he has a mighty fine family over there who will take good care of her - just wish it was a little closer!

I was given the honour of being Hannah's Godmother when I was but a girl...and have to admit I didn't take my responsibilities seriously (was all I could do to look after myself!)

I've tried to make up for this over recent years and will continue to do so. 

And little sister Chloe - I know you got your own godparents - but if you fancy an honorary one I'll be happy to oblige! I don't think you can have too many...

The boys loved seeing their slightly older (therefore considerably cooler) 2nd cousin Cameron - who is doing super well and modeling for just about everyone (most recently Boden - which means I'll have to keep looking at the catalogue!)

He taught them some model looks...

...think it might take some practice boys!

We had a lovely few hours and look forward to seeing your blog Hannah! 

On Sunday we had a visit from our old next door neighbours, their delightful children and, all the way from Australia, the lovely Di and John. They live in Victor Harbor (Harbor - see I was listening John!), in South Australia.
Hoovering up some lovely mini beasts including a giant slug - even more vile under a magnifying glass.
Now, I reckon I'm the only girl in blogland to even mention severed fingers - never mind mention them twice!
(see here for previous post) but they were out again this weekend. Cleggy managed to completely convince little Jude that if he pulled hard enough his finger came off....and, being 3, he fell for it hook line and sinker. I wasn't quick enough to capture his face the first time - but luckily he fell for it a fair few times! Too funny...
All in all a lovely weekend with people we love....doesn't get any better than that!
fee x


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, i'm sure you will be a Godmother again soon! Cameron is very photogenic (is that spelt right?) must be great to be a model at that age! Aussie may be far away but its only a few minutes by telephone xxx :)

  2. THOSE BOYS OF YOURS are just darling. Their second cousin KNOWS THE ROPES and will teach them to pose, but they all have a natural charm that will most definitely give them an edge when they are old enough to sweep the young ladies off their feet! What a sweet family memory for you Fee dearest. Does Cleggy go back to the classroom soon? I go back to work in NINE days for teacher meetings, teacher workshops and classroom preparation. AHHHH!!!!! Then the students come to school the first week of September. Our weather here is already COOL, an indicator that the SHOW IS GOING TO BEGIN AGAIN. But what a fine summer holiday it has been.

    LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  3. Time spent with family certainly is time not wasted and certainly only something I appreciate more as I improve with age :) love, love, LOVE the blocks you've made for them!!! Just gorgeous!!

    Jo x

  4. Oh Fee!!! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU TOO DEAREST! I am going into my ninth year of teaching, and I read your comments on what your husband has done and is now doing, I am sure that my teaching career will take some kind of turn sometime, I hope, in the near future. I am grateful however, for the job I have and for the holidays that come with it!!! I not only am hoping to publish my writing ONE day, but I believe I need to reevaluate how I will market my art along with it. In the mean time, TEACH, TEACH, TEACH and create along the way. I have re-read your profile and oh my goodness....you are the only woman in the house. That has got to be INTERESTING! I actually wanted a house full of boys. Didn't get either girl or boy. Oh well. ONE 55 year old boy is ENOUGH!!! I will soon see my darling little fourth graders so I'm satisfied! I do hope you have found a replacement for COCO.....ENJOY WHAT REMAINS OF YOUR SUMMER!


  5. What a great familly you have.....enjoy ...lots of love from me...xxx...

  6. What a lovely post- yes goodbyes suck, but think of it as an opportunity to visit Australia down the track!!

  7. you are right Fee, it doesn't get much better, I so miss all my far flung family..

  8. Of course you piqued my interest with the title and I was intrigued to know what special packages were coming from and going to Oz.

    Well THE most precious packages of all of course - I wish everyone safe travels, especially to Wade and Hannah who are embarking upon the grandest adventure of them all.

    I used to live in Emerald which is about 3 hours drive west of Rocky so know the pocket of the world that they will be settling in rather well.

    Happy day to you Lovely,

    xx Fe

  9. Ah faraway family - I understand it only too well ( My Dad- Singapore, one of my brothers - Australia, along with nieces, nephews etc.) It is such a tug on the old heart strings. But then when you do see one another, those times are really golden. Looks like a gorgeous time was had by all,

    Sarah x

  10. Oh the pulling off finger thing - my Dad did that with me, all 6 of my siblings and has done it so far with all 5 grandkids too!!

