Sunday 3 March 2013

The return of the block mojo

 I've been trying really hard to politely decline new commissions for a couple of months - not because I don't want to make them...but because I needed to work on new product ideas, help Cleggy with his business and clean my workshop.
What's made me laugh is how my friends/family/regular customers have ignored this and requested more than ever. Good job I'm so utterly rubbish at saying no!!

I'm pleased to report that I've really enjoyed block making this week - I think I just overdid it at Christmas and the busyness took the creative spirit out of it. 

The pink blocks are for one of my all time favourite customers Paula ('I know you're not doing any commissions but.....!')
She has a set for her daughter's birthday (pink and white to match the cake) and one for her sister (black, white and red to match the cake!)
The next set is for the arrival of a new baby...
 the start of a new family:
 I love the greys and whites in this paper (Tim Holtz)
This chunky block is for a 21st birthday - using Lauren Child's version of 'The Secret Garden'.
 The key is on the back with the message.
The next set has blocks and a jar - it'll be in the post to Sydney this week!

 I've even made some new things for the shop - Easter blocks:
 ...and a block for when someone needs to know they aren't 
on their own:
And those clay hearts I mentioned last post? They got painted with silver leaf and hung in jars...
along with little pieces of jigsaw
They aren't ready to sell as yet as I need to perfect the hanging. Thanks to my pal Annette they are now on invisible thread - I just haven't mastered the top!
 You didn't think I'd manage a whole post without some crochet? Noooooooo.
Here's a little brooch I made for a friend of a friend
..and the gorgeous evening sunlight of Spring warming up the kitchen
 Happy Spring!
fee x


  1. And happy spring to you too, so glad that mojo has returned!
    Really glad actually! ;)
    V x

  2. Good to see your MOJO is back. The bird block with the crown is luvverly :)

  3. Love it all !!! happy new week

  4. hi, you have been really productive, ali

  5. Hi Fee, I knew that mojo was just having a nap...LOL. Lovely new work and isn't it great to finally see some sunshine x

  6. Gorgeously gorgeous makes. Glad to see you back in the groove!

  7. Oh dear Fée! Your work is always a fresh inspiration, whether you take a break and come back or are at full speed ahead! I know about having to decline commissions. I have had to decide what I am really going to focus on, and while making certain objects was fun and a little profitable, I have had to stop. But it is all good. I am now able to focus on what I really want to do.

    It sure is good to see your post. Have a lovely week! Anita

  8. Oh the blocks you have made are just gorgeous. Also love the little silver heart and jigsaw piece.
    M xxxx

  9. SIGH, such beautiful images, I feel better now. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  10. Gorgeous!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Fee, the jigsaw jar is my fave!
    Daisy x

  12. Sooo glad your mojo is know how I love your blocks!! The ones here are the secret garden! The jar with the jigsaw piece is a lovely idea too.
    Sending love.
    Helen x

  13. I love your 'blocks' posts! I always scroll down the page thinking "that's my favourite... no that is... no that one... or that one... no, definitely that one..." :-)

  14. As the hugest fan of your blocks you can guess how happy this post makes me!

    (Although I have just realised with horror that I never posted those promised laser prints to you! Just as soon as I can get at them I will ... at the moment we can't move for all the stuff displaced by the store room to studio conversion.)

  15. Good afternoon Fee...Thank you for visiting me today...(and I'd already found you on Pinterest too!..Isn't it great to be ahead of ourselves? It definitely makes a change for me!) So happy to hear you found your block mojo again because you are just too good to loose it! (I especially love the secret garden)
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x

  16. Your blocks really are the BEST!!!! Hugs to you.


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