Sunday 24 January 2016

Tarn 2015 - Grease

 I completely forgot to blog about this weekend - mainly because around that time I swapped from a regular laptop to a mac - and STILL, almost a year on, have major problems managing my photos. Like a complete thicko.
 Anyway, we try to visit this outdoor centre in the Lake District once a year as an extended family - it's roughly half way between where we all live - and is the BEST location for a big get together.
 As I know I've blogged before, my shoulders relax as soon as I see the sign...
 ...made even better by the lack of phone or internet signal. 
We usually arrive first on the Friday night - and set to unloading the shopping and trying to work out the best combo of dorms with the growing number of children! I think there are 24 of us now. 
 This time we went in March - which as anyone who knows the Lakes knows, can mean anything weather wise from snow to sunshine. 
As is often the case we were really (really) lucky and got a beautiful (if nippy) weekend of sun. 
 Saturday is usually about decorating the barn, a little mooch round Kirkby Lonsdale and often some activities courtesy of Cleggy. This year was popcorn making.  

 And LOADS of outside games.

 The rocket was very popular

big cousins helping little cousins
little cousins helping even smaller cousins

Football (natch)

Kite flying


 Family photos

 tree climbing 


 throwing and catching

 and the obligatory campfire

 As the sun went down and the temperature dropped further everyone added extra layers. Apart from Geordie, who changed into his onsie!

 THEN - the main event of the weekend. For the past couple of years we've done favourite films so this year was Grease. 
Cleggy has an entertainment budget which he ignores - and this year was no different.
and everyone makes a MASSIVE effort to dress up and get into the spirit of the theme.
Geordie looking V pretty as a pink lady!
 there were three Sandy's - two cheerleaders and one sexy!!
 and my personal favourite costume - the hot dog and mustard

The Granny with her children - she must be so proud!! 

my mum and her little sister

me with my little cousin Caroline (a brilliant Patty!)
This might be my favourite photo - Granny Mackie doing her cheerleading - with Janet looking on like she's a nutter. Whilst dressed as a hot dog.

 Cleggy devises the best themed team games - which we all take WAAAAAy too seriously. It's like a baying crowd - and when it's your turn to represent your team you really feel the pressure!!

 bubble blowing competition

 Tea this year was diner food - but the rubbish oven meant over cooked onion rings and under cooked fries!! No one minded. 

small dram with your tea Geordie?
 It was a brilliant night - as always. 

The following morning was all about playing with cousins and making the most of the beautiful sunshine again.

 Plus - a little bit of candy floss making!

 We've just booked the centre for later this year - and since it's Halloween week there's an obvious theme. 

Bring on the zombies....

fee x


  1. Oh my goodness Fee that looks MAGICAL! I love that part of the world and I have the fondest memories of the Lakes. We had a little holiday place in Ambleside that we very sadly sold a few years after emigrating to Australia. Beautiful photos.

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