Tuesday 14 June 2011

Back to reality...

The heady days of holidays and magical tea parties are behind us as we get back into the swing of school and work (and finally holiday washing!)
We're also recovering from the builders onslaught on the garden (must remember to do a 'Granny's garden suite' ta daaa) and getting some planting done. 

GB and I started with a new herb trough  outside the back door(like you do!), and Granny made the flower basket...good work Granny.
The workshop was one big old mess after the weekend frivolities...but not anymore. I must take some photos of inside as it's rarely tidy enough to share! We planted some marigolds outside to encourage the butterflies:
 and inside the peonies bloomed 
 Meanwhile, I haven't forgotten I have a job, and made some more blocks for teachers...in pink:
and yellow:
 and a block for my friend Emma:
 That's it - apart from to say how much Cleggy has enjoyed reading the tea party appreciation comments! You are right - he is v clever and could indeed have been a set designer in another life. All boys had great fun making all the decorations and setting it all up - though three small boys weren't as keen to put it all away! 
(fair enough!)
fee x


  1. Yet more idylls. How mean for the reality of washing and stuff to interrupt your pleasant days, it's not on.


  2. The peek of your workspace and the peonies is my favourite from this suite Fee. Loving the colour and light - it must be a delight to spend time here.

    xx Felicity

  3. Fee love the mix of colors. I have a horrible habit of trying too hard. I love all the fun and mish and the mash of it...Beautifully English...smiles...Renee

  4. Your workshop is wonderful! So bright and cheery! Is it inside of that little green building?? I am super jealous! The light in there is gorgeous!

  5. Such a pretty little piece of heaven you have my friend. xoxoxo Your blocks are adorable! HUGS

  6. Beautiful flower basket !!..love the pionies...and your blogs !!!...so nice i never seen them before they are so nice ti give and to get....lovely day...xxx..

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous burst of colour in your first pic! Love it, just what I need on a grey old morning! I have complete house and garden envy!

    Have a great day...hope there is a little sun your way!

    Vanessa xxx

  8. Ah, lovely, lovely, lovely! I'm with Vanessa on the envy front, it all looks completely dreamy. The festival's not far from you - it's near Leek (you can just go for the day too, far more sensible than camping with a fourteen month old!)
    Re 'elderlyflower' cordial - it's v straightforward to make, you just need 20 heads of elderflowers - I'm more than happy to give you the recipe if the urge seizes you.
    Emily x

  9. hello stranger, looks like you've had the best of birthdays....need to catch up! loving your teaparty, such beauty.... oh and I think we have identical summer outfits, why am I surprised at that?????? book me in for your first lesson :-)
    x x x x x x x x

  10. Where on earth did you get that sunshine from? Can you send it over here?
    I'm very much looking forward to having a peep into both the granny annexe and your workshop. I need some inspiration, my granny flat which is my studio is always a total mess. I've been working on it (as opposed to in it) for over a year and it's still looking like something the cat dragged in. Perhaps you and Mr Diamond could come and work your magic?
    I love the bottom pic, is the house a mono print?

  11. Hello there! I just always like the little peeks into your lovely dreamy abode and garden and life. The flowers look divine and your boxes are as cute as ever!

    It's always a little dissapointing to re enter life and face the laundry after trips and parties. Then again, getting on top of day to day things always feels good.

  12. Your garden's looking fantastic - the flower trough is so handy. Oh to have a workshop in the garden - I will do one day.. I hope! x


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