Sunday 19 February 2012

I ♥ Pie...(and Scotland)

 If a holiday could be judged by weight gain alone this one would be right up there....6lbs in 7 days - impressed?

The house in the hills did not disappoint, and neither did the scenery. Despite having lived in Edinburgh for a while, The Borders are unfamiliar territory for us.
We stayed near West Linton, a pretty little conservation village in Peebleshire, about half an hour south of Edinburgh.

It has some interesting architecture and enough shops to save traveling any further afield.

Our house was literally in the middle of nowhere - just how we like it. There was tons of space inside (the boys were delighted to find a game cube) and acres outside.

....with the most amazing views

There was also a stream in the valley within the gardens - where a den was built...natch. 
Not many pictures from me - I was too busy with the hooks!
The balcony would be a wonderful spot to read a book in the warmer months - for us it served as a launch pad for a paper plane competition:
Cleggy won...he loaded his plane with gravel.

...and was also a good spot for a family photo - here's me and my mum (right) with our respective little sisters!
Unfortunately there was NO SNOW - but it didn't stop us making use of the sledge...
(G Kisby and Granny, you might want to look away NOW)

te he - she loved it!

Of course we LOVED having our favourite girl Mabel with us - she is getting more entertaining by the day!

We didn't visit Edinburgh this time but did have a lovely day out in Peebles. It's worth a trip if you're in the area - nice independent shops to mooch around.
 We had a great day when the Edinburgh cousins 
joined our holiday

And had a story telling evening on our last night. Everyone took part in writing - there were no rules except that it should be no more than 500 words. 

We sat around the fire with the lights off while Cleggy read each story out without identifying the author. Great fun, and a now a new tradition! (I'm already thinking about my next one!)

We took a trip to Ayr on 'the way' home to visit the West Coast rellies (great to see you all and meet baby Poppy!)

Finally - Nelly and G Kisby discovered a service station to rival our long time favourite, Tebay! 
This place (The Rheged Discovery centre) is amazing - a few minutes from j40 on the M6 near Penrith,if you're passing!

Yes...Alfie DID wear that hoody every day for a week....
It has a great outdoor play area, a deli type food hall, wonderful cafes, some brilliant shops (independent toys shops and clothes such as Joules/Noa Noa/Seasalt) an exhibition area (currently the story of wool - if only we'd had more time....the whole centre was decorated in wool bunting etc) a 3D cinema and a craft area for kids.  What more could you ask for on a journey stop?!

ALL service stations should look like this.
Yes...I did suggest Cleggy hook that Airstream up to the Volvo and we just get off....

 Holiday roundup over - apart from to show and tell the one purchase we made (other than haggis and pie):
a HUGE new clock from a lovely shop called Time and Tide in Peebles. It's given us the push we need to paint the lounge (following my disastrous attempt to 'wipe' the walls!) fact I can spy some paint out already....
fee x


  1. 6lbs in 7 days is uber impressive :D What a great break and fab post, it always looks like you and your beautiful family have the best time, you lucky lady xxxx

  2. I feel like I travelled there with you fee - what a great adventure and I love that your family are so closely entwined.

    As for the story night - oh my giddy aunt, could you P.L..E.A.S.E adopt me - this sounds brilliant!

    So wonderful to see your sparkling smile gracing the page and so many other happy people surrounding you.

    Waving from across the seas and wishing you a brilliant week to follow,

    Felicity xx

  3. Oh Fee this sounds like the most idyllic holiday, you jammy little blogger you! Looks great and I love your big happy family - you are blessed with your boys, aren't they lovely!!!! And dear Mabel is growing up so fast isn't she!
    The holiday cottage is stunning, the Husband is always banging on about going to Scotland for a holiday so I will show him this.
    Loving the story writing in the evening, how fun, may have to pinch that idea as we all love games like that.
    Glad you had a wonderful time and sadly no, 6lb in a week is NOT impressive. Do try harder....
    x x x x

  4. You lot always look like you're having so much fun!
    Lovely photos

  5. Hi Fee,

    What an amazing place to go spend your holiday. The view looks breathtaking! Your photo's full of fun.

    Enjoy your new week!

    Madelief x

  6. I'm with Gem, you could have worked harder on the weight gain!! But, still impressive!!
    I may have found a new place to put on my list of Places I Must Go To.
    Your story night sounds great!!
    We used to play a storytelling game where one person wrote the beginning, then the paper was folded over, and passed on etc etc, then the whole story was read out. Used to be hilarious!!!

