Tuesday 15 May 2012

I Love Tracy Gallup....

Actually I've never met her...but I LOVE her work!

Cleggy once bought a little book he got for the boys when they were younger called 'Stone Crazy'

It was one of a series - all featuring Tracy's work and words - just gorgeous. 

Cleggy bought all four books in the series and we all loved the little people in them. 

I did a bit of research a couple of years ago and discovered that Tracy sells some of the figures in the illustrations. I was BEYOND excited, not least because, like most men, Cleggy is near impossible to buy presents for, and I knew he would LOVE to own one.

I contacted her - and she found the perfect one for me - this little guy looking through his heart stone. 

I had to keep him secret for a few months so he stayed wrapped up in the workshop...although I got him out now and again for a sneaky look!

Tracy also really kindly sent me some photos of the place where she found the heart stone which I had enlarged and blocked.
(on a bizarre aside, the gallivanting Granny saw the photos and said 'I've been there'. I scoffed slightly - but she named the exact place - Washington National Park! Nuff respect!)

Anyway - we treasured the little man, but thought it would be nice to have two more, to represent our three boys.

Most of the figures are within natural things like stone, bark, shell etc. I specifically wanted a boy in a box as it links perfectly with Cleggy's pedagogy. 

It was really hard to choose (I wanted them ALL!) but plumped for a shell for the third figure
We adore them - and I find myself photographing them regularly.
We don't own many 'precious' breakable things (for obvious reasons!) so these little people live on the fireplace in the lounge...where there is a strict NO WRESTLING rule!!!
(don't worry Tracy - they are all safe)
I like to wonder who will treasure them in years to come....
Here's some more beautiful examples...a feast for the eyes:
Tracy lives in Michigan and is also a wonderful 
writer and illustrator
Here's the link if you want to see more.
fee x 
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  1. o what a wonderful post and such beautiful little statues. they are gorgeous.

  2. I love them too and you have photographed them beautifully. I thought box man was my favourite but have gone back to the original. Love the little girl hidden in a branch too...

  3. Oh they are simply beautiful and look sooooo sweet sitting on your fireplace! Loving your lilacs too - stunning!
    Victoria xx

  4. Whats a pedagogy? I'm going to have to google it.

    Aren't they unbelievably amazing. The talent of some people is mind blowing.

    i thought that stone was your Thurlestone Rock stone when I first saw it.


  5. ps. Those Lilacs are truly gorgeous.

  6. Oh. Em. Gee. They really are very lovely. Had an idea that I might get one for Mr N for his bday next month, but the one I love is sold - boo.
    Like Cuckoo I love the flowers and also, I really love that chandelier that's reflected in the mirror - hmmmm - I know where you live (watch out for a short middle-aged woman in a balaclava lurking in the bushes...)
    Emily x

  7. Those are fabulous, isn't it nice to own something so special? We have bought a few treasures, and I love that we have them. Your mankle piece (as my middle boy refers to it) looks lovely, the flowers are gorgeous.

    What is a pedagogy?

    1. "Pedagogy... is the holistic science of education. It may be implemented in practice as a personal, and holistic approach of socialising and upbringing children and young people"

      thank you Wikipedia...couldn't have put it better myself!

  8. Fee..Fee...Fee...all these post in such a short time...I love it. Those are the sweetest figures. Your boys are perfectly depicted. I look forward to more...smiles...Renee

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely!! Now I have the link I have no excuse for special presents!! Thanks Fee :)

  10. Such a lovely post...Tracy's work is so magical. The little figures have such an other worldly quality, especially combined so beautifully with natural objects like stones and shells. Your collection of three to represent your boys is just perfect! Loving the lilacs on your mantlepiece too :)
    Helen x

  11. I love those! What a great artist she is. What great items to collect. I love the heart with the boy looking through the hole in it or is he filling the hole in the heart? What are the figures made of? I need to at least get the books or books. She's amazing. Thanks for widening our world and opening our eyes!

  12. hello chipper nellie
    i have seen your sweet face on some of my friends blogs
    and thought i would come and have a look at at yours.
    i must say, i am overjoyed with what i have found.
    this place is enchanting!
    what a wonderful artistic soul you are, with such an eye for beauty.
    thank you so much for introducing me to Tracy Gallup i love that she combines whimsy with natures beauty, her work is most appealing.
    nice to meet you, my dear.

  13. Those little guys are adorable... so full of character. What a special and thoughtful gift!!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my granny cushion... I'm so glad it's not just me who hates 'big' projects!! ha ha :)

    Have a great week!
    Louise xx

  14. Thank you for showing us this wonderful work. I think the shell and box figures also represent security, though there may also be a touch of loneliness. Of course thats what makes them so great - that they will say different things to different people. Going over to the website for more!

  15. Wow her work is amazing! I love these little figures...off to take a peek. xoxox

  16. These are amazing! I have never seen anything like them before. Thanks for sharing the pictures of them with us!

  17. Wow Fee, they are truly wonderful!!! What treasures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us :D

  18. I love these little guys theyre fab,what great work
    XX Manda XX

  19. These are amazing. They look really mysterious and magical! :-)
    Soooooo much potential for photographing them in strange places too!
    Happy weekend!

  20. I will get you up to 200 so I will. Just nominated you for an award. If you don't do them, that's fine. Was just sayin' x x

  21. How beautifully whimsical they are, I took a peek at her creations, very sigh worthy. Something else very sigh worthy are your lilacs!!! Gorgeous.
    xx Sandi

  22. These are very cute and inspiring. Also love your blog, very cheerful!


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