Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Do you mind if I knit?

Last week the wonderfully talented artist Vanessa Cabban died.

Hearing about her death has made me pensive about a great many things...but it's also reminded me how much inspiration I've gleaned from blogging over the years and just how lovely the blogging community can be.

The world of blogging is certainly a duller place without her.

I hope that the outpouring of love from those who were inspired by her gives her family some small comfort at this terribly painful time.

Here are the photos of her and her work that most made me smile:
(you can find more of her work on her blog 'do you mind if I knit?')

Fee x


  1. Oh, the balloon photos make my heart hurt.

  2. Love
    Y post Fee. So many joyful memories x

  3. Just heard so so sad a fabulous talent I just can't believe it thoughts to her family

  4. I heard just after. The papier mache piece she made for me was already cherished but I have had it with me all through Christmas. A light went out. I still can't quite believe she's gone :(

  5. A lovely lovely person. So much that she gave. I wish we had given her more. Goodbye Vanessa. You are missed by many x.

  6. Very sad to hear a fellow blogger has died . Nice to read lovely comments about her creative work. We must all appreciate creatives as the world is truly dull without them!!!!

  7. I met Vanessa a couple of times through a mutual friend. It's such a sad loss.
    In that way that the whole world seems to connect, I found your blog searching her name. I think we have a friend in common - Alison- and I have a block you made for my daughter's christening :)

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