Sunday 19 June 2011

Random weekend round up

My weekend started perfectly when I caught up with Hannah and Cameron - my (some kind of) cousins from down south. Cam is 13, super cool, and building a successful career as a model - so far he has contracts with Ping, Clarks and M+S (good start eh?) and was up here for a shoot. Hannah is preparing to move to Australia in a couple of months with her Ozzie partner Wade. They are getting married next year - so if anyone has any recommendations for good wedding blogs then let me know! It was lovely to catch up with them both.

Along with their sister Chloe they are an absolute credit to their Mum - who sadly died last year. I love spending time with them and wish they all lived closer.

We spent the rest of the weekend pottering in the garden - whenever it was dry.
The ducklings are happily settled in with the chickens - although I wouldn't go as far as to say friends! Night times are a little tricksy...unlike the chickens, who put themselves to bed, the ducklings are a nightmare to catch. Cleggy was spending an hour a night chasing them round the garden, but now leaves them out. 

There are foxes around but so far they don't seem to have attempted to get over the fence. It was built to be fox proof, and one of the things that is supposed to put foxes off is weeing around the perimeter. As you can imagine, we have no shortage of offers to help with this!!!

 Cleggy is currently building a pond for the ducks (who were supposed to be temporary residents...mmmm!) more pictures on his progress to follow.

All the feathered friends are great fun to watch - especially the rescue chickens. Today Gladys discovered a pepper for the first time:
(yes Granny - that's the red pepper you gave us! soz)

Today we somehow ended up with a boy free afternoon - and took ourselves off to an interesting place called Willowpool in Lymn.

Its a kind of reclamation yard come antique shop come garden centre with loads to look at as you mooch around.
But to be honest our main reason for visiting was the cafe! Part of it is inside and the rest is spread outside, in vintage circus tents, under gazeebos, in little rooms made of old furniture and in these little willow huts...
It really is quite quirky - and they do amazing cake!
Meanwhile Geordie had been at a science party where, amoung other things, he made his own slime. How much do you not want this in your house?
(Oh no...too late...)
As it was fathers day we made Cleggy's favourites for dinner - Jamie Oliver's slow cooked, spiced lamb shanks (recipe here)

and for pudding white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake - which I saw someone making on 'Lorraine'!

Can't believe I've just written that...

The biscuit base was with ginger and lemon - and man it was
gooo - ood (Recipe here).

Happy fathers day Cleggy - we all love you very much.

Speaking of himself - I've been nagging him to move Bertha (the transvestite mannequin)from the utility room as she has given me so many frights - especially since he's been away half of the week (and I'm such a feardy)
Walking into our bedroom to find THIS...
...was abso bloody lutely hilarious. Yet another big fright and a laugh for all at my expense! (what kind of sicko goes to such effort - pillow body and everything?)

And now it's sunday night already - how does that happen? As I started writing this post the sun was just about peeping through the trees - and the dancing shadows playing on the hall walls were really beautiful - it was like being under water.
Obviously it doesn't translate well on a photograph - but here's my best effort at sharing...
Healthy eating plan (#387!) starts for us tomorrow so I'm raising my (last for a while) glass of rose to a good week all round...fee x


  1. I like that phrase! i'm such a 'feardy' too!!! I get what I call the heebiejeebies. I'll be going along quite nicely in a darkened room when suddenly I have to skitter quickly to the bed and jump in and hide. it's like a creepy tickle goes up my back! It's the one thing that puts me off getting more chickens to replace my fox mullered ones. Every night I'd be out there shutting them up and I'd get the heebies and have to run in to the house and do a funny shake it off dance. I go all silly. That tranny would have bumped me off for sure!

    You lot are such a laugh! I've just met your sister. She writes similarly to you. I'm jealous of her, I want Mabel for myself!!!

    I'm still green coz of your tea party by the way.


  2. Hey there Fee, yet again another absolutely wonderful post, how do you do it??! ;-)

  3. Love the look of the Willowpool place... Oh I could spend hours in a place like that!! Did you buy anything?? Sounds like you had a jam packed weekend, at least it looks like the weather held up, was totally miserable here all weekend!!

    Have a super week Fee xx

  4. It looks tres exotic oop north.. much more tropical than the than rain sodden south.
    I will raise my glass of V8 Juice to your healthy eating plan.. I started mine today too.. but all went horribly wrong when I spotted the prawn crackers left over from last night's Chinese. Not the healthiest breakfast.. oh well.. there's always tomorrow.

  5. Now Willowpool looks a fun place to visit. Will put it on my 'to visit' list.
    Wee to keep foxes out? I'll have a word with the guys who cut my lawn. :)

  6. Great post! Willowpool looks like such a charming place! And Cleggy is certainly a hoot isn't he? I think I'd likely die if I walked into my bedroom to find that! That last picture you took is beautiful - looks like you live on a lake almost! ♥

  7. great post as usual I am not usually a scardy cat but lady in bed would have had me screaming. Great wedding blog try Tales of a Junkaholic. Let me know what you think.

  8. Well my dear that will teach me not drink coffee whilst reading your blog! Bertha in bed just made me splurt coffee all over a white top.

  9. my healthy eating plan has gone out the window this weekend with a complete sugarfest - and there's still cake to finish!

    That cafe looks lush!

  10. 3rd attemp at leaving a goes... Bertha + bump? what's she been up to??? when are you free for a lesson? sooooooooooon I hope x x x
    ps how did you get willowpool to look so tropical, I half expected Mr C to appear in a loin cloth ;)

  11. Willowpool looks absolutely wonderful! I am so intrigued and wish that I could go there! I have never seen anything that interesting here!! Geeze, I'm jealous. So, the mannequin in the bed is freakin hilarious...that is just way too funny. I can totally appreciate that kind of humor! I think I would be a bit freaked out of a mannequin in my home...I just know that I would jump every time I walked in and saw her/him. I mean...I actually once scared myself from my own shadow in a glass door on a piece of stereo furniture! LOL By the way, I love the photo of the shadow of the tree and all the swirlyness reflected on the wall..very, very cool!

  12. Bertha in bed would have been my undoing I can tell you. I used to run from my own shadow and like Cuckoo I too would do that little shake it off dance I also made that funny little noise that goes with the dance. BUT I had to become very brave because I don't have a man in my life, so I have to prise out the male side of me to look after my female side!!!! It will be a worry if I start nattering to myself!! Love your chickens, peeing on the fence to ward off the foxes, well it would save on water.
    x Sandi

  13. I just found your blog and I think it is quite beautiful! :)

  14. Must remember this Willowpool place for when we get childfree days (only 3 months to go before youngest starts school nursery!!!!). I've never heard of it and it's not far from me. Are you still sharing a bed with Bertha?!?!


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