Friday 1 January 2016

May - July 2015

Ok, so it's New Years Day 2016 and I'm just catching up with my blog from May 2015. I know I'll really regret if I don't keep it up so I'm planning to spend the next couple of days summarising the best bits of last year rather than starting a new crochet project.

So, Thailand was amazing - although to be fair we came back knackered! I had thought that Hua Hin would be more of a beach week but there was so much to see we still packed loads in. 

So, here's what was memorable between May and July:
the worker bee is the symbol of Manchester
Granny had her 70th birthday! We mooted all sorts of ideas about things we could do to celebrate...and decided what she'd most enjoy was a treasure hunt around our home town Manchester. Obviously there were some surprises along the way... my brother was hiding behind a (specially made) newspaper in a coffee shop, others turned up for cream tea and her friends just happened to be at the theatre in the evening (Where Janet arranged to serve the drinks!)

Luckily it was a beautiful day - and loads of fun (and carbs!)

 Cleggy and I had a couple of big conferences to run in London - and made the very most of every minute!

 The first trip we stayed at The Zetter - and got an upgrade to an ace penthouse room. 

 We had lunch at The Modern Pantry - in beautiful sunshine

 ...and a little walk around Clerkenwell

 Mmmmmm, lavender Margarita!

 We also had a wonderful meal at The Grain store unleashed - a vegetarian tasting menu in a pop up restaurant by chef Bruno Loubet

Every course was a delight

 Our conference was in Farringdon - and afterwards we managed to squeeze a sneaky drink in a local spanish restaurant before catching the train home 

 We went sofa shopping! (we chose this one..but in teal)

 And had an ace day out with mates in Salt Mill, Bradford

 More sunny weather!

 AND managed a quick mooch around Saltaire

 I hung some new knobs in the kitchen!

 We also ran a conference in Leeds. The venue wasn't particularly interesting, but the views over the centre of the city were great - even on a grey day

 Simon the cat decided he was here to stay

 The vintage drawers we bought in the Tatton salvage fair were hung in the upstairs hall

 ..and Granny gave us some random brass chattels! 

We managed at least one lazy afternoon in the back garden 
with the littles

 Cleggy caught a frog - which the girls loved. Wilf less so!

The lounge twig got a summer makeover (nicer close up!)

 I made a knitted tea cosy! 

 Al and Kenzie did the colour run

 ...and we spent an inordinate amount of time drinking wine at 
The Market House

 oh, and eating cake!

 The lounge wall got finished

 the passion flower didn't disappoint (unlike the wysteria!)

 The frozen charlottes found their home on the newly hung drawers 

 Then we went to London again! This time we stayed at the Zetter sister hotel: The Townhouse. It was our wedding anniversary so we managed to get away with 2 nights - what a flaming treat!!

 Every room should come with a cocktail shaker!

 and we frequented the brilliant cocktail bar downstairs - it may be my favourite cocktail bar ever!

bar snacks!

 Our conference was at one of our favourite venues - Browns in Covent Garden. I managed a mooch!

 ...and got major blisters!

We enjoyed another lunch in The Modern Pantry!

 and loved the hotel - possibly a new favourite!

 We may have had more than one meal here!!

 We took a couple of lovely sunday morning trips to 
Stockport vintage village

 This fabric came home with us... did this teacup

 Some Wimbledon was watched...

 a ripple blanket was finished

 a curry was served 
(yep, Nelly served a curry from a children's shop)

 ...and GB had french day at school. We all know every french man has this kind of mustachio

 THEN, in the middle of July Cleggy left for work in Australia. So the evening before he left we had our traditional end of term meal out.

 From what I remember Geordie was in a horrendous mood and the boys were extra annoying. I was anxious about Al going...and Al was anxious about going alone. I don't remember it being a particularly pleasant evening!!

 So, the last two weeks of July involved lots of crochet and coffee. And a bit of feeling sorry for myself. And lots of excitement about joining Cleggy the minute school breaks up.

We got a new trolley for the kitchen

and a new car! (eek)

I had a lovely day out in Manchester with my mate Jane

At the end of term Geordie decided to have all his hair cut off and donate it to The little Princess Trust.

The boys hairdresser John came in to school on his day off and the big event happened in front of the whole school.

He managed to raise over £400 - which is enough for one wig for a child who has lost their own hair due to cancer treatment. We were super proud of him.

We said goodbye the the old settee

 Granny twinned her toilet with one in Pakistan!

 ...and the day before we left for Oz Geordie finished 
Primary school. 

somehow Kenzie managed to get on the trip in the limo!!!

and we enjoyed our last night at home on a pile of cushions!!

Fee x


  1. You don't often pop into blogland but it's a treat when you do, love to catch up on all your wonderful adventures. Have a glorious New Year xx

  2. WOWZERS, that was great!!!! Loved this update. This is brief as the toddler is going crazy... X xx

  3. Fee, it's been fun to have this fast-moving summary of part I of your fabulous 2015. This time around, I did actually recognize some of the places you visited as places I'd also visited.

    Rather amazing haircut action depicted. Bravo to GB for the donation. I've a NYC friend with great, and fast growing, hair who's made quite a few of these donations over the years.

    Wishing you and yours more fabulous experiences as this brand new 2016 reveals its possibilities.


  4. You know when you read a blog and it makes you think "My life's dull"? Thanks for that! (only kidding)... in fact, you've made me realise that I need a holiday! Happy 2016 xx

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