  7. Oh it looks a wonderful place to stay, what views....and I love Mabel's hat!


    Well my dearest, I am IMPRESSED INDEED, with this most fabulous trip. Weight gain? Oh, that goes with the package!!! You look stunning with that magnificent smile and WHO CARES about a few kilos! I must get to GB someday; being a Francophile, I have always focused on France, but since blogging, some of my best friends out there are in your neck of the woods and you all present such magic. THANK YOU dear heart for coming to visit today! And your title is precious, for I LOVE PIE TOO! EAT AND BE MERRY MY DEAREST!!! So good to see you; I had missed you so! Anita

  9. looks like a great week - must remember that service station the next time we are heading South on the West side of the country...Scotch pies are pretty popular in this house too, particularly the ones served at half time. Coincidently we have rellies near Ayr too, we used to live in Troon for a while so I have a soft spot for the area - hope you haven't too much washing to catch up on this week - Elaine x

  10. Great Pics Fee, gorgeous one of Mabel (love the hat) Looks like you had a fab time as always. This post particularly interested me as we are having a big family weekend celebration in Peebles in May for my brother's 40th I knew nothing about Peebles, so now I am very excited (especially as it will be my Birthday weekend too!!)

    Catch up soon x

  11. Fee I want to heart pie too...what a stunning trip. You know calories don't count on holidays! Yes my dear that kitty looked a little bottom heavy as well. Perhaps she hearts pie too? Smiles...Renee

  12. Oh wow, looks like you had such an excellent time! My maternal Grandma was Scottish and she ALWAYS made those pies for us. Steaming hot with a big dollop of, that brings back good memories! i want to go back and read this post again!

    Have a super week my lovely


  13. What a lovely holiday you've had...I'm so pleased! Looking forward to seeing you for a catch up. Don't forget the 1st of March!!! Love your new Header! xxxx

  14. Mmmmmm, pie and chips. We're off to Scotland, by popular demand, in the June half-term. There is the best pie shop near the campsite... can't wait!!! Must remember that service station - is it wrong, I wonder, to demand a stop at Tebay and then another stop 2 junctions later?
    I was thinking that West Linton sounded/looked familiar - the A702 was the route I always took when I lived in Edinburgh for a year.
    It looks like you had a fabulous time. Have a great week! xxxx

  15. LMAO. When I was pregnant with Bettina we went to visit my brother for his graduation and I gained 6 lbs - in a day! I am sure it had to be at least partly fluid, but I am glad I am not the only one it happens to! Your holiday looks lovely, I am off to check out the Wakefield House site and dream of vacationing. Have a wonderful week. :)

  16. Didn't notice it at the time but what the hell is Alfie wearing on that photo with the cousins? Ha ha
    Gorgeous pictures, can't believe you put the sledge one on.
    You make it all look nicer then whilst actually there, ooh photography for travel you say??? Xxxx

    1. what Alfie is wearing is 'the hoody he never takes off' and Cleggy's pjs! That boy loves his pjs...and when he can't find his he wears someone elses! No shame...
      fee x
      (the sledge one still makes me laugh...don't show G Kisby. Really.)

  17. What a wonderful holiday :D Brilliant photos. And oh wow, that clock!!! I am now off to knit a few rows of a certain cowl and nurse my serious time piece envy!

  18. Ah Fee, what a great way to spend half term - those photos are dreamy. Esp love Mabel on the sledge - she looks like a sausage on a tray (a very gorgeous sausage, mind you).
    I'm pleased to say that you can fill the Chanel void in my life - my friend wears Madamoiselle too (spooky) - and as for the cake/JL/wine vacancy....we need to get that one sorted soon!
    Oh, before I forget - I never knew that I needed a perpetual calendar so badly until I saw yours - I have a big yearning for the more pastely one - is it still available? (Or am I off your customer list seeing as I STILL haven't paid you for the blocks you made me LAST YEAR??)
    mwah mwah
    Emily x

  19. It looked like you all had an amazing time,great happy smilie photo's....just to let you know I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award and hope you will accept ,though I wont be dissapointed if you don't.You can find my details on my blog XX Manda XX

    1. Joyous happy times - wow the colours of the landscape are stunning looked all kind of orange and ochre and glowing like Fantastic Mr.Fox. Loved the story telling night-how gorgeous?