  11. Lovely post and what gorgeous photos! x

  12. Hey Fee, sounds like you had a lovely wkend and what a wonderful post, I thought the finger thing was that you're about to FART!!! well that's what cuckoo and Darr do....they don't grow up!!! (ok I do it too...)

    I bet you'll miss her terribly BUT you could always go on hols to Aussie

    By they way, you've got such a gorgeous smile!

    Love Bee x x x

  13. Well hello! I'm coming up for air again! It's been nothing but demolition mayhem at our new house and my parents were in town helping us knock out a wall and demo the kitchen. I am pooped out!! So nice to hear about all the lovely things/and people in your life. What a cute couple Wade and Hannah are, but Australia? Is that necessary? My mom and dad left for home today and I teared up and they only live 8 hours from me. Saying goodbye is THE WORST. Hate it.

    Anywho, got lots to do, so ta ta for now dear Fee!

  14. Lovely pictures of the weekend. What is Alfie wearing on that last photo? Looks like a skeleton costume, which wouldn't surprise me with the Kenny but Alfs?

  15. Yeah you DO have the most gorgeous smile ever. Light up a room, tha would lass!!
    I lived in Oz for a year and think you can get to Great Keppel Island via Rockhampton? Think we stayed in Rockhampton for a night before heading to THE BEST, MOST STUNNING paradise island. If I am correct, this is a GOOD thing. You will definitely want to visit, it's fab!
    My brother moved to Hawaii two years ago, and is now living in Chicago but we are in touch all the time thanks to Skype.
    Take care x x and that Boden Boy is a beaut! Look at his fab teeth!

  16. That is a long way, I can see why you don't want her to go! But hopefully she'll be happy over there :)


  17. Oh it is sad saying goodbye, and I wish them a bright future in Oz. I would consider moving there myself.
    Your boys are always so full of beans and happy. Such a happy family you all are x

  18. Yes I am still awake so have once again turned to your blog for some bedtime reading! Only to find that this time I am featuring...so had to comment!

    First of all great pics, love Jude's expression on the 'hoovered up bugs pic!' and yes Kenny your hair has definitely got great style goin on!

    Weirdly it looks as if someone has been airbrushed out of the group pic in between Alistair and John! spooky! Was great to have a brief catch up last weekend and thanks for the blog advice, work in progress! I am now the proud owner of www.makemineacake.com and .co.uk so watch this space!

    Love all your Chipper Nelly work so will definitely be calling on your services!!

    Must adhere to your rule of no internet after 9pm this is addictive!!PS No matter how many times I change the font in Template Designer,advanced, page text, font 'Lobster' click apply to blogg, the preview looks great but when I go into my blog it reverts back to boring plain text??? same when I change the font for the Gadgets....any advice?

    Tracy x

  19. What a wonderful few days, although all these peeps going to Oz can't be too bad as it just means that one day you'll have to do a tour and visit them all. x

  20. Hi fee, now that was a full weekend, severed fingers, posing, bug catching, goodbyes and lots of laughs and I agree with the girls, you have a gorgeous smile.
    x Sandi

  21. Hi Fee, looks like you've been having lots of fun though is sad that Hannah and Wade will be so far away soon... but just think of all those holidays and roadtrips you will be able to take in the future! Hope they will be really happy over there, sure they will xxx
    p.s in reply to your comment a little while ago, my first bloggy break a few weeks ago was because we were moving house (that was definitely NOT a holiday, hehe!) However, have just come back from a lovely three week sunshine holiday - fairs fair after all :)

  22. Loverly block! Me likie.

    What an exciting time it is for Hannah. I would be too chicken to emigrate. Always been a bit of a homebody. I felt homesick two days in on our last holiday. PathEtiC.

    Now which one is eldest? Alfie or Kenzie? Did Geordie Boy love the comments his post garnered?


  23. It sounds and looks like the perfect family weekend. I bet tons of wonderful memories were made.
    Here's to another wonderful weekend, Fee xxx


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