      Love Sarah -x-
      ps loving the header :D

  20. So delighted to find your blog, Fee....don't know how we've been missing each other with soo many blog friends in common. Your blog made me smile straight away and how I love all the wonderful blocks!!!
    Back soon!
    Helen x

  21. Oh Fee, looks like a fabulous, FABULOUS time! And don't worry, the sign of a really good vacation is adding a couple of pounds. That will be gone in no time! XO Helena

  22. OOooooh that looks and sounds like a fabulous family holiday! I love how you all as a family really know how to enjoy each others company and how to spend time together x to hell with the weight gain.....why did you stand on the scales woman!!! Bet it comes off after a week back to the school routine of rushing around :) And that's a service station!? Wowsers that's a destination on it's own! Much more tasteful than Clacket Services :)

    Hope you're having a great week x

    Jo x x x

  23. It's no wonder you piled on the pounds if you were eating all those pies as part of your staple Scottish diet!Us natives steer well clear if we want to stay going in and out in all the right places....anatomically speaking, of course! They're what sent the Vikings packing way back when....and many other invaders in their wake, although I heard Ollie Cromwell was partial to a pie and a pint when last he visited Edinburgh! You'll be drinking Buckfast next!
    Lovely pics of Peebles....many a great Summer picnic has been spent there and your photos reminded me of them. There are a lot of children in your family!
    Thanks for popping over to visit mine and you're such a lucky duck to have the Beautiful Hairdresser at your disposal. Give her my love. x

  24. Woweeee Fee, what an awesome holiday!! I love that picture of Mabel on the sledge, hehe, I bet she loved it! The scenery looks stunning, what a perfect getaway. It's so good that you have a big family with so many children who all get on with each other - they must love meeting up for the holidays! What a great service station too, I am now wanting to make myself a pom pom sheep (or maybe even a flock!) hehe xxx

  25. Looks like you had a fab time. The photos remind me of driving through Scotland to visit my sister when she used to live there - oh happy days! Hope Ned is ok, sorry to worry you but I was just going along with the guidelines I'd read up on for first time hibernation. I'm sure Ned would be fine staying in for longer as he is older than my three. Give him a big kiss and cuddle from me!!! x

  26. Looks like an amazing place, shame about the lack of snow. Love all the family time you enjoy together, wish my extended family was as close, ah well I shall have to live vicariously through you, although you can keep the 6lb weight gain to yourself! x

  27. 6lbs? One big poo will sort that out!

    Laughed out loud at the pic of Mabel. Too funny. I'm pretty certain we have video footage of Big flying about the alps like that

    Your holiday looks idyllic. How on earth do you get people to write a story? I can't even get my lot to play pictionary with me. Not even after a few drinks. Not even if I beg. I'm going to find a way of being adopted by you.

    Clock envy. Pie envy.

    Ps what's wrong with wearing pj's and a hoody for a week? I'm planning to wear a similar ensemble to the vintage fair on Saturday

  28. Love this post. Love it. The photo of Mabel made me laugh - hope you sent a text pic of it to G Kisby to say 'yeah, we're all doing good here...' ha! How cute, her little legs and arms stuck right out... Awww!

    I've checked my diary and I'm free to join you next time you go away. Just, you know... if you were thinking of asking me along. I wouldn't be any trouble at all.

    Your family is quite simply fab. End of. Glad you had a great time.

    Nicki xxx

    PS Haven't made my boxes yet but you'll be the first to hear when I brave it... I've bought all of the materials (super pretty paper - card stock? - that you recommended, was very difficult to stick to just a few pieces.)

    PPS giveaway at mine... all moral support welcome! :-)

  29. Oh my what a time you had!!! What beautiful spots! Love the photo of all the children! And that name Poppy is so lovely....I want a Poppy in my life! Hugs to you dear one. xoxoxoxox

  30. Can you adopt me too please, I wanna come play wif you :) What a great bunch of kids, what a great bunch of family!!!!!
    Love EVERYTHING I saw and read here today, albeit a little late in the reading. I am at the end of 4 days and 4 nights work a week so a little more time for ME!!!!!!
    xx Sandi

  31. Hello Fee...I have just found you from my friend Annie's blog at Knitsofacto and it seems I have strangely missed you until you know so many of my bloggy friends!...Your work is so lovely (keeping my fingers crossed in Annie's Giveaway!)..Love your post here and the photographs are beautiful...
    Wishing you a great weekend,
    Susan x

  32. I like your blog very much, so I became your new follower.

    Greetings from Holland,

  33. I put on a stone in 2 weeks in California once. That was an EPIC holiday :oD Yours looks amazing too. We spent a weekend in a remote part of Scotland not far from there last year and it was just joyful. Such beautiful lands.
    That service station looks worth the trip alone!
    And that clock is amazing.

  34. Oh what a fantastic looking holiday! Don't you just love the indulgent freedom of time away from home?

    I think we got the snow you ordered here in Canada!


  35. Gorgeous photos! I've actually been to Peebles when we road tripped around Scotland. It's such a cute little place. Wish we had seen that road stop though! Looks pretty darn cool!


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